. It comes in the crossover SUV shape that people are liking more and more and comes with a lot of advantages. Being a well made. Electric car., More and more people are going electric every day and realizing why these cars are a great option.. The Model Y has been out for about 17 months at this point, and I was lucky enough to take delivery in the first month that it came out in March of 2020.. So today, Im going to review the Model Y after 17 months and 23000 miles and talk about the great things about it: the frustrating things about it, what to avoid if youre looking to buy and more so lets, get into it. For some quick background, the Model Y is Teslas 4th, true consumer vehicle coming after the Model S Model X and then Model 3. Prior to those was the Roadster, but that was a specific proof of concept luxury vehicle to get them started with electrification.. The Model 3 was Teslas first entry into the more affordable market coming in just over 35000 and today, starting at 42000 for the standard range Model. Teslas goal from the beginning has been to make cheaper electric vehicles with ranges comparable to gas vehicles, so that there really Is no reason not to go electric. Ultimately, when charged from sustainable sources, which is possible and getting more common, an electric car can run completely emissions free, which ultimately helps us move away from fossil fuels that are harming our atmosphere.

. But Tesla knows that this cant be the only reason people will buy them.. They need to make a product that is compelling and better overall, so that it just makes sense to switch to electric, regardless of your feelings on the sustainability aspect.. So the Model 3 was a cheaper vehicle and, to this day remains one of the most compelling electric cars out there and one of the best options in its price. Range. Then Tesla took that success made it a bit bigger, added a hatchback and brought out the Model Y. When looking at interior photos of the front of the Model Y its hard to tell it apart from a Model 3, since they share the exact same dash Designs and main screen. Overall, though there are a lot of differences in the car that you wont pick up on right, away.. The Model Y is a crossover SUV that hasnt changed much since Tesla released it in March of 2020.. There are some new features that Ill note, but overall your experience will be exactly as mine has been for the past 17 months with the car.. It has 4 doors, a hatchback trunk and a frunk. It seats 5 comfortably and Tesla also sells a 7 seater option. Adding 2 rear seats. Just keep in mind that with the sloped roof and crossover design of the Model Y, these seats have very little head room and really will only work for children or small adults.

. I have the 5 seater and all seats have great space with the rear middle seat coming in a bit wider than the Model 3.. Thanks to the all glass roof of this car, you get great views, but also great headroom. Making this a comfortable option for most passengers.. All seats are heated and the front two seats have normal expected adjustments. Aside from moving lumbar adjustments in the passenger seat, which is something Tesla recently removed., The rear seats do have the option to recline, but its only a couple of inches and hardly makes much of a difference.. It does exist though. One of the first downsides. You could experience with the Model Y comes right away here, with the build quality.. Tesla is known for build quality that isnt as good as it should be a for now, 57000 vehicle.. It has improved a lot over time and you typically wont be experiencing serious driving issues or anything like that, but rattles squeaks panel gaps, seat, misalignments paint issues and more still get delivered on Teslas vehicles. From what Ive heard from customers recently it happens less and less, But I experienced quite a few issues with my Model Y that I had to get fixed at the Tesla service center.. I still have one squeaking issue in my suspension when going over bumps at this point that again isnt common but is frustrating to deal with on this car. As a driver. One of my favorite features is that the internal computer and screen remembers your seat positioning based on your profile and its incredibly easy to tweak and fine tune over time.

. Your profile is linked with your key, so when you get in it automatically adjusts to your profile. When someone else gets in it adjusts to theirs.. One great feature here that I only recently started using regularly is Easy Entry.. When you get in the car, the seat and steering wheel, adjust the position you set for easy entry and then go to your profiles driving setup. Once you buckle up and press the brake. One of the best features of this car, though, is the cargo space. Its not something super high tech or anything. But there are many options and its very easy to fit. A lot of cargo in the Model Y. Up front, as I mentioned, is the frunk which can fit about a carry on sized suitcase worth of cargo.. For me, I use this for more permanent storage. Like an emergency kit, but then the real storage is in the back.. The trunk is an automatic hatch and the space itself is large and easy to use, since it sits level with the back of the car.. It gets even larger, though, because there are two separate under storage, compartments and two side cubbies.. This extra space is something only electric cars can have with less parts, and it really makes a difference.. I can usually fit most of my groceries in the understorage and then I still have my full trunk. For even more space. You fold the seats flat with the buttons on the seats or buttons in the back of the trunk, and they lay nearly flat allowing you to fit lots of long cargo in when needed.

, With all of the options for space in this car. I find it to be one of the most practical vehicles you can buy because from the outside, it doesnt feel gigantic, but it can fit a lot of stuff inside.. The only downside to the Model Ys design here would be how much the roof slopes in the back. Its for aerodynamics, but it does cut out a significant amount of space when loading cargo in the trunk or seating 7. Theres a line that you cant load taller Objects above and it gets shorter and shorter. As you go back, preventing certain tall cargo from being able to be carried., Maybe it would fit in the middle taller part of the car, but you cant get it there because of the cutoff point at the top of the hatch.. Next lets talk about what its like to drive the car and then well get more in depth on the features it includes and how they actually work in practice., Instead of a section of downsides or negatives Ill. Just detail any annoyances with features as I introduce them.. Unless youre, incredibly passionate about driving a gasoline vehicle and shifting gears driving an electric car is an experience that just makes more sense. Its smooth, easy to control very quiet and has much more power available to you at any given time.. Accelerating is just straight line of increased speed with not a single jerk changing gears, because there are none and the electric power is available right away.

When you drive the Model Y youll find that accelerating is very easy and smooth and braking is the same way once You get used to it., One pedal driving is included on the Model Y thanks to regenerative braking, and while it takes a couple days to fully get used to its a better way to drive., You rarely need to use the brake pedal. Because when you let off the accelerator, it starts gently braking for you and capturing that energy back into the battery.. It allows very smooth, accelerating and braking without having to move your foot between pedals., Then the base Model Long Range Model Y comes with a 0 60. In 4.8 seconds., This is faster than most cars you can buy and the performance Model goes down to a whopping. 3.5. Second, 0. 60.. Those 0 60s are fun, but they also can be very practical when merging quickly onto a freeway needing to make an aggressive lane change and so on.. I find it especially handy to have on freeways in LA since its available instantly.. There is no delay between pressing the pedal and gaining speed thanks to the instant electric torque. Overall driving is an incredibly awesome and smooth experience. With the exception of ride quality., The Model Y rides quite a bit harsher and bumpier than yourd expect for a car. In its price range., It uses a standard suspension setup and it just hits bumps harder than youd expect. Tesla sells 3 different wheel options for the Model Y and the more you pay for wheels, the better they look but bigger they get meaning the bumpier the ride.

. Here after experiencing the 20 inch wheels and then switching to the stock 19 inch wheels, I recommend that everyone who values ride quality get the stock wheels.. They are cheaper, look fine and ride significantly better than larger wheels.. Now lets talk about the tech included in the Model Y. First off the Model Y receives over the air software updates regularly, just like a cell phone does.. This means that new features are always being added to their cars. Things are improving and more.. So when I mention Tesla improving features throughout the next section, thats, what Im referring to. Regarding driving one of the first tech features well talk about with this car is Teslas Autopilot system.. Tesla is well known for their Autopilot and Full Self Driving systems that are controversial. In the news, but provide great features with a Tesla by default. Standard autopilot is included with every Tesla, and this enables advanced cruise control that brakes and accelerates based on the cars around you, as well as Autosteer, which steers for you to keep you centered in your Lane. This system is designed for freeways and taking the stress off of a long drive. Most of the time. This system works incredibly well, and I use it. The majority of the time Im driving on freeways. Ill, usually get myself to the lane. I want to be in enter Autopilot and let it take over for the rest of the drive until I need to exit the freeway or get around an extremely slow car.

. Just keep in mind that you have to continuously monitor this system and its in no way fully autonomous.. It takes the stress off of driving and lets you relax a bit but youre still responsible for taking over in case it does something wrong. Early on with my Model Y, I had a lot of issues with phantom braking where it would suddenly brake for no reason, But lately I havent experienced this issue hardly at all.. The only thing I do experience is that it still takes larger curves by riding the outside of the lane.. If Im coming into a curve – and there is a car right next to me – it will get closer to the car than Im comfortable with. So I take over in those situations. Quite a bit. With Autopilot youll learn over time. What situations youre comfortable having it drive for you and what situations you want to take over. Autopilot really shines on long drives like when Ive done road trips from LA to San Francisco or Seattle, since it will drive hours for me on the freeway, and I just Need to pay attention, keep my hand on the wheel and watch it do its job.. Those features are included with the Model Y by default, but Tesla also sells a full self driving package for 10000.. Its a software upgrade and the FSD computer Tesla says this package includes, is actually included in every Tesla by default, regardless of whether or not you select this package.

. At this point, I recommend that people dont buy this package on the car, because Ive found the features to not be worth the high cost.. Additionally, you can purchase the package after the fact or do a subscription of 199mo through the Tesla app to get the features.. However, the reason Tesla charges so much is because it includes all software updates for future Full Self Driving technology from Tesla.. Right now, the package includes navigate on autopilot, which will change lanes for you on the freeway and take interchanges.. This works well, but is definitely not perfect to the point where I never turn it on and prefer to just manually change lanes to get to a freeway interchange. Auto Lane change is the next feature it includes and thats the one I wish they would sell separate From the package, because thats by far its best feature., You signal your lane change direction. It waits until its safe and then performs the lane change for you.. This, coupled with autopilot, is great on long drives, since you can get around slow cars or choose a different lane by just signaling rather than taking over autopilot each time.. The next feature is Autopark, which parks for you in spots or parallel parking.. It has been buggy, but lately has been getting software updates to improve it. Summon is where the car comes to you in a parking lot and can be a mixed bag., Sometimes its really impressive, but sometimes its ridiculously slow or gets stuck and just annoys people in The parking lot.

Summon does also include the option to drive straight forward or backwards from the app, though, and that is great to have for tight parking. Spots. Traffic light and stop sign control is where the car will drive for you to a degree on normal streets and stop and lights and stop signs when needed. But this is still a beta., Then Autosteer on city streets is coming soon according to Tesla, and this has been promised for a long time.. It said Coming soon when I ordered my Model Y in 2019.. This is the true full self driving feature that can handle any situation, and Tesla has been expanding the beta of this feature, but it is still far from delivering true self driving.. Its also unclear when this will be truly released outside of a select beta. Overall. Those features are cool, but not worth the 10000, since I rarely use any of them in daily driving. Aside from Auto lane change., However, Tesla plans to keep raising the price of this package, because, if that auto steer on city streets, beta, truly arrives and delivers. True self driving to customers who bought the package, it will significantly increase the value of their cars.. If you plan to hold onto your car for a long time – and you want to pay for that, investment in future features thats. Why Tesla charges that much.? In any case, the Model Y includes a lot of other great tech features that you will be using daily, especially since the main 15 inch screen is the way you controls nearly everything you do in the car.

When parked your main controls for the trunk, frunk lock And such are on the left side of the screen with maps taking up the right 23rd of the screen. Next to the new Model S. I think this is likely the largest maps you can get on a car and it works really great using Google Maps integration. When you navigate somewhere it routes, you like normal and will route you to a Tesla supercharger on your way. If youll need extra charge to get there. From the left side, you can pull up a couple of cards for tire pressure and trips.. Then nearly everything else is accessed from the dock.. The left car icon brings up quick controls for lights, mirrors, chicle, lock and more as well as any other settings you may need.. Overall, quick controls includes everything you might need settings wise while actually driving.. The music tab is next and showcases. The incredible sound system in the Model Y. Its one of the best sound systems, Ive ever heard in a vehicle, and it includes built in integration for FM radio, your phone streaming via slacker, Spotify caraoke and tune in.. Overall, it works great and connecting to your phone over Bluetooth works extremely quickly.. The main issues are some bugs that are just frustrating to figure out.. I use Spotify for the most part, and I love having it on screen automatically.. However, probably about 25 of the time it just doesnt work. Its unclear, why nothing is loading and it doesnt tell me why so the only way to get it to load it to click into slacker streaming, see that load up then go back to Spotify and it Seems to kind of relaunch it.

, As you saw before, you can select your media sources and the only reason I include the streaming tab is to click into when Spotify fails., Its super frustrating and youll probably experience it in the Model Y.. Sometimes I try for a couple minutes and then just resort to my phone for music, but sometimes it works perfectly and voice commands work perfectly as well asking for a specific song via Spotify.. Another frustration here is the search.. The search is a global, Tesla, music, app search and it needs work.. When I search for an album, for example, come fly with me by Frank sinatra.. The results sometimes wont, show Spotify, and then I have to load it by clicking into like. I mentioned., Then. If, for example, I click on the song initially and then realize I wanted to click on the album, the only way back into my search results is to searchagain.. At least it remembers your previous search, but there is no back button after clicking on a song.. There is just search again. Navigating around your recently played or saved albums in Spotify works well and is easy to go back with, but search could use a lot of improvement. Once last. Annoyance to people would be that the model y doesnt yet include Apple, Music and thats, something that has been rumored to come in a software update but hasnt arrived. In music, though you can balance, it choose various levels of immersive sound which sound, really great and adjust Balance.

, I love the sound system overall, but wish the UI was a better experience in line with something like the Spotify or Apple Music. Apps for iPad or iPhone. Voice commands are included in the model y for a variety of things, and you can use them to do many things on screen. If you prefer not to touch the screen, when driving. You can adjust climate turn on heated seats, bring up the rear camera open. The glovebox send text messages, make calls and request a specific song from Spotify or slacker.. Overall, they work great, but still have some issues. Sometimes, when trying to find a song, especially depending on your LTE connection., If you have low connectivity, sometimes voice commands just dont work and it doesnt tell you a reason.. What Ive noticed for music, though, is, if you have your iPhone connected to Bluetooth, you can easily say hey Siri, to play a song from your iPhone to the car.. My apologies, if I just turned on every apple device in your house. Next in the dock, is the rear camera which brings up a large rear camera and two side cameras making parking incredible easy.. You can also bring this up anytime when driving, which comes in handy.. Windshield wipers are next, but rarely need adjusting thanks to auto wipers.. Then the secondary dock included the call menu calendar synced from your phone. Another rear camera button. For some reason, the energy screen to show details about your energy usage charging screen for details when charging a web browser thats, hardly usable.

In my experience, entertainment and toy box. Entertainment includes a number of games that are fun to have in the car when parked or for passengers to play when driving.. It also includes Netflix, Hulu, Disney, plus YouTube twitch and Tesla tutorials, for when youre parked.. These are great to have, since they can play, shows on the full screen when charging and they use the incredible sound system in the car.. However, the apps are the slowest experience youll have for these services anywhere., Once the show is playing. It works fine, but navigating around the UI in these apps is extremely slow and arguably the worst UI experience youll have in the Model Y. You also cant minimize these apps. So if you need to check something on screen, you have to close them entirely and then reopen them. Again. Theyre awesome to have – and I dont think any other car has Disney plus built in, but that doesnt excuse the extremely slow navigation experience. Youll have. Toy box includes boombox, which lets you play funny sounds or current media through the exterior speaker, emissions which lets you make certain passengers fart with a variety of fart options, trax, which lets you make simple, beats romance mode, which sets the mood with a crackling Fire on screen sketch pad for drawing mars mode to turn the maps into mars Santa mode to turn your navigation into Santa for the holidays and rainbow road which plays the more cowbell sketch and turns the road into a rainbow when in autopilot.

. Most of these are random silly Easter eggs, but boombox could be used functionally if you went to play music from the outside of your car., Its just not the best speaker. Next in the dock is climate controls, which are super handy.. The model y has an invisible AC system with no vents you can see or adjust manually.. Instead, you adjust the airflow animation on screen and can get more accurate with it.. You can also adjust auto temperature here turn on keep mode to keep the AC on when going into a store turn on dog mode or camp mode and tuen on heated seats.. This may seem like a lot of screen usage to adjust climate when driving. However, the position of the vents are saved to your driver profile, so I find that I never adjust my vents and just change the auto temperature at the bottom of the screen. Heated seats, defrosters and then volume controls are the rest of the dock controls and, to Finish out the main screen functions, theres driver profiles, sentry mode dashcam, viewer, WiFi, settings, Bluetooth, settings and, if you get it installed, homelink at the top of the screen. Homelink is the automatic garage opener that shockingly doesnt come included in the car.. It costs an extra 325 and had to be installed after delivery at a service. Appointment., Pretty unfortunate omission by Tesla of a standard premium, vehicle feature, there. Sentry mode and dashcam are two of the last bigger features to mention and overall these systems work great and are getting even better soon.

. These are security systems that use 4 of the cameras around the car to record any security event that may occur. When driving the dashcam system is constantly recording and writing over itself until an event occurs like an accident or anything you may want to save., You can Set it to save the video when you honk, and the Model Y includes a drive to save this footage inside the glovebox.. This has come in extremely handy for accidents where the Tesla driver has footage from 4 angles of what happened by default. Sentry mode uses. The same cameras when parked to record, if anyone gets close to the car, decides to damage it or try to break in.. The new features coming to this part of the car are something that Tesla is currently in the process of updating for users over the air. Sentry Model live streaming to the app. Tesla is adding the ability to view the live feed from your cars cameras through the App just like you would on a ring alarm or any similar home alarm system.. We havent seen it in practice yet, but it seems like it will be extremely useful.. One of the last tech features to mention about this car is that app., The Tesla app will function as your main key, unlocking as you approach the car and locking as you walk away.. I used to have issues with this feature of the app but Tesla recently shipped a massive update to this app and I havent had any locking or unlocking issues since meaning that feature now works extremely well.

. The app shows your car allows you to lock or unlock adjust climate adjust charging percentage and charging amps open the trunk or frunk and more. Climate controls. Allow you to pre condition. The car turn on heated seats, vent the windows and more, and you never need to worry about where youre parked, since there are no emissions from the car.. The app also shows your location includes, summon controls if you bought, the FSD upgrade, allows you to turn on sentry mode, valet mode or speed. Limit mode includes a section for software upgrades of accessories and your safety score. If you opted in for that feature., Then you can schedule service or road side assistance and see your miles VIN and software version.. I actually find that I dont use the app itself too often, as I usually just open my trunk, by walking up to the car and pressing the button, but in extremely cold or extremely warm times of the year. I love the pre conditioning features. One feature Tesla. Just added was schedule that allows you to set pre conditioning for a departure time turn on off peak charging and schedule charging for a specific time. In the past. That scheduling could only be done on screen so thats, a very handy new feature. Thats, a breakdown of what its like to drive and operate the Model Y. Overall theres, a lot of great stuff and, in my opinion, its one of the best vehicle experiences.

You could have, but there are a number of things Id like to see: Tesla improve, especially regarding the in vehicle software.. The last thing to talk about is ownership, since owning an electric vehicle is quite a bit different than a typical gas vehicle.. Typically, people want you to think that owning an electric vehicle means youre stuck at a charger for hours. It doesnt last long enough for a trip it drives slow or lacks the speed of a gas car.. The opposite of all of those things is the case though.. Regarding the speed and range we talked about that already and the standard long range, with its 0 60 in 4.8 seconds beats most vehicles in its class. For range. Tesla claims a 326 mile EPA range, which is going to be plenty for your needs.. However, it is important to remember real world range here.. I have the long range Model Y and my 99 charge mileage, which calculates based on my true driving, shows 281 miles of range.. Ive found this to be pretty accurate and Ive, never seen close to 326 miles of range.. To achieve that, you need to drive for the best possible efficiency which rarely occurs for me in Southern California.. Still, though, that 281 miles is plenty for me and day to day, I just charge at home., I use a NEMA 14 50 outlet in my garage and it charges my car overnight to exactly what I need the next day and costs far less than gas.

. Overall, this is far easier than getting gas as well., I havent been to a gas stations since I got this car and it saves me a ton of time. The time you will be spending more time. Charging, though, is on a road trip which still isnt as bad as people expect thanks to Teslas supercharger network. Tesla has over 25000 global supercharger stalls and plans to keep expanding exponentially in the next few years.. These chargers charge up to 200 miles in as little as 15 minutes and can take care of your needs for most trips, easily. Theyre strategically placed so that road tripping around most of the United States is easy to do and wont. Take too long. Ive found that the majority of the time I plug in get some food use, the bathroom, and by the time I get back to the car, I have the charge. I need to continue my journey.. The only time Ive been frustrated with charging speeds was when I had to wait in line at a charger which is rare but can happen on holidays, especially or when Ive been driving all day and just want to get home, but need to wait. 15. 20 minutes to charge. Supercharging does add time to long trips compared to gas fill ups, so thats important to keep in mind. If you road trip all the time. For me, I only do it a few times a year and I dont mind the extra time at all, especially since I save so much time and money throughout the year charging at home instead of going to gas stations.

. If you dont have a home charging setup, it would be good to set that up before purchasing or have a plan for how you will charge close to home if thats your option. Owning the Model Y for the past 17 months has been a fantastic experience and Has shown me that I will never go back to a gasoline vehicle.. I love everything about the electric vehicle experience and Tesla seems to do it better than anyone else. The Model Y is an extremely functional vehicle with far more storage space than youd expect from the outside and includes a wide variety of high tech, very functional features., Its Not free of issues, though, and hopefully this video gave you a realistic review of what owning this car is like. Its fantastic, but will frustrate you in little ways here and there.. The Model Y is at an all time, high price right now, starting at 56990 and thats due to supply issues. Demand for this car and many factors like a possible new EV incentive coming soon. Tesla only plans to produce more of the Model Y building up 2 new factories to build this car with even more advanced manufacturing technology and new battery cells in the next couple years. So its definitely tough to time exactly when to buy. Ill, be sure to keep you posted on the latest, though so make sure youre subscribed to see the those videos about new Tesla updates.. In the meantime, you can check out the latest for Tesla price increases by watching the video linked over here or in the description below.