This is joe thank you for watching my gigatexas construction update video. Once again, a lot of excitement and a lot of activity at the site for today were going to talk about some new high altitude and satellite images and walk you through gigatexas. Some upcoming events for next week, along with the cyber rodeo and a few other, highlights from around the site today. So here we have two new photos: one high altitude and one satellite that id like to go over. These are very recent, and this will help give you an idea of where everything is located, starting on the far south west area. This is where we see some of the hills and ponds also that foundation area and some material storage. This is the south phase, two area where we see some of the new vehicles right now. This is uh, i believe, a temporary new vehicle a lot until they get the east area completed. This is the east parking lot area, weve just seen it being paved. This is also where i believe the trucks will be picking up the new vehicles at some point for transport. This is the east side, material storage area, also where the battery cathode plant foundation was originally. This is also where contractor trailers are located. This is that new, far north northeast clearing area, where the battery cathode plant will be constructed and weve been seeing some of the foundation emerging. And finally, this is the main entry for gigatexas.

This is also tesla road and just gives you an idea about where this is located. I hope that this discussion of these high altitude and satellite photos and the locations of everything was helpful as a quick reminder. Next week on the 7th of april is the cyber rodeo grand opening for gigatexas theres. A few other events with a lot of social media personalities if youd like to learn more theres the links and theyll be in the video description as well. So now we turn our attention to the highlights from around the site. Today it was a very rainy, uh low clouds, a little bit of windy, uh just a mucky morning around the site, but it improved a little bit later, even though the winds got stronger here on the south side, we take a look at the number one. The pond area, with all the water in it and photos, two and three show more of the model wise more of the white ones and in a slightly different formation. Some of them, i believe, are being picked up by transport trucks and then moved off site. The next area i want to highlight is the north area, where the tesla road and the highway intersection is, and this area is being rapidly prepared for the cyber rodeo next week. Photo 1 shows more work on that cyber berm in that northwest corner photo 2 shows that northwest corner area by the battery cell structure continuing to transform and then photo 3 looks along the tesla road towards the east.

You can see a lot more of the plants being installed and the final area i want to highlight in the intro today is the far northeast clearing area where the battery cathode plant, where theyll be making the lithium hydroxide for the cathode, is being constructed and number One shows just the overview of that area photo two shows where the geopure equipment is being set up. Geopier is what uh theyve used previously to put large piers down into the ground, about 30 to 50 feet, to help stabilize that uh soil for construction and then photo 3 shows you a different angle of the area from the far north. Looking back to the southwest. So, as you can see a lot of activity, hopefully the satellite and high altitude image and tour was helpful. The upcoming events for next week, along with cyber rodeo and a few sites from around gigatexas today, a special thank you to all of my outstanding patrons for your continued encouragement and support. Patreon members get access to hundreds of high resolution photos previews of the future material and direct dialogue with me. If you would like to support my channel, please consider becoming a patron using this link, which is also in the video description. Please also consider hitting the like and subscribe buttons, as this helps as well. Thank you. My drones are ready and raring to go.