So if you dont know what a teledrone is, it is a drone that you can control with your phone or pair it with an xbox controller and use the xbox controller to control the phone, the phone which will control the teledrome so and its actually pretty fun. So there are six different flight modes: there is a circle, bounce mode, 360 up and away 8d flips and throwing up my favorite personally is 8d flips but thats my opinion you dont have to like it and i will show you them all right: Music, Applause, right Applause, Music, Music, those were the flight modes and now its the flight time. The flight time is about 13 minutes, but if you do too many tricks, itll just die quicker, but if you do no tricks 13 minutes, if you dont do tricks, you can fly about 100 meters, which is about 328 feet. The weight of the sting is actually pretty light. You can throw it in your backpack or just hold it while traveling and the weight is about 2.