It'S! Really nice out here today it's a little bit overcast up there, but down here it looks amazing, as always – and I am here – with HG LRC sector 132 and you've – probably already seen reviews of the 132. But this is the cat X, HD version, so we're gon na fly this I'm going to show you a little bit of cat X, DVR and I'm gon na show you my new Instagrammer up front. This little camera is amazing. It has 1080p video it's super vivid and it has like hyper smooth type stabilization. So really nice cinema footage on a very small quad and it only weighs like 35 grams, and it has amazing video. So once you see, the video you'll probably want to buy one of these, so don't watch this, but we're gon na do some cinema style stuff. First, with these 2.5 inch, props we've got an HD, LRC Zeus single stack in here with ESC s and flight controller. All in one ants, we have 1106. Those are the forward series motors 3800 kV. Motor is good for 3 and 4s, so you want to fly it mild, you're, a beginner start on 3s. After that move up to 4 and have a freestyle beast with the 2.5 inch props and the prop cards you can fly it indoors, it's a little bit. Big flight indoors, honestly, if you've waxed somebody it's it's, definitely gon na bite you but outside is really weird it's a lot of fun, because this quad is quite fast, especially on 4s.

Now we can take the prop guards off which we will do in this review. Since we're out at the field and we're gon na fly it with the 3 inch props that came along with it in the box, so they also have different hardware and make sure you don't put your long screws through without your prop guards, because you'll kill the Motors and short out, every single motor all at once so be careful doing that, but let's go ahead and get this little guy up in the air. Let me show you some of my insta 360 go and some of the CAD X footage and after that, we'll take the prop guards off and what do some freestyle here? We go. Okay, for the first part of the flight test, we're gon na do Cinna whip style, 2.5 inch, props and the instant go cam on there, and this is the instant go cam just mount it on the front of the quad, just a piece of VHB and basically A zip tie, so if you print out a TP you mount for this camera, they are available on Thingiverse comm. You can print one out yourself and put it on the front of most of your micro quads, which is nice, so around 35 grams super awesome camera. But this is the flying characteristic of this quad. The proximity I'm able to get away with is really cool. I can go tighter spaces and places with this quad that I can't with the larger foam duct three inch Center whoops.

So it feels a little more like whoop scale, but also it has that extra power when you need it, which is nice and it doesn't have washout, which is also good. There is some vibe in the tune and we'll talk about that a little bit later in the flight test, but I was extremely impressed with the lines that it will hold. I mean there are other quads out there other micros, that I can't do this kind of proximity with through and underneath the tables and have as much throttle control as I need even under the van right here, I usually don't do that unless I have a smaller Much smaller roof now a little bit more insta go footage and let me go ahead and show you now: the CAD X Vista with prop guards and the 2.5 inch props on there, and this is the kind of penetration you can expect from CAD X Vista with The DJI goggles now this is a good test because I'm going down – and I have all of this metal and wood between myself. Even the van is in front of this system right now, so CAD X, Vista, you know, running the highest milliwatts setting possible is still pretty good and I even have focus mode on which is not my favorites. You see a little bit of blurring on the outside edges of the screen, but what's in the center it's completely in focus now we're gon na do some freestyle with 3 inch props and the 3 inch props that are included with the quad are just not back.

Super great would probably use these to play around with, but I would probably buy some 3 inch gym fans that are just gon na do this quad justice tune is everything when it comes to props, if you're new to fpv the wrong pair of props on a Quad will just give you so much vibration and problems with the quad and you'll you'll need to retune the quad to a terrible problem, cheap props on there. You want also a stiffer prop as well on this quad, so the the props that are in the box. The stock props are very flimsy and you can see the result of that when I'm doing some kind of hard, maneuvers or kind of a hard turn for altitude adjustment. You'Ll see the camera vibe, and I was also seeing that my DJI goggles, which is kind of annoying so I'm, not gon na, provide a tune for this quad right now, because I don't really think it needs it. Because, honestly, all it needs is a good set of props, but on the Freestyle side of things, I think that the quad has plenty of capability for freestyle and it doesn't have washout. You can power a loop it you can do all kinds of maneuvers. You can dive with it even here through the branches I've wanted to do that for a while made it through and plenty of power on the bottom in the low end of the throttle is great.

The snap is really nice. The snap and roll is quick and tight off the end of that line. Right there, a nice, y'all snap and the best thing about DJI is that you can actually see where you're going and take chances with this type of system that you wouldn't normally take with an analogue system and again the scale of this quad lets me really get In there – and I love that it's, just like a giant playground out here in this tree farm – really really nice to fly it up high that's, where you can see some of the jello let's, do it inverted stall back down to the ground? So I think this quad has a lot going for it. As far as what you have four options. You have the freestyle capability, like the gap RC quads out there, but you also have that cinema capability, which is really nice, so you can put probably even carry a GoPro on this quad with the three inch props, but you might be pushing it as far as Your your motor setup goes. I did not try a GoPro, so other reviewers might have, but I think that instead go is probably one of the best type of cameras for this setup, but man quite a nice day to fly, and I had fun with this quad. I don't have a lot of complaints about it. Let'S go ahead and do some final thoughts in the after flight report.

Alright guys that was a lot of fun now the little sector 132. It has what I've called before duality. It will allow cinema flying straight ahead. Cinema flying with the prop ducks and it'll even actually do some mild freestyle, mainly because it doesn't have the super deep ducks, like the three inch counterparts do with the foam bumpers. This is more like the gap, RC style – and I know some of you guys are gon na. Ask me: well: how does this one compare to some of the cinema style quads that that gap RC released? Well, it really boils down to components what type of motor or flight control you'd rather have. I think that the forward series motors that HT RC has is very good and comparable to some of the speed X style gap, RC motors, so that that really boils down to like a personal choice which ones you you think you might like better now. This is a 4s setup, primarily I think it's 4s for freestyle and honestly for cinema it's great, because it gives you that extra bit of punch out that you need, if you decide to that, you want to power loop, these you can. It will not wash out as easily as the phone bumper style, cinah loops, so that's a nice characteristic of this quad. The 132 has that cinema or freestyle capability. I think that the 4s 850 is probably my battery of choice on here.

I did get in upwards of eight minutes just cruising around if you're gon na freestyle it you're still gon na get like maybe around four and a half minutes, if you're really pushing on it, I think you can get regular guys can get over five minutes with The freestyle setup pretty easy, you probably even get six minutes with that. We saw some vibe in the flying guys and that was shown in the CAD X, camera and and I felt it in the DJI goggles when I was flying it just. I knew that these props, they just really didn't, look like they were gon na rock and roll, and that happens to be the case. So I'm gon na try to put some Jem fans down below or some HQ use. The Vista handles very well out here. If you want to use this as a DJI transmitter and the receiver built into the cat existe, it has great penetration. It will go through most of the footage on this tree farm out here and not failsafe. My xm that's already installed back here, actually did quite well today. It got me beyond the thickest set of trees out there and still made it back home, so I was afraid that in that same place I had failsafe before so today. No failsafe xn must be happy today and no problems there, but there should be a variety of different versions of this available, but but this one again you can get it under 250 grams.

So a lot of you guys that's what you're looking for a little sooner whoop under 250 grams with the versatility of freestyle, I think it's kind of a cool combo with these style type of quads you're, not stuck to just one thing like the foam: bumpers, cinah Whoops I in a way I kind of like these more because I like to fight freestyle so that's just me, but whatever you like, you pick it up and grab yourself and I'll. Leave that up to you guys, because you watch these reviews from my opinion on things and that's my opinion guys, I had fun with it today and the DJI goggle experience is just amazing. You guys got to try that you got to get a set of these 500 it'll, be you know, it's the price of like a really nice iPad, so grab yourself a set of those. If you can sometime and try that this year, 2020 digital let's go guys thanks again for watching my channel, hopefully are surviving out there, and these videos are keeping you entertained. While you sit at home and watch more flying I'll bring you more videos coming up. Please do click Subscribe smash the Bell for notifications on when the new videos come out, take care.