As you know, if you follow my channel, i did a complete build video on this in stages. It wasnt every step and i kind of skipped a little bit at the end that i probably should have included, but you know im really happy the way this thing turned out and now this is with the 3300 kv. Google rc brushless kit, these really inexpensive. Like forty dollar kits on a 16 amp esc thats inside of here sitting right in here, im going to run this on on 2s, so its not going to be nothing crazy. Three, this can handle 3s, the esc cant, but i dont know you know i want to be. I want to be gentle on this at first to make sure that this can handle 3s. I you know. 3S is really to be putting a lot of strain on this system, since this was designed, for you know a 540 size, just basic brushed motor, so im going to take it out and drive it around here today i really uh. I hate taking these new cars out and getting them all dirty. We had a little – you know actually a lot of rain yesterday, so the dust ought to be down and uh im going to drive a lot of it on the pavement now being mindful, and something like this, these little spike tires. These will wear off pretty quick when you drive them on the pavement, so ill be driving on the pavement and up into the grass just to see how it goes now.

I believe in the in the build video i mentioned it at the end of the video. I think i mentioned that whenever i drove this around in my basement, which is very little room just to make sure it you know, was set up right and moved it sort of stutters when i first give it throttle. So i dont know if the esc maybe needs some reprogramming, or maybe i swap another esc in there, because this is really inexpensive. Cheap, knockoff electronics so well see how it goes. It just sort of stutters – and i know its – not the the dumbo rc system, because ive used this in other uh cars and a boat, and it was perfectly fine, so its its something, probably with the esc, well see how it goes. It seems like it was okay, it just doesnt go immediately with the throttle it kind of stutters and well see how that how that, how much of an issue that is, if its a big issue, ill, probably swap a different esc inks, i dont have a program Card, i need to get one of those, but that may not be what the problem is. The program card may not fix that at all, so lets go and turn it on and get a beep and hear the fan fire up. So its beeping go ahead and turn on the controller and it stops beeping were bound. We got some music there. All right.

We should be good to go so lets. Try that and see what it does see its kind of stuttered. There see that whoa nice. So just a bit of a stutter. Let me try that again, so i can show you guys yeah it just doesnt theres, just a delay um. Obviously, if this was something i was gon na be doing competition with, then that would be an issue, but just for bashing its, not really a big deal to me, but yeah its just a bit of a delay and ive. Never seen that with these i have several of these uh google rc kits so im, not sure if thats just uh some of the esc, if you have any idea, let me know in the comments, because im brushless stuff still sort of new to me and like I mentioned i dont have an actual brushless esc program card. This doesnt have the buttons on it like some of them do where you can do some controlling or programming with the button see its just its slow to get going im using a 19 well thats, pretty quick Applause. Oh nice im using a 19 uh, two pinion! So its gon na have really good acceleration, but it wont have as much top end as a 17 tooth lets see, lets just yeah its really Applause, thats, thats, moving, really good Applause, really spinning out quite a bit. Applause wow thats thats, faster than i thought it was going to be thats only on 2s.

I got to think thats over 30 miles an hour that might even be up close to 40.. This is probably going to be somewhat similar to the hsp buggies around this size that runs somewhere around in a 2s and on on 3s. That thing, does you know 50 miles an hour? Lets just see how it how it handles some jumps – and this is just two wheel – drive and theres no slipper clutches or anything like that in this gearbox, so you know its putting some torque on it, but these big, this gearbox, is supposedly pretty rugged for my Red people having no problem wearing brushless with this system, look at that. This is impressive. This is what i was hoping for going brushes, because you cant get anything near what im seeing here on a brushed motor Applause whoa. It wrote a wheelie and ive never seen that on a buggy before Laughter. That was awesome. This thing moves on 2s. I can only imagine what this would do on 3s man, that is really quick and the 17 tooth wed even hit a higher top speed wow. That is impressive. As far as i can tell. I did not glue the wheels and tires to the rims, because sometimes you get on these. They start to balloon up, but they start to slip and im, not seeing any indication of that happening on my durga by tamiya durga, even on 2s, the wheels sort of kind of the tires sort of ballooned a little bit like they kind of came off the Rim on them a little bit and then on 3s i mean i had to super glue them down because they just ballooned up and were literally coming.

I think they actually came off the car, but i wanted to try this and see if i needed to. I dont see any evidence that i need to glue down the tires, but you really, if you dont, you use something like if youre going to glue the tires down. Ive heard that, like shoe goo works really well and it cleans off the rubber. Well, because if you use super glue man, it is so hard to use that and not get it all over the tires and it looks terrible and you cant get it off the rubber but yeah. This looks great man thats, really fast yeah. I dont think thats gon na be a whole lot slower than the hsp was on 3s. I said 30s. I really think that might be closer to 40 miles an hour there. What i think, im gon na do is ive got a speedometer. You know i can put on here. I think i was planning on doing a speed run on this, but not today. I just wanted to make sure it works. Good runs perfect first, and it does so what im gon na do is. I will make another video with this, where ill put that little speed reader in there and well see what we get on 2s. From what ive heard, people have no problems even going to 3s im, just a little worried now. 3 300 kv is not some insanely high kv motor but and 3s its going to really be what uh its going to doing a speed run.

Doesnt have to ease into it its going to really want to do that slide around and stuff. I think 3s would be probably we can probably try it for a speed run, so i may be tempted to. If i can find the problem is. I dont have a 3s battery thatll fit in here. They may be too big. One of my old cx20 drone batteries might work that was really stuttered there. When i give it throttle, see, just Applause well have to see but uh. I wouldnt suggest 3s for a bashing session. With this, i think its going to be pretty squirrely its going to be hard to keep it in. You know uh the control of it, especially on pavement. Maybe if you got some different tires Applause, it looks like i got wound up in some grass there we go got out. Applause Applause, see it really spins. When you even i left the throttle im not braking there. So again, i think 3s. You can do 3s with this. I think i mean from what ive read um, but it would be something it would just be more just to get a top speed test. I dont think 3s is going to be easy to control for bashing around, like i think youre going to end up flipping the car running into smashing into something and again. This is since this uses a pretty much entirely plastic, its going to be easier to break.

Thankfully parts now are not hard to find, but its still be a hassle if something breaks so 2s to me. I think this is perfect on this size motor. This is way plenty fast enough for me. In fact, anything faster than this is not going to be fun for bashing, but we just want to get a pure top speed test. You know i think 3s we might be able to do 50 miles an hour. All right guys, i think, thats enough running around here and boy, the car, the tires dont look bad. I was worried about these wearing down because i used to do that on a lot of my kids. They would come with these off road softer compound dirt tires and they wear a ball, but some if theyre, really bad theyll, wear bald. You know, wear off in the first run, ive seen not necessarily tamaya, but some of the cheap stuff, and these look perfect. So the car looks great no damage nothing on that 2s. 300 kv system. So im really happy with this im impressed because tamaya doesnt build brushless aimed vehicles, but this one shows you can absolutely do. Uh brushless. As long as you go, conservative and dont go with a really insanely high kv and probably stick with 2s for just your bashing sessions, all right, guys that wraps up the drive review of the tamiya sand. Viper. If you havent, checked out the build tutorial check back before this, a few videos youll find that it was a lot of fun building this im going to try to try to get some more of these to build in the future, so stay tuned for those.

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