We are going to talk about the supercharging network in the greater seattle area let’s get into it, it’s your man jay and your mantwan, and this is tech, taste daily, Music, all right so we’re gon na look at charging in the greater seattle area. Seattle’S coming up coming up because a couple new charging, uh tesla chargers just got put in it’s, better and uh. I used to complain a lot about the lack of charging for evs other than tesla right, um it’s. You know i can charge at home and there’s a couple other places that i could charge, but until recently it hasn’t really been very convenient: um there’s, a supercharger that just went in uh north of me and in bothell, but there really wasn’t anything if you’re on Your way downtown it’s, like we’ve, been in the ev dark ages, y’all right so let’s take a quick peek at the map, uh and then we’ll. Take a look at our review of the north gate. Mall supercharger, so here you’ve got a map of kind of the the greater seattle area here, i’m more showing the the north half of the map here, because we are where the blue dot is right here, uh, where this blue dot is, is where the studio is And uh down over here is uh downtown seattle. Now now, typically, if i’m going out for dinner or to meet with uh clients or colleagues i’m, usually doing that in downtown seattle, or sometimes over here in bellevue right but uh, as you can see, from the blue dot to come around the tip of the lake.

Here and out onto the freeway onto i 5 here getting down to downtown seattle, there really isn’t any charges out here now. You probably saw, as i scrolled over there’s a destination charger right, but that’s the same as the charger in my garage man. That means it’s going to give me what like 32 miles for every hour. This is supposed to change seattle. Man are we supposed to be like, like san francisco and we’re supposed to be like new york we’re supposed to be up in this piece right? We should be convenient chargers on the way to where i’m going seriously. So again, if you look at the map here, you can see from the blue dot to get a supercharger i’ve got to go the opposite direction of where i’m going to the one up here. In linwood, or back this way to the one down here in uh, where is that even right? Exactly well that’s a destination charger anyway, it’s at some hotel or something somewhere? So you’ve got this one in bothell. This one way up here in linwood way way north that’s far away man further north than going downtown too far and then there’s one destination charger again out here somewhere. So long story short there’s, nothing at this neck of the woods, except for going the opposite direction. Right if you’re going downtown the problem with the ones downtown is they’re all in parking garages that you either have to pay to get into chat, or they aren’t even open to the public, or they close so early that your car is going to get locked in There, and even if it is charged, you can’t drive it now anyway.

What part of the game is that right, that’s, the losing part of the game Laughter, so um let’s take a look at this supercharger review and then we’ll have some more closing comments. Uh on the map here on the way out so let’s take a look at that: supercharger let’s check it out: Music, hey hello, jay, so we’re out here at northgate, doing a little eevee charger review, we’re at the tesla supercharger or soon tesla supercharger at northgate. The chargers are back over our shoulders here. There are 16 uh chargers over there. They are level three uh 250 kilowatt chargers, so that’s all fine and good in a perfect location. Here this is uh i5 right behind me over here, and you can see the uh. The light rail going in there it goes all the way to ctac airport, so that’s marvelous, yes, but while you’re charging here, the v3 charger won’t be charging too long with those rates. But uh there’s a cafe foe right behind me right. There uh you’ve got chipotle right over here and whatever that blue fin in is over there in stanford’s. On the other end of the parking lot there and if that’s not enough, you’ve also got the food court, it is north gate mall. After all, exactly uh and just over the top of the building there uh on the other side, there is a regal cinema uh, as if you would be charging for uh for two hours, long enough to watch movies.

You never know there’s. Definitely things to do so. I would rate this charging station, maybe even a nine out of ten. I agree all right, so uh dean, wurst right there got ta get my hair done. Your hair did see you guys next time now you know Music man, the bases are loaded and i think we just hit a home run this guy. So, looking at the map again, you can see that that’s right in the middle of the gap that we used to have uh. That charger is right where it needed to be to be able to get around the tip of the lake hook, up your charge, get downtown and maybe top off on the way back home. You know it’s 2021 it’s about time. We caught up right and i feel like this is just the beginning – indeed um. I believe, next time we do a supercharger review. We will be out in uh, bellevue uh, so we’ll check out the filling of the gap on the east side of the lake. So some chargers out here that aren’t destination chargers in bellevue so stay tuned for that i’m excited man. We’Ll see you guys next time, i’m antoine i’m jay – and this has been tech, taste daily. If you see what you like, and you like, what you see smash that like button, if you want to get notified of our upcoming videos, don’t forget to subscribe and ring that bell to make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming content.