This is joe thank you for watching my gigatexas construction update video. It was an absolutely stunning sunrise at giga texas today and were going to be talking about a few items before we get into the video. The first is highlights around giga texas theres. A few key areas id like to go over then well review the property map and construction areas. There was the topping ceremony, its a major milestone achieved for gigatexas and then grove heavy. Automated machinery is being installed at the stamping machine structure. Since we got an early start and it was dark outside we looked inside the general assembly structure and some of the battery cell structure as well to see a lot of activity, more equipment, more progress being made, certainly on the west side of the general assembly structure. Down at the south pond area, we see photos one and two more progress on that water, splitter box and number three and four shows the progress on that both retaining wall for the north side of the pond, but also it looks like theres, a water manifold being Constructed with eight outlets into the pond on the east side, we look at the sedimentation base in progress. We can see that water inlet manifold, concrete structure with the rip wrap underneath it to allow the water to drain into the sedimentation basin, and then the outfall channel has got more reinforcement and looks like lining at the stamping machine structure. Photo one shows that the windows on the angled side are nearly completed.

Number two shows a very heavy, very large grove engineering product, probably a mill very heavy again and number three shows that gantry crane to lift it and then position it inside and the last highlighted area is the central structure steel, which is now completed. As you can see in photo number one, looking from the south photos, two and three show close ups of the topping ceremony. This is the last beam that was installed. You can see the glow christmas tree on there thats for tradition, for good luck, its signed by all the workers – and this is a major milestone, as this signifies the completion of the entire building for the first time. So those were a few of the key sites. I wanted to show you also heres a few more shots of the sunrise. Just absolutely stunning, i think gaga texas is becoming very scenic, so lets take a look real, quick at the property lines and how that looks with the construction areas before we get into the video. This map shows the gigatexas property outlined in red the original phase. One construction area in green and seven additional construction areas around the site. This yellow area was recently added and its about 550 acres or about 225 hectares to the south and east. This inset shows how the main factory layout is configured. I hope that this brief overview was helpful. Before we begin, i would like to say thank you to my patrons for your generous support.

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