We’Re gon na be talking about this dji mavic as y’all mini, see nice little layout. They got there we’re gon na, be talking about the controller specs real fast. I know y’all, looking like damn where the analog sticks at is y’all look red, but you know it’s right up under here. As you can see, i like that they did that little feature right there. You know, because you could break your analog, sticks, putting them in your bag and so that’s dope that uh they did that man as y’all could see see that so you can twist them up. When you finish, you could stone right back under the controller that’s where your phone go at, so you you can see where you’re flying that, because your boy be flying far. Man up got the antennas on here. So when you fly you don’t want to fly with the antennas way out like that. You don’t want to fly with them up like that either you want to fly with them right there as y’all can see. You know, get them signals man. Where got your uh video mode button right there, we got your picture button. So when you up in the air fly, you can take some nice beautiful pictures. So you know the controller is pretty dope i’m feeling that and um this thing right here you can actually charge your phone you’ll see me take it out, so it comes with a few.

I think, like two more pieces, let me see you can’t, these uh other two pieces right here case. You want, you know, iphone and all that you know for the iphone iphone family users and all that and the other one. So that’s good. You know at least they put some extra cords in there because, if you’re on an iphone, you know i’m in it. At least you got your your extra y and all like you’re on android. You got your extra y, so that’s dope, so i’m gon na kind of show y’all a little bit right here. Put that back see your phone go up in there like that, as y’all can see, y’all see that got your phone up in there. You can send this through there and charge your phone at the same time. While you fly, you got your little three buttons just to power on push and hold, as you can see, is on this blinker push and hold the turn on. Put your antennas back fold. Your controller back up in there as y’all can see that this is pretty dope man. So you know i come with these little um extra batteries. Man it’s the combo, because if you just you don’t get the combo you’re only going to get one battery up in there and uh. You could press this button right here to show you you know. So i think you get um 25 minutes fly time off each battery, that’s good.

You know so i’ll be using like two batteries and you’re gon na use that third battery you’re gon na be out there flying and you know, enjoying the day man so that’s dope. So you plug in the joint and charge that up too, as well into the wall, ain’t gon na get too deep in depth with that. So here we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, now we’re going to be talking about the drone it’s, my baby right here, a name, the gambia, she ain’t, no joke she’ll, do what i tell her. You know where, so you got this uh little cage right here to protect your camera. Your gimbal pop that, out, as you have to see this thing, is amazing man you don’t, want to fly with this on. You always want to take this off before you fly. Any drone like dji’s, be having them protectors on it. You know, especially my many to many too. You always want to take that off. You know, so you pop your arms out come from the bottom, pull those out like that. This thing is amazing man very light, very light. You won’t believe how light this thing is. 249 grams, as y’all can see, let’s see that you know some drones. You got ta register, but unfortunately you don’t have to do this. One still got ta fly safe, though you know, got ta be careful. So we got the sd card. Where you put your sd card into there that little thing – and this is a charging port – you know sometimes um.

I ain’t got to worry about that because i got the combo set people that got the regular one and you just got one battery. You got to plug your drone into there plugging in the wall into the charger. The propellers is nice, pretty dope very light. You know, even when you put the battery in the back, see this where your battery go put the battery in and give it a little weight, but it’s, not a big difference at all. This thing is amazing, got your bottom, you know, let me uh damn. I should have did that real quick i’ll show y’all, take the battery out of here, plug that in there with me, uh that’s, how you turn it on from the bottom. As you can see, you’ll see a red light in the back, something blanking or something i mean green and red as y’all can see drone fully charged ready to fly but i’m not gon na fly outside today, i’m doing some i’m gon na be flying indoors. Today, it’s it’s, looking nasty outside it’s raining real bad. The weather is nasty out there, so you know gon na be flying indoors and it came with these too. You know they suggested that you should fly indoors and put this on it, but i don’t really like that. You put over the propellers it’s like a little cage, but i actually know how to fly good. You know like it came with two of them, just the other one.

I didn’t even take this out the thing yet so y’all know i don’t even be using this to fly, so you know, but this is good to like you know, it’s definitely good to use. If you’re flying indoors like, if you don’t, really know what you’re doing, i know what i’m doing i control this, it listens to everything. I say you know: gambia, listen she don’t play when it comes to me. You know, but um you know that’s all. I kind of wanted to talk about on that letting y’all see. You know this. Look like a shark in the front. Donut see now i’m about to take off as y’all can see. My controller said take off for caution, no gps, so you got to be careful. You actually know got ta know what you’re doing flying the doors, so you notice the takeoff button once you click that you hold that down: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, yes, Music. I want to thank everybody for watching comment to subscribe.