This is the predator by techrc, guys ill pick this guy up off amazon all right now, if you guys are interested in this guy, i will post the link below in the description, so make sure you check it out, but this guy has altitude hold headless mode. Takes photo shoot, video, three speed modes, one key takeoff and landing and 360 inversion basically means it does flips you guys its a mini, fpv drone. I cant remember what i paid for it. I think it was like 30 bucks something around 30 40 bucks off amazon. Amazon has a wi fi app. You need to download all right and its the tech rc. Well, the app is the mini rc app by tech rc. But the model number on this here drone is the tech, rc tr, zero, zero, eight w all right and okay. So thats the model number on this guy so were gon na go ahead and get this guy open im doing this. Guy with one hand you guys have going here, you see right there check it out. Okay, look at that! Look at that yeah! So there it is, we are greeted with the drone on top guys, its getting quite breezy every time i want to bring one of these small boys out. It gets quite breezy, so i apologize for that, but i think its got totally two batteries you can see. We got one battery here on top there. We also have the transmitter right there so into things one at a time, theres going to be a charger charger.

Here you got your refreshing menu in there. You got a little share. Your experience thing right there. So here is your charger, a little barrel charger with some extra propellers and, of course, a screwdriver, so well throw that back in the bag. And of course, you see you got your instruction manual thats, pretty detailed. This is in english last one i had was in like chinese and stuff like that, so its pretty detailed, i didnt even read it, but you guys read it if you want ill, be a quick swift review. Now the transmitter does take three triple a batteries. Theres. Your phone mount for that guy, you know what let me get everything out of this packaging, all right guys. So here we are with the tech, rc, predator out of the box. You do get two of these batteries. I got one in here inside the drone already and i got the extra one right here. Im not sure the size of the milliamp hour of the battery do look like these prop guards are removable, got some like little rubber footies here, underneath each motor pod should help us stick a landing. There is the camera up front. The camera do look like its angled down a bit ill say about 45 degrees or so on and off switch on top. You just press in on this little lever. Pull this battery out theres your battery bay. You guys its getting windy out here, guys so im trying to hurry up.

This is a little guy, so thats pretty much it. My next flight will definitely be without the prop guards and see how it fares you guys, but you know i know beginners will do it with the prop guy look like we might have some leds up here that look like little eyes or something and im not Sure, if theres going to be any other leds that look like thats, probably it for leds guys so uh tech, rc, predator, you guys. So here is the controller little peanut style controller. You do got speeds on this. Bumper 360 flips on this bumper automatic takeoff power switch and uh thats, pretty much it guys. Im, not sure if clicking in on the buttons would do anything its getting pretty breezy out here. I didnt really read the instructions, so were just gon na jump into this thing. Yall know how we do man yall know how we rock so lets, go ahead and turn this drone on. We do got blue flashing leds up front turn on the transmitter. Think we turn up. Did we put? I know our batteries are not dead, come on guys, maybe one of the batteries popped out or something, but uh lets go ahead and uh. What the hell we are out here in front of the house did put new batteries in the remote here. So should be good to go now. I thought those batteries were good, but you know how it goes guys you got so many drones and stuff.

You never know, but these batteries are good brand new batteries bound to it do both joysticks down to the lower left corner that calibrates. It just connect to this app and i did switch over to my android phone because my iphone actually died. So let me connect to the wi fi, with this guy im gon na do a screen recording of this guy as well as soon as i can connect, it says, mini rc is the wi fi this guy, so im going to do a screen recording. So you guys could be able to see the app, so we should be connected all right. We are connected. Lets get to this mini rc app. What are you doing now? All right lets get to this mini rc app. First, i want to start a screen. Recording is what i do want to do so lets see if we can start now. Three two one screen recording started at least it should be – should be started. Yep it started so lets get to the mini rc app. So you should be seeing the app. As i see it, you guys. Its quite breezy here so were just going to jump into the high rate were not even going to play around jump right into this high rate and take off okay, its freezing its like 13 14 mile per hour. Breeze really shouldnt be flying in this. To be honest, just got a quick yawn at two in the third rate wow, i brought it down.

I lost orientation i had to it got away from me. I got away from me for a second, so i brought it down. Lets try that one more time Music? Oh, i see whats going on hes getting a lot of delay in the in the controls. Look at that its like getting stuck pitchforked yeah. Look at that a lot of delays and the controls so were gon na land. This and were gon na disconnect the wi fi thats. What were going to do its getting a lot of delay in the controls, so what were going to do is turn the wi fi off and run without the wi fi and see how it flies now without the wi fi a lot better, all right guys. So just forget about the camera on this one. It was a lot of delays. It was pitching forward for a long time getting stuck in different uh pitches and movements and stuff like that and thats uh. That has to do with a wi fi delay from the 2.4 gigahertz from the wi fi and the 2.4 gigahertz to your controller so like when i was pitching it forward. It would get stuck pitch forward like that thats me pitching it right now its not doing it right now, but it would get stuck in a certain command and it have a lag in the controls and thats uh, because the wi fi was interfering with it. So unfortunately, guys were not going to be able to test the camera out here today.

I will put that little bit of clip that i had in there in the beginning when it was lagging on me blowing away on me, but shes flying good. Now i say this in the third right here and it is wendy does do flips and its super cold out here. So i dont imagine the little battery lasted too long, but something like this thats, this small and tiny. I dont imagine that camera being too great anyways, so the camera really isnt a huge bummer for me. But i know if this was somebodys first drone or something like that. If they got it for like their birthday or christmas or something they would be disappointed because they would want to use that camera like, i said its, not a huge disappointment for me, because i really wouldnt get nothing like this for the camera anyways. I would just get it just to fly it like im, doing it right now and its for that purpose. Its doing good. You know the tech rc predator. You guys check it out. Music, yeah, flys great stay away from that wi fi, camera Music. My fingers are freezing Music lets, get a close look at it. This is just be a quick fly to this guy yeah stay away from the wi fi you guys buy is good. Now, Music, all right im. Laying this guy got a car coming command.