Today we have a drone. Today, the drc d20. We are taking a break from the ground vehicles. This is a camera. Drone supposedly has an hd camera, but i don’t believe it is it’s just a little four uh, two megapixel camera. This is the box. It has a nice little manual that you’re greeted with under the foam. You see the controller, the drone, a little goodie bag with usb uh port charger and some Music uh prop protectors, prop guards and also a screwdriver. It comes with two batteries. I think these are 500 milliamp hours, a piece which is a bonus that you get two of them that’s, pretty amazing, and if i could get this out, we’ll see if i can get this out it’s kind of squeezed in there. We did try this drone, like i said around christmas time and uh. We have, we put it back in the box and we were waiting for better weather to fly it outside here is the controller control is really nice. It has a place that you can actually put your cell phone and uh yeah. You can almost fly fpv with it, yeah it’s, really nice. This does have um altitude hold so uh. You can hold altitude wherever you stop your altitude control setting. It has camera and video buttons, as well as speed rating those buttons right. There is a stop automatic, stop and automatic takeoff and the one to the right of that was uh headless mode, uh, that camera cl, clip or retainer adjust for bigger phones, that’s, really cool, and this is the drone.

The drc drone very lightweight drone it’s, really small, it’s folded, foldable uh, as you can see, the arms are folded in inside the case. Yeah it’s really nice. I like it a lot. The camera is a manual uh manually adjustable. It does not move automatically, but it moves up and down that is the battery port and i’m gon na try to get this unfolded. Uh with one hand because i’m holding my phone in the other hand, yeah guys i’m, not uh i’m, not uh, unfamiliar with drones. I have quite a few of them: uh, especially toy grade drones uh. I have quite a few of them and i i do have a uh a phantom 3 standard as well. Oh, i mean i know how to fly these things um, but uh. You know they’re kind of old and dated i think i’ve only flown one drone on the channel here before, which is one of my favorites, but here it is. This is the drcd20 and it’s glory, and this is how you manually move the camera. If you have two hands, it’d, probably be a lot easier: yeah just uh push that camera down. You know be gentle with it. You don’t want to you. Don’T want to break it, but it is a small drone. It’S got two little uh headlights in the front. It’S got two tail lights in the back, so this way you know which direction that you’re heading and let’s see what else yeah.

This is the manual right here. If i could get it into the camera, the manual has, you know, shows you how to put your prop guides on and it’s just really good to read the manual guys before you fly the drone. This way you know what the control functions are. Sometimes i read it and i still forget it when i get out into the field, so it’s probably good, just to bring it with you in case you have any mine lapses. Like i do uh, these are the uh scan codes, so you can get your uh wi fi app and i have the one for the iphone and the one to the right is for android phones, so i’m, an ios operating system, so yeah that’s cool. Some of the features on this drone are altitude hold 360 flip button. Your speed mode has three speeds and it’s also foldable and compact. You can trajectory pinpoint a flight and you can use hand gestures. The transmitter takes three double a batteries, not bad prop guys. If you wish to use them, go at the end of each prop arm all right, guys, hey youtube! Here we are at the ball field. Things have dried up over here in uh, central maine uh, so we’re gon na try flying this new drc. Uh drone that i have here um here. It is just a small one: it’s uh one of those uh compact foldable drones. It is a camera drone uh how good the camera is.

We will wait to see this was about fifty dollars on amazon, so uh. You know i’m, not a i’m, not a uh, a professional drone, flyer uh, but i have phone drones before and i i don’t do too bad um, so um i’m kind of a novice, so we’re going to get a little uh perspective on how this thing flies. Uh from my head cam and then we’ll try to do a screen recording of how the wi fi app works for this, because you can control it through wi fi as well, so Music we’re just going to get on with it hope you like the video okay. So we’re going to turn the drone start by turning the drone on the drone is on lights, are blinking i’m gon na put it in this little muddy flat right here, it’s pretty breezy out, so i don’t know how it’s gon na do, in the first rate, Music, okay, put your toggle up and down once you see the lights blinking and stop blinking uh, then it’s ready to go, but i think we’re gon na go on rate two just to stay safe. I don’t wan na land in this water out here. Music Music seems to be a pretty good flyer. I don’t know if you get. Hopefully i get it on camera. This is rate two Music an hour back now, we’re in the rate, three should see a little bit higher speeds a little bit faster, yaw Music, and when you see the white lights heading towards you, that means it’s coming towards you get out of the sun, because I can’t see anything with that: sun, not a bad fly, guys Music, um it’s, really light.

I don’t really dare to go too far with it right now, uh just because i don’t know where the water’s pulled up in the field and i don’t wan na. I know it’s not waterproof, so i don’t want to ruin it see if i can get it to come back to me here there we go she’s coming, not a bad flyer, relatively quiet, yeah, it’s kind of windy, though i bet you, we got uh, probably a. Maybe eight mile an hour wind or something like that right now, a breeze see what kind of run time we get with this thing. You know for a beginner this isn’t all that bad Music try to keep it down low to the ground. I don’t want to bring it up too high. We can uh, we can check and see how much thrust this thing has from the ground. I put it back in the mud here. All right, let’s see not a little, not a lot i’m fighting that wind, even in ray three. Oh, we got a crow some fans watching us here. Some pros let’s see what uh let’s see what kind of yaw speed we have yeah Music, not very fast, but for just doing some simple photos and stuff. I think you know the candle, oh if the camera’s good, Music yeah i’m, not very i’m, not super good. At this uh, but i can keep them up in the air all right. I think the battery’s ready to kick off and won’t go too far from us.

You can get a close up of it. Hovering here come on little guy yeah. The lights are flashing, usually that usually that means that batteries are going to be going here pretty soon Music. It depends, you know how you’re running it too. You know, i would say, probably a seven to eight minute flight time with this. So far, one little drone Music around now keep it close because i don’t want it to come down when it i don’t know. If it’s going to land itself, it does have altitude hold too uh and it is uh see i am not. I am not touching this uh, the wind is taking it a little bit, but it does stay at that altitude. Pretty good, so altitude hold is a good thing: Music, not bad d, rc, not bad for 50 dollars, and does this thing flip? I think it does. Let’S see stop button, it lands by itself. When you hit stop, it lands that’s, pretty cool Music, and it can re take off too. When you hit stop it takes back off, not bad Music yeah. I may have to Music trim it out Music before to see. If i can, it does need a little trim. Music there you go is that it Music yeah that’s it for the battery landed itself, Music yep, it landed itself so good thing. I think this is a nice little drone, guys for the money, we’re gon na check and see how that app works and uh and then we’re gon na end.

The video and i’ll give you my final thoughts. Okay, we’ll see how this video camera works. Here we are taking off yeah, not uh, not vibrant colors, but uh. The colors are not that bad uh really really sunny out in this field. Right now i get the sun beating down on me and there is a lot of water there and you can tell it’s water. There is a little bit of lag here as you can see, and uh yeah. Some of the green looks green, but it kind of switches, the brown and that might be because of the sunlight kind of raising havoc. With that lens, there’s god’s pupil right there let’s see flying over the dugout yeah, i mean not a terrible camera. I think it’s, like a two point, two point something megapixel uh. You know for a starter, camera uh. I don’t think this is that bad? You could probably uh. You know put this in some uh uh fpv goggles, or something like that, not fpv goggles, but uh. What do you want to call as a virtual, goggles and and uh? You could probably use these as an fpv um with your phone inside the uh virtual goggles, and it probably work okay, but um. I did you know i was looking at the at the phone. Mostly while i was flying this, which is why i’m not doing such a great job fpv is not my forte but uh yeah, spinning around there just trying to get a grasp on how this video looks but it’s it’s, not terrible.

Everything is brown and main right. Now there’s not much green and you can see all the water everywhere i just didn’t. I was so afraid that the drone might come down into the water and uh. You know i’d get some electronics wet and stuff, but uh, no, not too bad who’s. That guy there you go you’re taking up a lot of the screen. I don’t think this is really a terrible camera guys i mean i’ve seen way better. You know i mean just in my uh with my dji it’s a lot better than this and there’s. So much out there that’s even better than that uh dji standard that i have but that’s uh. But you know i’m satisfied with this uh for the money. Can’T really go wrong. We will uh check out to see how it takes pictures and uh. Hopefully, we’ll get a little lag here and we’ll take some still pictures and still photos. I should say and we’ll see how those come out all right. Okay: this is a look at the wi fi menu um, doing a screen record uh, recording right now, uh, just to show you what the wi fi menu looks like and there’s all kinds of uh other sub menus within the menu uh. You know you like you, got to auto, take off and uh, you get your hand, gestures and uh. Oh here we go, i jump to photo and video there’s all kinds of different ones.

I don’t think we’re gon na have time to explore them today, but uh that’s. What the menu looks like. I just thought: i’d show you now here’s my son when i flew this inside the house around christmas time, and this is today here’s the still photos, not too bad. It came out, okay, there we are. Thank you guys for those of you who stuck with me to the very end of the video uh. Thank you for watching uh any of you really for watching the parts that you wanted to watch sorry. This dragged out uh 20 minutes there’s. So much to talk about with some of these drones and stuff. My final thoughts on this d20 it’s, a great drone, i think, it’s a nice fun little drone offers a lot of bang for your buck. This is what i’m looking for on this channel uh. This type of drone it’s a good starter, drone entry level drone with a camera and video and supposedly some other options and features as well. I wish we would have had time to try some of those other features, but the the main ones. You know the camera and the video uh. Those are the ones that most people are going to use uh. As far as the uh, waypoints and stuff, like that, uh we’ll have to try that on another day, sometimes these budget drones and stuff these entry level drones. They offer those features, but they don’t do a very good job at at uh, laying them out in the app.

So you know, i’ll try i’ll, try it in the future and uh. You know we’ll see if it works. If those other features work and stuff and uh, if they do, i will uh we’ll revisit this drone and we’ll show you those features uh, but in the meantime i just want to thank all of you guys for watching and hanging in there uh, especially through this Long, video and uh please hit that like button that thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe. If you uh want to see, receive regular uh updates and notifications of uh new videos that i’m uploading uh yeah hit the subscribe button and uh smash that little bell. Uh, so you can get uh.