Well, this here is tata motors uh, telling you happy diwali in advance, because this is a gift to all indian customers, car buyers from tata motors – and this, of course, is the tata punch its their new micro suv. And why im saying its a gift is because the starting price of this car is very attractive and not only that the looks of this car are also very cool and very stylish. In fact, when you see it from the front end, the head on shot youll, think of it as a miniature version or downsized version of the harrier and the safari does look very similar to those cars. You get the same kind of treatment over here you get the daytime running lamps and the indicators over here and the main headlamps are below it. And, of course, these are projector lamps with something which is unheard of at this price point in any car, so thats, something very good. You also get a flush, grill and, of course, the silver below the main grill, so thats also a silver accent which looks very cool, but the face isnt. The only nice part about this car, when you see it from side on youll, see the tires on this guy and the alloy wheels and the tires are 16 inch wheels, which are running on 195 section tyres, so theyre wide tires, which means that grip levels will Be good and the handling, as well as the right comfort, is also very good, but well talk about those things on a little later in this video lets talk about the looks and, as you can see, the dual shade over also works very well with this brown Color, you can also choose white with blue and different combinations.

It really does look very good, but enough of the exteriors. What do you think of the looks? Do you think that the looks are interesting and are very very attractive? Just like i think you can. Let me in the comment section below, if youre coming to this channel for the first time, please do subscribe to it. My name is ashish master on auto portal and do subscribe because we keep uh, giving you car reviews on a very regular basis, lets jump inside and show you the interiors now and tell you what makes the punch so special and does it deliver on the promise Of you know punching out its rivals. Lets get started. Music Applause, good boy, as you might be aware by now, is the only expert in terms of spare parts. If you want a spare part for your vehicle, they have it in their list. They have the most extensive spare parts, catalog right from the most affordable small car to the top of the line luxury car – you name the car and they have the spare parts for it. And the best point is that theyre, the spare parts from a host of different component makers and different price segments for the same spare parts. So if you want to buy a cheaper part from a different maker or a more expensive part from a different component maker, they have the option for you. Well so before opening the boot of this car, let me show you one design feature theres a rhinoceros.

I think which data engineers report or designer put on the rare screen of the car. Why is that there and what does it signify? You can. Let me know in the comment section below: let me open the boot and show you the boot now. This is 366 liters thats. What tata claims, which means that this cars boot is even bigger than the nexons boot uh now in terms of the shape and size, it is quite good and you can easily load it all the way up over here to the shelf, which means there is a Spacious boot, the lower part, is nice and large, so you can easily put in two or three large pieces of suitcase the only minor negative. Is that theres a bit of a silhouette, but then again, when you consider the overall starting price of this car, when you consider all its other rivals and see that all their boots are smaller than this car, you can easily forget that loading sill overall, quite nice, But whats even nicer is the back seat, because let me just enter the back seat from this angle, because i want to show you how it is the doors i just told you open nice and wide at 90 degrees and the seats also high set so getting In and out is a very breezy effect. My camera comes down now ill. Show you the exact angle, how it is to get inside the cabin and its a very nice affair uh once my camera jumps down ill show it to you from here and now, as you can see, the seats also are high set so uh.

This is what i meant getting in, and out is a very breezy affair. You can adjust the headrest over here and easily sit over here. The backrest angle is slightly inclined could have been better, could have been a little more reclined to make it more comfortable, but its still okay seat space over here the leg space is very good front. Seats have been raised up, so you get excellent place to stretch your feet. The floorboard is completely flat, so whoever sitting in the middle has plenty of place to stretch your speed as well and generally its a decent guy in terms of width. Now its not the widest car, because it is a micro suv or a mini suv, so not the widest car, but you can still squeeze in three over here. Two will be more comfortable, though, and of course you can easily take this armrest out and sit here like the boss and just have a nice and breezy day sitting over here and tell your driver to take you to southex for that important meeting or take you To lands end for that, you know fiesta in the evening with your friends, anyways guys im very impressed with the space in the backseat. What do you think you can? Let me in the comment section below now lets come in the front. Show you the front end of the car and, after that, take it out for a spin. Well so the reason im showing you, the interior of the front end from this side is just to show you the opening of the door and, as you can see its at a nice 90 degree, perpendicular angle, so uh really its a wide aperture.

The doors open. Nice and wide at 90 degrees, so getting in and out of this car is an easy effect. Also very high set car, as you can see from the ground up, the seats also are nicely set up, so you get a good view of the road ahead. Its a very nice suv position, uh the steering wheel, also feels nice to grip and gets a lot of functions. The cruise control buttons over here uh the stereo control the volume control over here for the bluetooth as well and, of course, its the same steering wheel, which you find on the ultra, so its nice to grip. Uh talking about similarities. The gauges also are similar to the ultras, so you get a semi uh digital cockpit, because half of them are in digital display and the speedometer is the regular analog type very cool to look at very nice design and very easy to read as well. Brightness levels are good, whats. Also easy to read and operate. Is the hermann seven inch sound system, its a very good system to operate, and it really is the best in terms of the sound quality it gets. A six speaker set up uh the base is clear. The overall dynamic range is good and in general, the fit and finish inside the cabin also is very nice. What you also like is, of course, that you get different drivers to choose from you, can choose from city mode economy, drive mode activated or economy mode, both ones.

Are there drive mode activated? You also get. This start stop function so in case you want to turn it on uh. All you do is add a signal when you stop the car itll shut down automatically the engine will shut down and when you depress the clutch again, itll start so thats, something which also saves a lot of fuel. Apart from this, you also get multiple airbags. You get automatic headlamps, you get automatic wiper, which is really unheard of in this segment. At this price point, and of course you get automatic climate control as well, along with the cooled, uh glove box on the front, so thats, another feature which a lot of manufacturers dont offer in this segment or this price point and the seats also adjust for height, Which is great, the only small negative that i can think of inside this car is that the steering wheel, uh adjusts only for reach and not for rake but thats about it, because its such an impressive place to be its very difficult to find a big fault Or a major fault uh inside the cabin of this car overall tart engine has a fantastic job. Theyve offered you everything. The only thing really missing is, of course, this adjustment and maybe a sunroof. But then, if you want to buy a car with a sunroof, you can always choose the more expensive and much bigger start. The next one anyways thats enough about the interiors now lets get to the main bits lets get to driving bits and tell you how this new car is to drive Music well to the nice and easy going nature of the tata punch in the exterior and on The outside also extends to the driving bits, hand uh its one point, two three cylinder unit, but unlike a lot of other three cylinders, which tend to become noisy and boomy, when you have them, this one is very quiet and it is uh.

Also vibration, free. Yes, so theres a little bit of noise, a little bit of vibration when you start from cold, but once things warm nicely, this engine remains largely uh, very quiet and a very nice and uh tractable engine to drive in the city. What youll also enjoy about this car is the gas ship and the clutch uh. There is, of course, a five speed manual and also a five speed. Amt today were only driving the manual, and the manual definitely seems to have very positive shift pattern and a very light action as well, and the clutch action also is pretty light, which means that driving this car on a daily basis inside the city traffic shouldnt, be A short in the least, it should really be a very easy breezy kind of an affair, so thats, something that a lot of buyers will truly appreciate and truly enjoy. What you also enjoy about this car is, of course, the fact that visibility is excellent. All across uh, you get very good forward visibility because you can see the edges of the bonnet. The review mirrors are nice and big, and it is a compact car, its not a very large guy, its under four meters and uh. It is, of course, mini suv, but when the this car rides, the ride, comfort and overall, the ride quality shows very good maturity levels. It really feels like a nice and mature car in terms of the ride, comfort, thats, something which a lot of buyers will appreciate, in fact on the highway uh.

When i was doing speed – and it says 100 kph uh, this car felt very stable very shortly, and i think this is the most stable and confident inspiring car that you can find in this segment or at this price point, because all other cars tend to become A little you know light when you access or hit speeds in excess of 100 kph, but this one definitely feels very nice and stable, so thats, something which a lot of buyers will appreciate to drive a lot on the highways on a regular basis. What youll also appreciate is a light steering wheel, even though it is light, uh, theres, decent amount of feedback, and it is a positive steering wheel, because the communication from the steering wheel is quite good, so thats, something which buyers will also like. And if you drive a lot in the city, if you are someone who drives a lot himself uh, then this is a car that you wont feel tired in because all the controller like the clutch is light, the gearbox is nice and light its a positive accent. Gearbox and the steering also is light its accurate, but its pretty light. So these are things which make it a nice car. The engine also feels pretty good in terms of power delivery, its a 86 bhp engine 1.2, three cylinder, as i just said, theres no diesel on offer and they probably wont be even in the long run.

So this is the only engine uh which well get, and i have to say that, in terms of performance, its more than adequate in terms of particularly its quite good refinement levels are also quite good. In fact, i really cant hear the engine, even when i rev it hard. It seems like a dis murmur and not something that is disturbing me uh. In fact, the engine is so quiet that the only bit of uh negative thing that i have to say about the noise levels is that sometimes you can hear the ac fan over here, which can be a little cruiser sometimes so, if you shut it off completely, The camera becomes very calm, but thats a negative only because the engine is so quiet and the drone of the engine isnt there, which will trouble you so thats. The reason why even the ac fan is sounding a little loud Music. Well, overall, the punch doesnt come across as a cheap car or affordable car. It feels like a mini size or a downsized version of the much more positive, more expensive nexon, and even maybe the harrier, because this car looks from the front like the area. The interiors are just as posh and up market as the next one and the features literally something which no other car at this price point in this segment has to offer tata really has hit the punch with the punch, and it really is a fantastic product.

I would reckon if in the market for your first car, if you plan to buy a hatchback, if you plan to buy a premium, hatchback youre planning to buy, maybe uh, you know compact crossover or something like that. Uh, just try and check out the tata, puncher dealership and youll be very impressed with this car. Just as ive been today, its spacious, its nice to drive right comfort is good. The build quality is very good.