Put your name email address in it: hit, send it and ill send you that guide for free Music, jared, polin frodos photo dot com, and this is a review of the tamron 28 to 75. F. 2.8. G2 for sony e mount cameras. Now this is the second generation that they have of the 28 to 75. Thus, the g2, the first model came out about three and a half years ago. Now, before i get into the outside of the lens, let me tell you what i was able to photograph with it. I photographed a rival sun concert. It was actually a really good time to photograph. If you could ever go check these guys out, i would suggest you check them out on the spotify and then i also went outside and photographed kids running around a park, because that is a situation that a lot of people would use a lens like this. In so i give it in the extreme of the dark area for concerts, and then we go out into the light to photograph. Kids. All right lets take a look at the outside of the lens its light when you pick it up. Youre like oh right, i remember this thing is pretty light because its one of their more affordable 2.8 lenses for the e mount system it weighs in at 1.19 pounds or 540 grams, but on the flip side, sigma also makes a 28 to 70 2.8. Now this one is five millimeters shorter.

I know every millimeter counts. I hear it all the time, but this one is much smaller and weighs in at 1.04 pounds or 470 grams now im showing you this here, because i think that tamron got this out quicker than they would have wanted to normally, because sigma came out with something That was very similar, but im gon na put this away ill, be honest. I really did like the sigma lens. We did do a review of it and it gets the job done in a super small package and its actually a hundred dollars less than this g2. Well, get to the price of the g2, a litter, a litter, a litter, a litter. A little later on all right. Picking this bad boy up weve got our lens hood. I always recommend you have a lens hood, you put it on and you use it. No matter what, in terms of filter thread, weve got a. What does this say steven, i cant read it its too small 67. Thank you, its 67 millimeters, so any filter that you have will be a 67. uh. Tamron went as far as telling us that they have a new rubber texture, feel that just shows you that theres, probably not that much of a difference between the first version and the second version. If they have to talk about the rubber. The truth is, there are a bunch of differences and im almost there. So this is your zoom ring, thats it its a quick throw 28 to 75 is not very far at all uh below there.

You have your focus ring. You have a button, a custom button that they didnt have on. The first version is that correct, stephen yeah? No, they didnt have that on the first version, but its nice that they added it and sigma doesnt have one there on their lens. I personally dont ever use these custom buttons for anything if you did use it, maybe its to activate iaf, which is automatic on anything above the a73 at this point. But if you have an a73 and you want to activate it, you could use it right there. This i just i just never use this button now below there. They do have a usbc here for charging it, because it can also reverse compatibly, be a charger for your it cant thats, not what its for this is for updating the firmware. So its kind of cool that they put it in here that you can just quickly plug it in do the computer thing update the firmware on this lens when you need to do so other than that, there is not much more to talk about on the outside Of the lens, because it is really small and light on the inside youve – got nine aperture blades. If youre someone whos counting its better than eight or is it really its nine aperture blades? Also on the inside, you will not find any vibration compensation or, as they call it vc, but you do have new focusing motors that are called the vxd.

Those focusing motors are said to be two times faster than the g1 and the g2 gets vxc. What does vxd stand for im going to tell you, i wrote it down voice coil extreme torque drive. Why is it vxd? It should be vc xtd thats. What it should be. Is it faster its fine autofocus out there with the kids was fine like it got the job done, it did what it needed to do, but well get to the sample images in just a minute and by in just a minute i mean right now, lets jump In to the first shots, i was photographing like, i said rival, sons as well as the opening act at the fillmore in philly. I reached out to them to say, look im testing out some new lenses. Give me all access to shoot the entire show and ill give you the photos to use. However, you want thats how im able to get access for a lot of things that and that blue check mark in all honesty, doesnt hurt, because i reached out through instagram and the band got back to me. Instead of going to like management and the label i reached out to the band, the lead singer was like we got you set, you can do the whole show. Thank you very much, and they let me in so this shot right here is done at 30 millimeters. So its a 2.8 all the way through.

I do want to say that i did shoot the the the concert also with this right here, and this is the tamron 35 to 150 f2 to 2.8. So i have a full lens review on this bad boy, but i wanted to bring this out for just a second to show you. The difference between the two youve got a 28 to 75 super light, very good lens thats, pretty affordable for a 2.8 lens. These days versus something like this, which is gon na, be like a thou, okay, ill tell you the price! This is 8.99, this is 18.99, so a thousand dollars more is going to get you something along these lines like if i was choosing and the weight and the price didnt matter. Of course, im going to go with this bad boy, because it gives me a nice range, but when photographers are just starting out and they want something better than the kit lens, a 28 to 75 is an unbelievable place to start, because it gives you something thats. Pretty darn wide and it gives you something that lets you zoom in a little bit, you could do portraits. You could do landscapes, you could do things where you dont need things at a distance. Of course. Let me jump in here real quick, because i want to show you this photo thats taken with the tamron 28 to 75, f2 version 2 and edited with fro pack three. So lets start with fifth element.

Look at what fifth element does with one click followed by capone capone looks really cool, even though it pulls out that color, it kind of gives it a cool. Look. Then weve got king contrast now check this out. Weve got mount airy, look at what it did to the face that looks awesome, followed by prestige worldwide, which has given you a really cool look. But if you didnt know, let me show you this now im in lightroom mobile. I have the same image. I click down here where it says: presets im in look at this ive got fro pack, one two and three im going to go into throw pack one and just look at this. I just go ahead and i tap it and im now working in lightroom mobile with the same exact presets. So if youre looking to speed up your raw workflow or give yourself a great starting point, we created 15 custom lightroom presets that you can check out right now at froknowsphoto.compropac3, while youre over there. You can play with the sliders to see the befores and the afters and if you decide to pick them up right now, they are currently on sale or if you want to get the triple play bundle you can get fro pack, one two and three and save Even more and dont forget they sync over to your lightroom mobile, so that you can edit any of your rawls or jpegs on the go.

Now lets get back to the video in terms of focus. This guy wasnt really moving the uh, the opener and i was using the sony a1. But even if i was using the a73, i would have still had fantastic results. They would have been very similar um, so the focus was fine on that camera and i just like i mean even at 30 millimeters. I like the way that the scene looks now punching in tighter at 75. The sharpness on the eye is very good. The tones, the contrast – everything looks good in this. The lighting was perfect for exactly what i needed. The the reason i went to black and white for these is. I just felt that the color was lacking for whatever reason it didnt work in color, so thats. Why? I went to black and white, but i do have some color images coming up. This is what 28 millimeters gives you so thats, 75 thats 28, its a really good option in a photo pit, its a good option, if youre say: shooting sports and its like basketball right in front of you, its gon na work. If youre doing group shots its gon na work out its okay at 75 for portraits, it wouldnt be my first choice but its still a good starting lens just another one at 75. I love the contrast here. This one worked out really well, so im definitely happy with those results and from the side stage.

This is 28 millimeters. You can just see what you get so from 28 to 75. It is a pretty good range. If you want to step up in price, you could look at something like a sigma 24 to 70, which is going to be a couple hundred bucks more to get a 24 to 72.8. Its also going to be a lot heavier than carrying this around. So if weight is an issue or a concern to you, then something along this line, uh might be a great option for you. Next up, i went to 8 000 iso, which gave me 1 400th of a second at 2.8. I liked having 28 for this, because i got both of the band members in here to get the shot so for the concert it was good, i mean its light. Is it as fast as the as the 35 to 150, focusing i dont think so. Is it faster than the g1 28 to 75 very hard to say? I used that thing over three and a half years ago and then we ended up sending it back to tamron and i didnt have any complaints with that lens and i dont have complaints with the speed of this lens because i went outside and i photographed the Kids and i had them running towards me – this is little dan and littles that little dans friend is in the back, and this is him running towards me. So what am i im at 75 millimeters, one one thousandth of a second 200 iso, its fast enough.

It allows you to get the job done right. I like the bokeh in the back. I like the way that the subject you have the separation. This is the difference between using a kit lens and upgrading to something thats, a 2.8 youre instantly going to see better results. Even if you dont know why youre seeing better results, youre going to get better results with that 2.8, if you set it to 2.8, just because youre gon na get photographs that dont just look like snapshots another one of him running. I was just testing out the focus as he was running. You can see the electronic viewfinder uh. Is this tack its pretty hard to say i? I dont think that this one is tact. Tack sharp – and i kind of noticed it just in some of these pictures outside im, like you know like, is it? Is it or isnt it so its just im not really fully sure whether its super duper tack sharp in this situation or not jumping onto one that i did at 31 millimeters just because i wanted to get the composition the way i wanted to get it here. He looks nice and sharp, so it definitely hit there and the separation from the background is perfectly fine. Now, when you have a a baby crawling at you or a 13 month old, because thats, how old this baby was its much easier to get photos of them. Theyre not moving as fast you dont have to work as hard and when we zoom in im not im sorry im, not i didnt really want to make you cry, but you put them look at that face youre like whats, going on.

She didnt actually cry, but she looked like she was going to cry this one is so sharp nice tones. Nice contrast worked out perfectly well with the iaf, and then here is a color version just so that you can see the separation and the different tones. You can download some of these sample raw files to see for yourself, i like to give them to you so that you can determine whether or not its good enough for you or its not good enough for you. Next weve got the one at 28 millimeters. You can see how the background isnt perfectly out of focus because were not using an f2 in this situation were using a 2 8, but i still think theres a good enough amount of separation and 28. When you get close to your subject and fill the frame. Pretty well with these wides, its nice, i always say, try to establish a scene and the 28 millimeter will help you establish a scene. So for the most part i was perfectly fine with the results i got from this lens. Let me jump in here real quick and say: would you like to purchase this lens new or any lens for that matter, well check out allenscamera.com. They are linked down below and theyve supported us since day. One of this and i like to support them and theyve been around longer than ive been alive, theyve been around since 1977.. So if you want to support them, a mom and pop store check them out down below now.

This lens is 899. Do i wish it was 7.99, which is the same price as the sigma? The answer is yes uh. Do i wish that it was like 599 or 699? The answer is yeah because, when someones new buying a camera, its hard to be like its 8.99 for you to get a lens and youre like but thats more expensive than the body i bought or its the same price as the body i bought, and so i Dont know where all the price goes, but, of course its all relative as time goes on, things have gotten more expensive. Its a good value right. Both of these lenses are a good value and what ill say is if you already own a tamron, g1 28 to 75. I probably wouldnt, dump it to get the version two. If youre deciding between the sigma or the or the tamron, you get five millimeters more thats, not really that big of a deal its a hundred dollars more. If youre in the sigma ecosystem already then stick with the sigma ecosystem. If youre into the tamron world then go with the tamrons, its really a flip of a coin at that point, because theyre both very good. But what i do need to do is do the sniff test and the wind tunnel test, because thats certainly going to help us decide what the uh. The final outcome is. Lets sniff it. Oh, oh, my god its. It smells like curious, georges handler his handlers hat.

It smells like his yellow hat from curie. I loved curious george curious george was so good steven. I really love curious lets. Do the lets? Do the wind tunnel test and see how it does? Oh, my god, it moved. Failed. The wind tunnel test failed the wind tunnel test. Look at the end of the day, i always say when someones starting out that you have some options i like to see you upgrade to a 2.8 lens or one of those 1.8 as fast as possible, because youre going to enjoy photography more because youre going to Get better results with the 2 8. You may not know why at the beginning, but over time you will start to take control of your camera and so getting in to a 2.8 like this is what i recommend. So i like to say a 28 to 75 and that 70 to 180 from tamron would be a really good, two lens kit to start with, or now with tamron having this 35 to 150. If you can justify 1899 and just want one lens, then this is a very good option from tamron as well. So what do you guys think? Would you go with the 28 to 75 or spend the extra money, which is a lot of extra money for something like this? Let me know down below dont forget you can download sample raw files over on the website. Dont forget to like share comment and subscribe and thats where im going to leave it.

Jared polin froknowsphoto.