This is joe thank you for watching my gigatexas construction update video, a very windy yet busy day at the site today with a lot of the activity on the inside, and that would be one of the things i want to talk about in the intro today. Id like to give an update on production start and some information from other analysts. I want to give a discussion of the south in phase 2 area and talk a little bit about that and ill show you a few of the key highlights from around the site. Today, so lets talk a little bit about production at giga texas. On the 31st of december i reported that some on site sources said: tesla was attempting to get the production to begin the first week of january. That has come and gone so a little bit disappointing, but not all is lost dan eyes from a wedbus analyst and also a very well informed. Tesla investor has some information showing that uh. They believe that within the next seven to ten days – and this was on the eighth of january – that uh gigatexas will start having production and barons is also repeating that story and further ran their own story. You can see a little bit of the clip here. The link is at the bottom of the screen and the video description if youd like to get more information, but all signs are pointing to gigatex as imminently starting production, and you have my word.

I am looking as hard as i can to find evidence of that production, and once i know i will make sure everybody else knows as well. So the next topic id like to discuss is the activity going on at the south end, and many people have been asking questions about. Is this a new car staging area? Is it employee parking or is it new construction, and i would have to say that the answer is a definite, maybe, and what i mean by that is. You can take a look here at the official gigatexas site plan document for this area, and the blow up shows that this area is listed as phase 2 and it says extensive, impervious cover, impervious cover could be parking or it could be construction and adding a little Bit to the confusion, right now is elon musks 25 july tweet, where he said that the length of the building will grow about 500 feet over time. What i think is happening is that in the short term, they may be using this for temporary parking for employees, possibly for the new car staging, but im not sure about that, but i think in the longer term we will see construction in this area. However, i would restate that we dont know for sure right now, so ill, keep watching and well see together what this area develops into. There were some interesting deliveries around the site today and were going to be focusing up on the north end, for these photos photos one and two show these extremely large beams being brought in.

You can see the scale with the trucks four of them are here. Three showed up later after i was getting ready to depart these are so large. I do not know where they go, but they appear to be designed to go on top of some sort of column, so well have to monitor that photos. Three four and five show more crates being delivered with tarps over them and photo six at the north. End of the paint shop shows some piping being delivered. Next, we look at the general assembly structure, specifically the south side photo one shows this large equipment being delivered. This looks like it may be a gantry crane, i cannot say for sure, but maybe these are related to those large beams, that we saw up to the north, but well have to monitor that photos. Two and three show continued solar panel installation. You can see in photo three specifically how theyre going on and they are facing to the west at this point in time and then photo four shows just that front entrance way area right now, a little farther south around the pond area. We take a look at that grading area that we discussed earlier for the phase 2, either parking lot area, probably in the interim and then later on. Maybe some construction photo 1 and 2 shows. What that looks like photo. 3 is farther on the east near the stamping and the arrow is showing, where theyre clearing out area for them to continue with that grading.

Due to the heavy winds, it was difficult getting to the far east side. So instead i took a look at the clearing area on the east parking and we can see that about one third of it that middle has got cars parking there now and theyre working on those two other sections. I would assume that this may be just more parking, but well have to monitor and finally, just uh interesting observation. This comes on the heels of our discussion about production very soon. This is that west parking lot for the employees, and these do look like employee cars, but there are a great number of model ys, so it makes me wonder: maybe theyre testing them out with employees, or maybe this is just something innocent and just model wise – that Everybody purchased recently anyway well continue to monitor, see if we see any signs of production, so there you have it just to recap our discussions in the intro, we talked a little bit about production and start and growing evidence that its uh imminently. We looked a little bit about the south end, the site plan and what those plans for that area may be, and a few sites from around a very windy day. I hope that you found this intro helpful, a special thank you to all of my outstanding patrons for your continued encouragement and support. Patreon members get access to hundreds of high resolution photos previews of the future material and direct dialogue with me.

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