Music at teslas ai day event, elon musk unveiled the tesla bot, a humanoid, robot heres. What it looks like in all its rendered glory, its a slim human, like machine. The body is white, with gray accents from its feet, to where its collarbones would be, then its all black. What can you do? Take a look at this Music. Okay, elon musk said that what we just saw with the dancing was not real, but he did share a couple of slides showing what to expect from the tesla bot wed be looking at a friendly five foot, eight robot weighing only 125 pounds since it is built Out of undisclosed lightweight materials, it would be able to carry 45 pounds and dead, lift 150 pounds. The tesla bot is not fast. It reaches speeds of up to 5 miles per hour. Musk joked about the bot saying you would be able to run away from it and most likely overpower it im not making that up. He also said. We certainly hope that this does not feature in a dystopian sci fi movie, im not making that up either. One of the goals of the tesla bot is to eliminate dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks. There was a slide on the technical details. The head would feature a screen to provide information to whomever is looking at the bot. It would run on teslas, full self driving computer with an autopilot system using eight cameras to help ai is a big part of teslabot.

With one slide mentioning the use of neural net cleaning simulation and multicam video neural networks, the bot will be using all the tools that are in tesla cars. Musk said that one of the goals of the tesla bot is to have it do things that it was not explicitly trained to do telling the bot to go. Get your groceries or attach a bolt to something should be doable. A prototype of the tesla bot could be a reality in 2022. Alright. So why is this happening? Musk said that quote: tesla is arguably the worlds biggest robotics company. Our cars are basically semi sentient robots on wheels. He also explained that the robot is not specifically prompted by manufacturing needs. He also had this to say were just obviously making the pieces that are needed for a useful humanoid robot um. So i guess we probably should make it and if we dont someone else would well, and so i guess we should make it and make sure its safe in a q a session, the tesla team was asked if emotion and companionship is on the road map for Teslabot musk answered with im sure people will think of some very creative uses. The team was also asked about how important it is to maintain a humanoid form with hands that have five fingers. Musk explained that theyll start with five fingers for version one and see if it works. The bot needs to be able to do things like work with tools or carry a bag.

There was also a question about the economics of the tesla bot. If the bot is designed to take on boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks which can be low paying for humans, how will tesla build a robot to operate in that space? Musks response was well, i guess youll just have to see if you want to help develop. Teslabot check out ai, a job description reads: develop the next generation of automation, including a general purpose, bipedal humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring. So this is weird right. Back in 2017, musk was a part of a group who wrote a letter to the un warning of the danger of lethal autonomous weapons. Also, this teslabot would be using ai to handle tasks. It was not programmed for right in a 2017 meeting of the national governors, association musk said quote: i have access to the very most cutting edge ai and i think people should be really concerned about it. He also said quote: ai is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization, so heres what he had to say about ai now. But what what were trying to do here at tesla is make useful ai, that people love and and is unequivocally good thats. Our you know try to aim for that. Well, this is certainly an interesting reality if you would like to be less terrified by a robot check out this one that helps remove trash from bodies of water.

Im curious what boring repetitive or dangerous activity would you have the tesla bot take on? Let me know in the comments im, maya, zakhtar and ill see you online.