Finally, turning something called a profit. If i hear you talking, dont get caught in it ill be popping off and hit your ass dropping all your yeah. I promise this. I got promises you aint. Stopping this across my Music wish, i could slow down and just enjoy Music. I swear to god ill, get it bro hey. I never give it Music Music, Music out the yeah. Like a student, though working on a movement yeah ill. Do it cause im in the zone, and you know that im ready for the shows how it goes i dont know, but im waiting till im chose run well here i go all these people wan na know what you think of them lately. Do you really love me, or do you really hate me on a scale of one to ten? What would you grade me? All the social media has got me going crazy. Lately, everythings inflated, mainly everyones invaded privacy is naked man. I really hate it god. I really hate it. I just wan na make it through all this fake living in the real life living for some real times. Talk about the real climb, passionate and real rhymes.