One of their best drones is the tello quadcopter priced at under a hundred dollars, but without any compromise on the quality, the telo quadcopter features a decent flight time. Amazing camera amazing ease of use and durability and its appropriate and will provide ample fun for all skill levels, regardless of whether youre an absolute beginner or an experienced pilot. I was amazed to see that even a non experienced beginner pilot will gain lots of confidence with attelo quadcopter, its controllable via the smartphone app or the separately sold remote control. However, it provides plenty of fun for experienced flyers as well, which was a major advantage in this price range. Most of the drones provide a very lackluster battery life, but in this case the telo delivers 13 minutes of flight time. This is crucial for a beginner, because 6 minutes of flight time in most drones will ruin the experience for inexperienced flyers. This drone sports an amazing 5 megapixel camera with an 82.6 degree field of view. On top of that is capable of recording 720p footage at 30 frames per second, moreover, its equipped with a 14 core intel cpu that delivers excellent video and stability. To further enhance that aspect, it employs an electronic image stabilization for decreased blur and increased motion picture. I was particularly impressed with the pressure sensor that held altitude and provided amazing shooting opportunities without having to focus on flying the drone. The pressure sensor is also responsible for calculations about the drones altitude during the flight and, in turn, will provide you accurate and precise parameters and information about it, its extremely easy to use with its one touch takeoff and landing features.

One of my favorite features for beginners and it gives you alerts when the battery is running low and the drone is getting out of range. You dont have to be worried, though, because the drone will land itself safely.