. This plane is designed for FPV Long Range and autonomous flight and Im going to use it for all of those things. Im going to be using Ardupilot. My favorite Autopilot software – and this is the Mateksys F405 wing, which is normal flight controller for this kind of fixed wing aircraft. And its not the best in the market, but its more than enough for what I want to do.. There is a lot of inputs and outputs and Im going to show you all the details about this and Im going to be fitting. Some sensors, like a GPS and airspeed sensor and many other things. Im, going to also be using ExpressLRS for the receiver, tiny receiver with tiny antenna and its supposed to have a long range with that and Im going to put all their stuff there.. So its going to be the most ambitious project that I have so far., So lets get started.. So this is how the plane comes out of the box.. All the pieces come separate and you have to glue them. And thats even better for me, because that way you have easy access to the structure and I can do any modification. I want.. These are the main electronic components that Im going to be using, especially the flight controller, The Matek, F, 405 wing. And Im going to flash it with Autopilot. Im, going to start doing the servos in the tail surfaces.. These servos are nothing special.

. The special thing here is the glue Im using UHU por, and this glue is especial for foam, so its not going to eat the foam and its very flexible and strong on top of it. Using white vinyl to cover it., Then Im putting everything together to visualize. What goes where. – And this is the motor Im going to be using and Im going to use a six cell battery in the next video. Im going to build my own battery with 18650 cells, which will give it an autonomy of hours of flight. Ill, be using A digital airspeed sensor, so I need to install this pitot tube and its a lot easier to install it when the fuselage parts are separated. And thats. Why? I was saying that in the beginning and we could use the same UHU por glue., But this time I decided to use gorilla, clear glue and this one doesnt expand as the other common one.. So this will be a lot better and its also flexible. Just like the UHU por at the tail, I didnt glue the top part to have that gap, so we can feed the ESC and cables off the motor in place and its easier to glue the motor when the two halves of the fuselage are glued. Already.. Now, Im going to glue the V Tail, stabilizers and Im going to scratch the surface a bit, so the glue has more grip. And while the glue does its job Im going to fix the stabilizer pinching some needles into the foam.

Im. Creating my own extensions and connectors for the receiver and for the sensors. Again Im using this nano receiver from beta FPV, which uses express LRS and is a long range receiver.. I think that placing it on the tail like that will keep it away from other electronic noise and have a better quality signal. Im, placing the video transmitter under a wing. And Im using the 1.3 gigahertz system to have a lot more range. And now its time to wire or soldier all the cables and pins to the flight controller. And by the way. If you want to know more details about this project, just visit joyplanes.com, I leave the link in the description below.. There is a blog post about this project. With all the details, you need, including a diagram on how I wired the flight controller. Here Im just testing the base of the flight controller made out of foam board to fit inside the fuselage.. Then I will glue it and I open the little space for the GPS, so it has better signal up there.. The next stage is critical. Im going to use the ardupilot software to configure and set up everything that needs to be done and make sure that everything works and everything is calibrated.. Its a lot of steps that Ive had to do and Im going to go through. All of them again. Visit their article for more information. For now Im going to test the motor.

. The idea of this simple test is to see how much power the motor is going to produce., And I was using the throttle at about 80 and, as we can see, it is producing or consuming about 25 amps of current., And I think thats enough and that Power should be more than enough to climb at a high rate. And then, if I throttle back to around 50 or 40, the Amps consumption drops considerably.. So I think Ill have enough battery for about 20 minutes of flight time.. So its time. To finish up some details and also find the correct center of gravity. Im going to be using some more weights in the front of the aircraft to make sure that the center of gravity is correct.. According to the instructions of this airframe.. And after making sure everything works and charging the battery the next day I went to fly., there is ice ice. Stones. Theres definitely a break over there on the clouds, but I think were going to still have some rain later on. And Im not sure hows going to be so. Everything is wet.. I dont think its going to be a comfortable.. I took advantage of that. Little break on the clouds and went ahead and prepare everything for the maiden flight. And I did a little song that will tell you the story of what happened that day with that maiden flight. Plane rises to the air doesnt. Have air breaks fly by wire A using arduplane many hours of work.

? You dont even know it having flown before. Its time to fly low. No wait: somethings wrong., I dont have control. It drifts away from home., But whats going on. Oh my God., Oh my God. Its going down. Its going to crash. Hold on it, didnt what. Yeah, its still flying., What the hell I dont have a manual mode. Thats. Why to have control. Now I cant return home., I think Im losing all.. I think Im losing all … gyroscopic calibration altitude, appreciation, airspeed indication, FPV, visualization., Nothing seems right.. Maybe I should have calibrated. And again the center.. This is not correctness.. I wish should time regresses, the PIDs are off or something else is wrong.. Oh, my God, whats going on Whats going on. We really dont know. Lets, go home. The plane, just crashed.. I couldnt tune it very well, and I made a very bad mistake: not activating or not putting the manual mode as one of the flight modes and it was wobbling and then crashed.. I think it should be around here so Ill. Take a look should be just 100 meters from here.. Ok, I found it guys., I think Im the luckiest guy on Earth. Look at that just fell into this. Wow man.. We can still use it actually not damage at all.. Well, Im the luckiest guy on Earth. Really., I thought I was expecting a worst scenario like bits and pieces that I was not going to be able to fly it again.

There. It is. The universe, gave me another opportunity, so Im not sure about flying today, anymore because.. After that, the flight controller wasnt working properly., It was rebooting itself to fix that. I re flash it with the same firmware, but it didnt do anything. So I decided to flash it with betaflight firmware to see if it erased the whole thing and then restart it from the beginning.. But after that it wasnt working properly with betaflight, and then I couldnt flash it with arduplane again. It wasnt even connecting through the USB.. So I discover a piece of software from the same people that produces the STM 32 microchip. That allowed me to upload the Hex file directly to the board and that resolve the issue.. So now lets review the flight and what went wrong., Mainly I didnt, have elevator authority, and now I remembered that the surfaces on the V tail were not moving enough. So now its time to see whats going on.. So now I can see the problem apart from not activating manual mode.. Now I have manual mode and see here. This is connected to my device to measure the you know the PWM signal to see where it is at. And this channel is part of one of the V tail control surfaces.. So when I move here, you see its only getting up to 1600 microseconds and then go down and its 1240 microseconds., So thats, not enough. And its even in manual mode and manual mode, should reach the maximum.

. Now in ardupilot I didnt notice that if you go to this this setup here, the servo output., You can see Im looking at the same output numbers and its using the default minimum and default maximum.. I just had to trim them a little bit but theyre not reaching those maximum, as you can see, there. 1645. And the other one is reverse, so it goes to 1301 and then go down and they dont reach the maximum. I dont know whats going on, but As you can see in the elevator channel, the channel number two, it is actually reaching the maximum, the minimum and maximum.. You see no problem, but its happening only with a V tail configuration. And not sure why thats happening., But I didnt notice that this was a problem until the flight, and that was a big mistake.. But after taking a look at the Ardupilot discourse, someone had the same issue and someone else mentioned the mixing gain parameter, which is by default 0.5 and it can go up to 1.2.. So I change it to one. And voila thats fixed the problem.. It is affecting their V tail configuration, so you have to change that if you want to keep the whole travel off the servos in manual mode.. For some reason, it doesnt affect the elevator only their V tail configuration.. After those adjustments now Im ready to try again and make the maiden flight, as you can see, Ive put some vinyl graphics on the plane to make it look better and more personalized.

And by the way, if you want to support the channel by buying the Talon Pro airframe check the description below where you can find a link., Although Im using the 1.3 gigahertz video system, the quality of the signal was not very good, so I kept the plane flying close to home and direct line of sight.. I took off in manual mode, as you can see, then switch back to other modes to test them, including autotune, to get a better response in flight. I did two flights and each flight lasted about 30 minutes.. Now I cant wait to make the big lithium battery pack for the next video., And that was a successful maiden flight after I landed, I started to wrap up for the day and then someone approached me aggressively asking me what I was doing.. It turns out that I encountered Karen. Just take a look at some of what I could record when I noticed that this person was out of her mind. … .just for fun.. You think its just for fun. It is in your life.. You think you, I teach people how to build the perfect.. What do you have Its its just to say you are perfect. three, I think. three. You understand to be jealous because Im not., If Im here you have to ask me, can I do it first And you do it in a place.. You know this plane is not taking videos of anything.

You do., You understand what I mean. This is not a commercial drone.. This is just a laser drone.. Look! No! No no.! You cannot do Beatles pictures., I no doubt.! Yes, sir. And Im doing I free.. I can do something.. Well, if youre, not free, you dont feel free. Thats, OK, but not just me., But look I have my own.. I have my plane, registered., Hey, you can put this., You can pay. And I do understand what you mean.. You think it is my way every everywhere.. So but you are saying three: OK Youre saying that Im taking pictures of you from someone something No not. And Ive been paying paid for from someone.. I just look look on YouTube.. I have a good to look.. Do you want me to show you so I can? I can say just things. Now look Im not on this planet.. You cannot take money from people. If you are here., Look look, you cannot take pictures. Im, not here.. You cannot take pictures, videos of Virginia and Jose for you. Dont ask. No come on.. I have something.. Ok, look. Do you want to see Magic Johnson? You have something.. Ok thank you. Fantastic.. You go eBay.. If you dont take it. I can kill this thing and be afraid. Yeah. You can., You can take it up with these. Things can be under on the prints.. The eBay. Be away from these things on the road on the way.

For the 300 a.m.. Yes. Im just flying here.. You have your son and Im single too., So do you have to Yeah? These are registration. Number is just bad. These things. No, this is from the Irish Aviation Authority had to pay for the contract. Look.. Can you can you just about this idea? I dont have any contract., I dont have any contract.. This is a beach.. This is a beach.. You can just fly around you at the beach. Im talking about the beach. Yeah. My batteries are depleted, so Im going now. You go now. People is f crazy.. I think this is the the craziest one that Ive seen so far.. These are very mad times were leaving in so she was talking about like I cannot take pictures from them or something like that of the area., So yeah thats thats completely understandable., But what they dont know is that I was actually not taking pictures of anyone. And Yeah, I think if you told me something like you have to be careful with the people around or something like that. Well, thats, some more understandable., But God that was that was the weirdest. The weirdest encounter Ive had so far.. Well guys thats it for this video.. Next time Ill be making the 18 650 cells battery pack for a long flight and maybe improve the FPV video signal. And Im going to avoid flying in that place again Not to encounter Karen again is really a sad situation to be involved in.