Fourteen thousand feet into the air, renata brito and barry hatton report or the associated press Music. The volcanos eruption is the first in 50 years in the canary archipelago, located off the northwestern coast of africa, rafael minder reports for the new york times. The stream like lava flow engulfed nearby forests and homes, forcing 5000 locals and 500 tourists to evacuate scott newman reports for npr. The eruption followed a week of seismic activity where more than 22 000 tremors were reported for borja suarez for reuters Music. When the volcano erupted. Today, i was scared for journalists. It is something spectacular for us. It is a tragedy. I think the lava has reached some relatives houses, isabel fuentes, a resident, told spanish television, tve reuters reports. I was five years old when the volcano last erupted in 1971.. You never get over a volcanic eruption. Music. La palma, is the smallest of the canary islands in the atlantic ocean just before the eruption. A 3.8 magnitude earthquake shook the island reports the new york times since the volcanos eruption streams of lava from five fissures on the side of the volcano continued to spill out on the first day following the eruption. Lava was moving at a whopping 2 300 feet per hour reports, the associated press, one two thousand foot wide lava stream, finally slowed to 13 feet per hour after reaching a plane on wednesday for ap by thursday september 23rd, the lava flows advancement, slowed along with the Seismic activity, but molten rock, was still spewing from the volcano for the associated press.

Nearly 26 million cubic meters of molten rock have been emitted so far. Some experts suspect that the lavas heat at a scorching 1800 degrees could trigger landslides or explosions and release toxic gases. When it reaches the ocean and collides with the water reports, teresa polterova for, the lava is advancing very slowly because it cools in contact with the atmosphere through friction with the ground and building materials and, above all, because its front edge is widening out, explains starvos Milletlitus, a volcanologist with spains national geographic institute to the associated press Music in some places as the lava flow slowed and grew thicker. It rose to 50 feet high. In total, the lava has covered 410 acres and destroyed roughly 350 homes. Scientists suspect the flows could last a few weeks or months, also known as the old summit. Cumbre viejas last eruption persisted for three weeks: reports nicolettolonasi for live science. Multiple videos of the lava flowing into the nearby village of el paso have been shared on social media platforms. In some videos, homes were seen engulfed by lava, including one that shows molten rock spilling into a swimming pool about 400.