I have something great to tell you today, ive been waiting on a decent release that would come out. That would excite me for the past. I dont know uh six months, the entire year of 2022. I mean there has been some cool ones. We have the iflight chimera 7 pro that was cool, but it got a little less flight time than the original chimera. I dont know why they decided to upgrade the motors a little bit, maybe make it a little more freestyle friendly, but thats, not what that rig is all about its a long range quad. So today we have the r25 that came in. This is a little tiny. 2.5 inch cinewoop that can run 4s on this baby, and let me tell you guys: this is one of the ones that has me the most excited since the early days of the gep rc tiny go 4k that came out. I was super super excited about that. One i loved it. We probably i dont know how many units we sold of that particular quad, but a ton. So i feel like this one is very similar, but in a bigger format, so um, and why why im so excited about this one is: is that the fact that uh on my first flight, when it took off it, was so precise going around the backyard with A low camera angle on here that i was able to go places that i wasnt able to go with pretty much all of the other quads that ive flown recently theres just too much drift, theres too much power to weight ratio.

But they have this one smoothed out to be a super stable flyer. If you want to fly cinema now fast forward to the next part of the review, i strapped up another 4s battery a little bit lighter this time than the other one for cinema or slow flying. I wanted to freestyle and see if this quad would freestyle. Well, guess what it freestyles as well, it will go over trees, split s, itll do power loops, you could probably even madi flip this little guy. It is super lightweight its under 250 grams and it will freestyle and it will cinema. So i think the and aside from that, the best thing about this quad is that i have a super good tune on here. I will show you my pid tune in the description down below you. Can download my cli dump uh, apply it to your quad. For your r25 and its going to fly smooth as glass, so i got super excited in the backyard because i was like wow. This is a backyard flyer with elrs you can get the commando eight, but that i i immediately once i flew two packs. I wanted to get out in my car and drive down the street and go somewhere where i could fly this down the river uh or get some long to medium range shots with this drone and im, not even gon na put an action camera on this one. Today, for you, im gon na take this one out bare bones and were gon na do so a little bit of distance flying in a heavy heavy wind situation.

Im going to fly it up high for you as always to show you that little bit of jello thats in the camera thats, where you can really see jello in a camera and and again no stabilized video today, just pure straight hd dvr in this video. So you can really see what this pid tune is doing on this quad and i have to say i love the high end of throttle. I think that for freestyle it has a great power to weight ratio without having an extra camera on here now you could run something as large as something like the run cam 5 on here. If you wanted to or a dks gopro, i probably wouldnt strap up a full size, gopro hero 10 to this, but for any of your smaller action cameras that run cam, thumb or anything like that. This is a total blast to fly, and probably one of my most uh happy releases that ive seen come out this year. Im most excited about this one and if you dont buy this one, i dont care. If you buy it or not, but im just telling you that its a good one so um without further ado, always guys the proof is in the video lets, just go out and fly this one now my trusty r25. Here we go so, oh, so all right guys welcome from that super fun flight test. This was probably the one of the most versatile quads that ive had in a long time.

The tune on here out of the box was great. I also added an extra freestyle tune on there. If you want to download my cli dump, you can do that in the video description im going to give that back out to the community for you, but this quad as it sits. You can get the hd version with elrs on board and you can also get the analog version. The analog version is about 160 170 dollars for the binding fly analog version. Do you want to get the caddax vista, hd, dji version? You can get that one as well in the description uh 319.99 for that version, with a polar nano on board so um. This also has an f4 flight controller. It has 20 amp escs 1404 series motors around 4 800 kv and its upward facing prop motor system on this one versus the original one had downward facing props and it does have a little more efficient flight for cine style video. If you want to freestyle the upward facing propellers, i find freestyle just a little bit better, its a more traditional setup, but you do get some of that prop wash through the frame with this style set up. So i felt like the cinna. The style was was fine. I was able to navigate through the trees in the backyard places that ive never been able to go with other quads because they had too much movement. Um, stick movement or the tune was just a little off or it was just a little bit too fast.

But if you downward angled this camera, i mean you could do home inspections. With this quad i swear to god, you get up there and inspect the rafters with this quad or bridge um, its really nice camera on here it did well in the low light under and through the trees. I was able to go tree splooring as well, get in there and explore the canopy and go places in the backyard that again like no other quad ive ive had recently could do so. I had a lot of fun with the almost level like say five to ten percent camera angle till that is a ton of fun. If you look under here, you can see. This is a polar nano camera and it has two m2 bolts on the side of it. Plenty of protection up front two bumpers, but the camera. It sticks out a tiny bit in the front. You also have a tpu mount here for action cameras and i wouldnt say, put a full size gopro on this, but maybe a smaller camera, like the thumb, the run. Cam thumb would be great on here um and we have 2.5 inch props. These are the nazgul center props. They also make a larger series center prop for the protech35 3.5 inch props, but this one also has 3k carbon fiber unibody on the bottom and we have a single plate. On top, we have tpu side skirts, and once you pull these bolts off and the bottom bolts off, you can access your flight controller and again thats the aio whoop from iflight, which is 20 amp escs on here running 4s.

I would like to see that that they had a little, maybe a little bit better flight controller on here. Something like f7 would have been amazing, but it still flies pretty decent now. One thing i thought they made a mistake on and iflight would probably correct this. Somehow they didnt give you any type of 3m rubber bottom plate mount here to protect the usb port down here. So fortunately, for me they gave me an extra one for the battery mount in the box. So what i did was, i took it and i trimmed it and you guys should do the same thing if you buy this quad and youre watching this review after you bought it go ahead and take a pair of snips trim it off so that you can Get your micro usb cable in there, but this will protect it because this actually does stick out about a millimeter from the bottom plate. So thats a problem and if that breaks off, you have no more access to your flight controller. So make sure you do that if you get this one, if you look on the bottom im running tbs crossfire, i decided to take it apart and just see what was inside and i also decided to add tbs crossfire on there quite easily, because i have my Chimera sitting over there on the left – and i just unplugged my tbs nano. It has a little harness that comes along with the chimera 7 and i just plugged in my tbs nano there and i was off and running, and what you have to know about this.

Quad is it only has two ports on the flight controller, so you cant add a whole bunch of options on this quad, its its pretty much bare bones flight controller. So if you want more ports, you might have to upgrade to a better flight controller, but i was able to just plug that in and its on uart number two, so uh crsf on uart number, two and i was often running in betaflight sticks were working and I was, i was able to just swap that out super easy. You can also run their receiver as well. This is the pro tec receiver that comes along with it, the elrs 2.4 gig, and you have to run that with the commando 8. But again i did a review on this one yesterday. If you want to go check that out now. Also in the box, you do get some stickers, which is cool. It has some pro tex cinna whoop stickers in there nasgol f5 mach r5, which was one of my favorite five inch freestyle quads that they released taurus x8, which is cool. It has the alpha tiny whoop, the chimera long range sticker on there and some iflight logo stickers, thats kind of cool iflight ers manual for a qr code for scanning to go out and be able to change your eos firmware youre going to need to use elrs Configurator for that for updating your receivers and your module on your commando 8.

. If you want to do any changes to that, you can download the latest version and make changes to elrs. These are the nas gold cinna, 2.5 props. You get an extra set of those which you know i mean honestly, i was thinking yesterday. I probably wouldnt even need an extra set of props because of the prop guards on board. You have to do something really drastic to break or bend. One of these props theyre super beasty. You also get some information on the cadets vista in here, thats, a standard dji manual, and you get some m3 and m2 hardware in the box as well. So two packs of that looks like six bolts in this one and four bolts in this one. These are actually both m2s right here, so i know i had some m3 hardware in there somewhere and then heres more m2, and these are different lengths, seven millimeter, five millimeter and eight millimeter and those are different frame, bolts for this quad and heres the m3 bolt That i knew i had in there, and this is the mount for the front camera, so you can put any type of dks gopro or run cam thumb on there, and you also get an extra strap in here looks like its about the same length. Sometimes the companies will give you like a shorter, strap and a longer strap to accommodate different battery sizes. You also get some information, uh flight safety, information, uh avoid flying near public or crowded places.

Obviously – and i got ta comment on that – this quad is actually pretty quiet, so i feel like the karens are gon na stay at bay, theyre gon na stay in their minivans and not gon na hop out and harass. You is very quiet. You also get some antenna posts too. If youre running something like fr sky receivers or the rxsr receivers, you get a prop direction, a little schematic which is cool, so it is props out and reversed in beta flight. So your right rear typically is right, turn rear, but this is left turn here. So this is a props out configuration its kind of nice that they give you that with the quad in the box, um and so thats. What comes in the box guys lets go ahead and check out the quad on the scale um, because i want to show you this quad is well under 250 grams, and you know with the camera, an action camera you could still probably squeak it under 250 grams. If you use something like a 4s 550, but since i have no action, cam on mine mines weighing in 155 grams and with a 4s 900 milliamp battery im, still under 250 grams thats awesome, 240 246 245 grams total takeoff weight right there. So if youre going to go up to highest heaviest battery, i would use on here i mean even fly: 4s 1500. Its awesome were looking at over 250 grams at 301 right there, so this quad would still fly with an action camera on the front, even with a 1500 milliamp battery and thats going to get you up to the 8 to 10 minute flight time on that so Ill try to find some 4s 1500s for you and put it in the video description.

155 grams, great great power system on here. It flies amazing and i just think the price is right right now, everyones looking for a binding fly, thats not like over 200 dollars, because a lot of quads out there are in the 300 range right now with the pandemic, the recession, the economy, everything is kind Of down in manufacturing, so im happy that this ones available and its decent, its not just decent its amazing, so yeah lets go ahead and give some final thoughts about the r25 and my what i think about it lets do it all right guys lets just go Ahead and hop into the recap now and – and i got ta just just rewind this – because you know over a year ago now, almost two years ago now, gep rc came out with that tiny go 4k and that was one of the best beginner quads it outsold. Pretty much any other quad in the past two years on my channel, with the exception of the emacs tiny hawk series, the emax, tiny hawk series for beginners is like one of the the holy uh. Its one of the home runs of the whole industry for getting new people into the fbb hobby. Now um fast forward to june 2022 iflight releases the r25, and i think that this one is probably the perfect size quad for you to move up to. If you are starting out with something like a whoop say: betaflight um, the beta fpv, uh, quad and youre, starting out with a tiny hawk or even a tiny go from gap rc if youre moving up from that.

This is the next best step between tiny whoop r25 and a five inch race, quad, so thats the perfect progression for you. If youre a beginner now lets talk about the the diversity of this quad, i always call it um duality. We have duality with this quad with the freestyle capability, the 4s series battery on here i had a 4s 900 milliamp battery and thats perfect for freestyle thats. What i recommend for freestyle for the long range flights you want to get a 8 to 10 minute flight. The 1500 series battery is rad, so that will get you a nice, stable level flight and it can carry a 1 500 which is kind of crazy, its going to get you over 250 grams. But if you want to keep it under 250, take the action camera off fly. The 4s 900 milliamp im still going to get like a six minute flight time. Out of this quad doing some some pretty you know mild to aggressive freestyle uh. One thing that i feel like iflight should have got was the bottom plate on the for the rubber bumper that was kind of a bummer that they didnt put that on there or they didnt recess that usb port but thats. The only problem that i have with this quad, i also like that it has replaceable prop guards on here. Theyre, singular replaceable prop guards, so those are going to be on banggoods website, im sure for for purchase soon, and and thank god that they gave us an extra 3m battery mount uh, sticky, tack, piece of rubber thingy in the in the box, because otherwise i would Have been super careful landing and taking off only on my landing pad, my launch pad so yeah try to keep this one out of the grass because it will become a lawnmower yesterday.

They cut the grass and i crashed in the grass, and it was just grass bits all over this thing up inside it, but wipe it off with a paper towel and youre good to go. You can check out my cli dump again in the video description. If you want to have a nice freestyle tune on here, please do use mine and make sure that you use the f4 pro target on there. If youre going to re flash, the firmware on here, dont use the other one, i believe theres another one hide hide from that one and use the pro version for the target firmware update on here so inside betaflight and be careful with 4.3 again. The new betaflight seems to be not working so great for some people, so um yeah thats. What ive got for you today guys, and hopefully you enjoyed this episode as always on the drone camps channel. Please do click subscribe, guys and mash that bell for the notification when new videos come out, got new rc gear coming into the channel all the time – and i have an honest opinion on this stuff and you can tell when im super excited about something and they Release something thats worth your time, so i appreciate all you guys being on the channel and subscribing and checking out whats new.