Today we will be completely reviewing my drone good drone love. It it’s, a tyler drone made by dgi it’s. A really good drone. Camera is good. I guess doesn’t shoot. 4K. 720. I don’t like the battery battery life is terrible, but it it is a good drone overall. So um, this is some good stuff. You’Ve got a little camera. You’Ve got a little camera. We’Ve got another camera right here, it’s really good camera. It only suits 720p overall. Good camera: every time you take a photo or your record, it goes straight to your phone. You can control it by your phone. It flows. Well, does flips does tricks everything, it does 360 circles. When you take it off, it takes off good it. It stays in one place as soon as you take it off, so basically it takes off and it just stays there. I know once i went like that, it went it went over and it went like that. Still it was still in the same spot. It’S really good drone. I just want to say the battery is not that good on it. I don’t like the battery. If the battery was a little bit more longer like extra like 40 minutes, then it’d be good, then i’d, be i wouldn’t, be making this video i’d be out there flying it. Um yeah, so overall, great camera does tricks i’m going to show you tricks three two.