I thought it’s going to be. We need to do it carefully: Music, it’s, a foldable drone, camera and real time. Fpv what’s that um videos function headless mode, optical flow positioning and 3d flip. You control it with your phone. You can control it with your phone using this app: okay, Applause, wow, Music. The remote and we have that this is the drone. I thought it was bigger, but it’s very smooth wow. I like that let’s try, yeah, you can and what’s this a button. Oh, this is the battery extra parts too Music. This. Actually this is my glass. My sunglasses, i bought it with my friends: Music it’s, like a transformer guys, it’s a helicopter right. Yes, Laughter, Applause, 1080p, Music, you’re. Moving this. This is the upgrade. Okay, guys look i’m playing it now, it’s, not Music, flying um. Can you see me Applause? Hey Music! Oh no: Music, okay, Music, so Music, hey, Music, Music, oh what’s, up guys. Finally, we have the results for this tech. Rc drone wow, you wan na, know guys you wan na know you wan na know our rating for this. Take our seats three stars out of five yeah sorry take rc. There are a lot of good parts like the camera is very good, like you saw in the video, and also the landing is very smooth and also the 3d flip is smooth too cool right yeah. Although one um one not so good part is the controller it’s, because it didn’t connect well it’s hard to control it, and it goes to different places that you don’t want it to go so guys when you use this drone, this tech rc drone make sure to Use it outside when it’s not windy, because if it’s windy it’s going to fly somewhere and if you do it inside your house, you might break something or break the drone because it’s not an open space right.

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