I rented one for two full days drove over 360 miles in the car and got to take a few people on test drives, who were still not expecting it to be as good as it is ill get in depth about the features of this car inside and Out my thoughts while driving, including some awkward things about the car, show you a collection of peoples, real launch reactions, build quality issues and, more so lets get into it. Music. The new refresh 2021 model s looks largely the same as the model s has for a long time on the outside. The main difference comes with a wider wheelbase in the rear and an altered front fascia that you can spot. If you look close enough, the model s i reviewed is the plaid model, teslas flagship vehicle, but overall 90 of this video will be reviewing things that both the long range and plaid models share in common. The only real difference between the two specs is the performance with the plaid touting a 0 to 60 in as little as 1.99 seconds in the right circumstances, making it the quickest production car. Ever aside from that everything outside and in is standard on every new model. S so lets take a look outside the model. S looks like it has for a long time. It has four doors, a hatchback trunk and a frunk. It features a new satin black trim instead of chrome, and this model came in blue with the upgraded 21 inch.

Arachnid wheels some special features of the plaid here are the spoiler and plaid badge, theres a large panoramic glass roof and that hatchback gives tons of storage options, really showcasing. How versatile this car is, while still being the quickest available. The inside of the model. S is what has changed the most as far as your view as a driver. More has changed here than any tesla has in the past and its a controversial change for many. The main screen is now a 17 inch, horizontal screen with updated software and computing. Next, to that is the instrument cluster display and the biggest most obvious change is the new steering yoke. This is the wheel in the new model s and according to elon musk, there will be no option to have another wheel at first glance, its an immediate no for many people, but i drove it for two entire days and i would challenge you to give it A chance before writing it off its by no means perfect, but it does have its advantages that well get into later in this video. The trim and build of this car is much improved over the previous model. S and teslas more affordable vehicles like the model, 3 and y everything feels very sturdy inside and the white interior really shines. The center console includes many compartments and there is a wireless charger for your phone located right. Above it, the doors have pockets for water bottles.

Theres, the glove box and in the rear, theres an armrest cup holder situation that can come down when there is no middle passenger. This also has a wireless phone charger and then right in front of rear. Passengers is a screen that allows for watching videos or adjusting rear climate controls on screen. Supposedly they will be bringing game to this soon, but that feature is still not enabled in these cars. Everything in this car is incredibly clean, but, as always, unfortunately, no matter the price, its still a tesla teslas just do not share build quality in line with their price point, and the plaid hasnt been the exception that many were hoping for ill get more in depth. On the build quality issues ive seen later in this video first lets talk about just how fun this car is and see what other people think about the plaids insane 0 60. In around 2 seconds, i picked up some friends and my parents. While i had the car and got some real reactions, everyone was prepped, i told them its insane feels like a roller coaster. They need to put their head back and more – and here are those reactions, including some initial reactions to the yoke. So this is my wife, jessica. Whos heard me talk about this card non stop for the past year. So lets see what she thinks. Oh man, the white seats are so nice. Are these like the aerated seats too yeah? Oh thats, weird, are you ready im ready, oh god, thats so fast? We didnt even go that far like it was just so fast yeah that was uh 0 to 60.

. Oh, my god, yeah that ones another level Music, all right take some breaths. I know you warned me, but i didnt really think it would be thats how it is. We could do it again. Okay, oh my god. Oh, my god, what its like dude thats, like scary, oh my gosh! This is a spaceship. Oh, my god, wow emotionless, emotionless emotionless did not work. My butt feels amazing yeah, i didnt know. Cooling seats was a thing. Yeah see all these little like thats right honestly. Thats the thing im most impressed with is he calling it a launch? Is that just a tesla thing, or is that a the actual character, because ive only ever heard it from teslas yeah like it sounds like elon got mixed up and hes like? Oh, we have a launch today. Oh sorry, im talking about cars out of nothing im. Sorry well, do one and then ill ask you. Would you consider that launch i get it its gon na be fast get out of here? Oh my gosh, i was not expecting that i was not expecting that at all. That was crazy. Can you see why its called the launch now that was yeah faster? That was faster than the one that uh that nuts whats the one called the knots like the accelerator, yeah called tingling in my drawers watch the screen. It has this whole animation its hard to watch the screen. Thats sick, Music, 1000 horsepower 1020.

isnt that ridiculous. Oh man, that hits almost that hits like way harder, yeah. Oh my gosh. Oh, that makes no sense that no make a call make sure my life insurance premiums are paid up here. Oh im, gon na walk home. I got ta change my shorts, this things almost as fast as the reemac novera – oh my god, oh my god, dude its so insane. The yolk is the most controversial part of this car because its changing something that cars have had, since anyone can remember its one of those. Why change it type of things, but after driving it for two days, i think i almost get it. It was already kind of weird going back to a normal wheel after returning this car, and i can see it becoming normal in about a week of driving. Here are my thoughts on the yolk, while using it all right, so ive been driving with the yoke for maybe 30 minutes now and overall, its awesome and when youre doing 90 of your driving or 80 or whatever, when youre just doing slight, turns and going around Curves and stuff its awesome, and it feels amazing its once you have to cross over that it does get weird, and i dont think anyone can argue that its better than a steering wheel in that sense also im still getting used to the blinker buttons. I still have to look down so right here, im turning right and kind of just put my hand on the bottom of the wheel, thats kind of what i found to make the most sense when youre doing like a full 45 degree turn.

So in this situation. I really love this wheel when youre just doing your normal turns and going around. Curves really puts you in a great position, and i actually love driving this car, especially this way, especially since its so fast. So another big part of this steering wheel is the fact that there are no stock theres, no blinker stock on this wheel. So you just have these touch sensitive buttons and after using them for the full day, im, definitely getting more used to them, but the first half of the day i still had to look. I still had the muscle memory of like. Let me touch a stock, then i was like. Oh no. Let me turn left with a touch sensitive button. I have to look where that is so looking for, where that is, is never going to be the preferred option. Ive gotten used to it to where right turn left turn. I think i was right. Another thing that can be a little frustrating is just that: theres a position that youre not able to hold the wheel, and that is when you are resting here, and you want to put your thumbs here. You just cant do that because all of a sudden – oh well, now im resting and nothings signaling, so i guess that works, but there it signaled youre, just gon na randomly be signaling. If you do it on the other side. All you know all this stuff is happening because im just trying to rest my thumbs on the steering wheel, so theres a position that you just cant rest your thumbs on the steering wheel and thats just what it is because they went with touch sensitive buttons.

So this screen overall is great, i think its much better than what they have in the model 3 and model y, and you can just feel it in how quick everything is like bringing that up is just so much faster than it is on the model 3 Or the model y and then navigating places, everything is super, quick, bringing out menus. I really like it a lot and music. Then you can just tap to open it for full screen, drag it over here, youre good to go and, as you can see, right now, im demonstrating all that screen stuff and im just using the yoke like this with my hand in the bottom left, and this Works great its a comfortable position and then, when youre really feeling it you go like this. If youre gon na do some kind of launch, you go like this. Its really just turns and so lets do some turns im gon na pull a! U turn right here. I dont know what i did, but it worked. I will say that it probably looks more awkward than it feels and as much as im talking about it being weird when it flips over. If you like change – and you think these cars are really fun like, i do youll get used to it and like it i already kind of wish. I could have this its just fun that its different for some reason all right. So now we got ta turn around, so we dont have stocks and we have a yoke, see how i do it yeah its like its almost just the best to do it with the hand thats underneath ive definitely gotten used to the yoke.

I used it all day yesterday. Doing this kind of stuff is not that weird at all so im a big fan of how much screen real estate we have up here. I really like having spotify just up here at all times it doesnt have to disappear. For my maps to stay theyre over here, if i want or theyre over here on the instrument cluster and still getting used to that, because im not used to looking there, but that worked and also that was a signal that i did subconsciously, didnt think about it. I just did the signal the right way. I also really like that. I can raise the suspension at the touch of two taps because, like right here, this driveway is a little a little steep and i dont want to bottom out so raise the suspension. So one big thing – that is a surprise, is that hitting here that is not a horn that is simply the airbag and nothing else and marquez brownlee talked about this in his review, and i agree with him that the second nature thing when someones cutting you off And its like youre, avoiding an accident is to just quickly boom hit the horn and nothing happens. You know. So i think what you need to do is just re calibrate your mind to do that, but over here, because youre most likely going to hit the horn button. I guess ive heard people say that if you cover it hover your hand over itll honk cover all the buttons, nothing is happening.

I just hit a voice command on accident, maybe thats a feature they will add, but it doesnt seem like it has the sensor. For that, most people that are doing that are probably just hitting it by accident theyre just going like this, and their first finger is hitting the horn button like that. Okay, so right now im in some canyons, i guess i should have expected it, but definitely the most fun ive ever had in a tesla driving in some canyons, its already fun in a model y, its fun, especially in a model 3 for me, but this model S and with the yoke just takes it to another level and it really really emphasizes driving and makes it a lot of fun. So on this wheel we have of course, the blinkers which are the big ones. We also have brights right here, so i can just tap them and it brings up our settings. Then, if i hold this it flashes my brights then on the right side of the wheel. Here we have horn an indicator for autopilot the scroll wheel. Of course, windshield wipers and voice commands now there are these little lines here that stick out, so it kind of shows your thumb and maybe thats the place that you can rest your thumb. Although i tried resting my thumb and now im pressing the blinker over here. Yeah, but this scroll wheel now is slightly different because voice commands have moved over here.

So you press this button for a voice command and then windshield wipers are here as well tap this to bring up windshield wipers, but the right scroll wheel is dedicated to autopilot. On a model 3 and y, its autopilot plus press for a voice command, and now it is 100 autopilot. So you scroll up for your autopilot set speed. You click right and left supposedly for following distance, but its not doing it right now i tried it on the freeway and theres no indicator that im changing following distance, so that is probably something they need to add in a software update but to enter autopilot. You can set it in settings. Let me show you here in autopilot settings you can choose single click or double click for autopilot right now, its on single click. So i just press once now, im in autopilot and its especially crazy, to see autopilot working when its a yoke wheel as opposed to a round wheel because the round wheel, you know it turns, but its still the same shape this one. You see that autopilot is truly turning this far for you, because the entire wheel is ajar. That way again, one of my favorite features of this car that the model s has had for a long time is just being able to raise the suspension whenever you need. So, if youre coming into a really steep driveway or just some kind of bump – and you want to be sure that you dont damage the underside of your car – you just press raise suspension and its going to do that.

And you can also click this button. To save location – and so next time, youre at this spot, its automatically going to raise the suspension for you for acceleration, you have chill sport and plaid and then drag strip mode is going to heat up the battery. I believe its heating, up whatever it is its pre conditioning the battery specifically to optimize it for performance. The suspension settings are really nice, its been in the model. S like this for a while, but it seems that this graph and how much you can customize it is a little improved here. I have it on comfort right now, but you can of course go auto sport or advanced and advanced lets. You dial in all of these settings, so ride height. I can choose right now. Its only letting me choose medium or low, because high is only available under 35 miles per hour and then very high is only available under 15 miles per hour. But i can dial in ride comfort to soft and comfort or, if im feeling incredibly sporty. I can go as firm as possible and all the way over to sport. Then, of course you could bring up your camera at any time with the largest button on the controls panel. What i do like about this and its taking getting used to, but on the model, 3 and y, you have to aim for that little x in the corner. If you want to close that out in this one, you just swipe down like an ipad on anything.

So my music right here, swipe down my maps, are going to stay as my default, but i can bring up the camera. I can move the camera over here. Swipe down done. Super nice fast, easy to use user interface feels just like an ipad, but like an ipad pro feels like the normal ipad feels like the model 3 and y. This feels like an ipad pro where you just feel that different refresh rate and everything is a little bit zippier overall, the rest of the apps and stuff are pretty much exactly what they are on the model 3 and why theyre just slightly moved around so like Spotify doesnt have any extra functionality, but you know i can move it over here, its a little bit nicer to look at and then, if i want to change my audio sources, i can do so there its definitely different than what it is on the model 3 And why, as you can see, i got better and more comfortable with the yoke after driving it for a while certain turns are never going to be optimal, but the vast majority of driving is optimal. For me, it feels similar to how charging works on an electric car, which this is the vast majority of the time you plug in at home. Dont have to stop for gas and actually save a lot of time. Then, in the cases where you need to drive further than the model ss epa estimated range youll have to stop and charge at a supercharger.

Usually, you can plan this well to use the bathroom and eat while charging, but it does take longer than filling up with gas, whether you like it or not. Usually it isnt much longer, but it isnt a quick 5 minute fill up. This trade off is well worth it because for the vast majority of my daily driving i charge at home and save time, the same is true with the yoke. For me, are, u turns three point turns and others awkward to get used to and not as optimal as a round wheel. Yes, but those are corner cases and the majority of the time im not driving like this using the yoke for anything under about 90 degrees. Is incredibly fun and a better experience than a normal steering wheel, even my dad said the same thing after watching me: use it for some time regarding the interface on screen, some things take a bit of getting used to and some things need fixes via software updates. First, there are missing features such as active noise, cancelling which is supposedly arriving very soon. Second, is gaming. The rear screen cant currently game as promised and the front screen doesnt feature any new games to show off its ps5 level gaming. Then there are weird things such as moving windows around on screen. I love that you can do this, but one example where its really awkward is, if i have this small music window on one side of the screen and want to move it to the other side, i can do so by clicking this flip button in the bottom Right corner that works well, however, if there is a passenger in the car, this disappears and my only method is to open up the small window get into the full screen mode, drag that to the other side, close it down to the smaller window and then close That back down to the smallest window, now its on the other side, just an insane way to make that work and an easy solution would be to allow you to drag any window of any size all around the screen or leave that swap button on.

At any time, the new interface feels a lot more like an ipad and its a very big change for tesla, so some certain kinks and bugs like this make sense up front now. Ive talked all about what makes this car great and lets finish, that up and get to some negatives, its a beautiful car, with lots of storage options, a very responsive and versatile screen, great ventilated seats on a hot day, absolutely ridiculous performance and more its fully electric. So its zero emissions and gets up to 406 miles of range on a charge with the long range model for charging options. Tesla has their ever expanding supercharger network. That makes charging incredibly easy and quick. When i stopped to supercharge, i was shocked at how quick it was compared to my model y, but i didnt take down actual numbers, so thats, just anecdotal driving this car is the best part about it, and the model s in particular shows how much fun electric Cars can be one pedal, driving is incredibly handy and makes your drive seamless on top of those features is autopilot. This particular model s was equipped with basic autopilot, and it worked just as well as ive, seen in any other tesla doing great lane. Keeping on the freeway, it did feel like it cornered better than my model y, but thats, probably less related to autopilot and more related to the shape of this vehicle. Now with every tesla. There are all of these positives and im a big fan of them, but we still cant ignore build quality issues if youre a stickler for perfect panel gaps and more youll find these to be an issue, but for most people you can either get past them to Enjoy the vehicle or schedule tesla service to fix them after delivery, this model s had a pretty noticeable rattle in the rear door and closing the passenger side front door was really difficult.

Almost nobody got in the car and closed it right. The first time and i had difficulty after doing it multiple times the owner even mentioned it popping open randomly when parked one time i dont have footage of it, but on the initial model s plot i reviewed there was a piece in the rear under the center Screen that was fully out of place at delivery, ive seen two other plaid model ss in person as well, and i went into detail union when they had one there to check it out. According to them, it was the worst tesla paint job they have ever seen delivered to a customer. There was overspray all over the vehicle and you especially noticed it on the windows and pillars. There was a lot of scratching residue from a wrap or tape that had been on the car bubbling in certain parts of the paint and marks from wet sanding. On top of that, they could clearly see that the entire left side of this car was repainted. After the fact, but before getting to the customer from a distance, you cant really tell, but up close, it was pretty clear that this was delivered in less than desirable condition. They also pointed out a very odd feature of the new model: s, which is that when the mirrors fold in they reveal a phillips head screw, this probably only unscrews a portion of the mirror, but still literally anyone can walk up to the parked car and take This screw out thats not a build quality issue as much as it is an interesting design choice.

I also saw another model s that had a loose button on the rear, hatch, a crazy trim alignment up front and a trunk that was having trouble. Closing all this to say its business as usual for the new launch of a car from tesla build quality issues are still there on the plaid model. S sure, maybe i happen to see three of the worst new model ss that tesla delivered, but thats, not how it should ever be for a 130 000 vehicle. I still love these cars, though, and hope to buy my own plaid model s to review on this channel, but id be ignoring a big reality. If i didnt talk about build quality issues that ive seen on every single one, this new model s is at all time high pricing and demand right now, starting at 89 990 with a delivery date of march to april for the long range model. Again, this model features nearly everything i showed you about this car today. The only difference is that your launches will be about 1.1 seconds slower. Oh man, the plaid model starts at 129 9990. with a delivery estimate of january to february, according to tesla. Overall, this refresh of the model – s is exactly what i think it needed. Even when i got the model y, i would drive the old model s and feel how outdated the interior was. It felt like a car that tesla hadnt updated in a while, which it was, and now it feels like teslas newest car, that justifies its price.

Again. There are still some build quality quirks and issues about teslas and the new model.