As of now im sure you all will agree that a travel video is incomplete without some drone shots. I had been in awe of drone videos for a long time now, but they were so expensive for us, so we waited for the right time to purchase a cheap but good one, but even this ryze stello nano drone comes at around rupees 10 500. Here in india from amazon, but then i checked out many review videos on youtube and me and vin decided to go for it. The drone came along with a battery and two spare propellers and, as of today, in 2022 costs 99 in the us, while the combo pack, which comes with a drone three batteries, a charging hub, four extra propellers, a micro, usb cable and a propeller removal tool, is Priced at rupees, fifteen thousand in india and 149 dollars in u.s on amazon respectively. We learned the hard way that if the teledrone fits your budget and needs, please go for the combo pack, it will be cheaper. In the long run. We ordered only the drone with one battery and no charging hub came with it. We got the usb cable without an adapter, though very soon. I realized that, even though the flying time for one battery is mentioned as 13 minutes, but while learning to fly, it came down to 10 or 11 minutes, and then we had to wait for another half an hour to charge it fully via the usb cable.

Now that was a problem, so i looked up the vendor on amazon and omg. Cost of one battery was rupees 2999. While the charging hub was unavailable on amazon, i contacted them directly via phone and they said they had the products on their own website where i could get a cheaper deal very very rarely. I ordered a spare battery and a charging hub and kept saying to myself. Why i didnt buy the combo pack at the first instance. I wish someone had told me on youtube, which is why this video, so now armed with two batteries, a power bank and the drone. We flew it for the first time and unfortunately, i cant show the video cause. I deleted it by mistake. People the teledrone, has no inbuilt memory nor any place to insert a microsd card for storing your videos. You have to first save them to your phone memory. Immediately after flight by tapping on this icon here and no one can help you, if you tap on the delete icon just beside it, even by mistake in a very strange phenomena, i have discovered that the first video cant be deleted. The one after gets deleted. Is it a common bug with the teledrone, please let us know in the comments my tip, i think its better to go to the select page and then select and delete or save to your device. Yes, i had messaged the help center via link in the telo app after my catastrophic action of deleting our maiden flight, to which they responded very promptly with an emphatic no that video was so beautiful, ill regret.

This live long, ok, now another tip from another fellow youtuber. If, if you have an iphone, please use it to fly the teledrone with the telo app. You see. The drone uses a wi fi connection with the phone to capture footage. So a better quality phone ensures better quality videos, as the drone camera is 5 mp only which is dismal to say in the least when there is too much light around as in bright sunlight or maybe on the beach, where there is a lot of light reflected On sand and water, which is why our shots of the beach came like this, unless there is some high tech camera setting in the app which we dont know about, please let us know in the comments, however, when we shot at another location after returning from the Beach, where the scenario was trees and buildings, it was a very decent capture for a 5 mp camera, but as soon as the sun peaked in the afternoon, we got white, glarey videos, so thats that now lets talk about the frame drops. They were plenty near. The beach where there was slight wind all the time, but one or two drops in an eight minute video at the other location negligible, i would say, and you simply cannot fly in windy conditions. No, you may risk losing the drone because it does not have a return to home feature in the app like the dji mini drones. Okay, one more important tip.

If you havent bought the telo combo like me, you will have to buy a carry case for it separately, because the box that it comes in looks like this. I got a good one at a reasonable price on amazon it fitted perfectly and theres space to keep the spare battery as well. Link is given below, but do keep in mind that this kind of hard case storage cases need to be handled carefully and not hurriedly. Once i had hurriedly put the drone in this case and when i opened a few days later, one of the propeller guards had bent. Luckily it didnt affect the flight motion. Henceforth, we are careful and the last but not least, tip even a strand of hair can make your drone go on a crazy spinning spree so check the drone before every flight yeah so thats about it from me about the tele drone. As of now, if i find more tips, i will share in pinned comments below this video. Oh yes, coming to my bonus tip as of today in january 2022, you can fly your telodrone to a maximum height of 30 meters, but only 15 meters with a dji mini drone here in india. Yes, this is where the teledrone scores and, of course, its a deal at 1 6, the price as well hope after watching this video, you can make up your mind whether to go for it or not.