Some stability flying and a little bit of freestyle flying with the new tiny, Hawk freestyle it's finally out and it is actually really awesome guys – and I know I probably say that a lot on the channel. But I get a lot of really cool stuff on the channel to play around with. So. The nice thing is that this one has been tuned again from the Emax team and it has a new design on here, which is really cool as sort of a spray paint deal and it's about four grams lighter than the original freestyle, but what's. What? What makes this new one better than the old one? Well a lot of things so originally after I got my freestyle, you know guys know that if you watch my channel about a year ago now, this was needing a lot of upgrades. It came with a 25 minute VTX, and there were VTX is out there at the time that could fit in here there's one on there right now, that's riding in the very back that was up to 400 mill alum my upgrades and a run cam Nano which The new one now has, which is very funny they put side plates on the front, and now they have the same exact camera that I chose originally for the upgrade video. This was about a hundred dollars extra worth of upgrades, so they put this quad well above the 200 dollar price point. With all of my upgrades now, a lot of guys went out there.

They filed along my video and they did all those upgrades and they had an awesome freestyle and now you don't have to do that. This one's around one hundred and nineteen dollars, which is freaking awesome. So now you have two hundred millimeters on here. We have five. Am PSCs we have 1103 7000 kV motors and this is running on 2s and I believe you can fly it on 1s, with a little dongle that fits in this pH 2.0 connector. Once you do that, you can probably just do some cruising if you're a beginner. You can also slow it way down on the low end of the throttle and really get in there. We'Re gon na do some indoor flying with this. My friend was asking me out on the organic farm that we flew this on for a little bit of range testing. If this was an indoor quad and with these types of props on here generally I'd, say no, because if you're flying around other people or yourself, you can really whack yourself with this type of power system. But you can slow it way down and we did that and we did fly it indoors. So I'll show you both indoor outdoor we're gon na. Do some stability flying and we'll do some freestyle with this and we'll crank it up to 200 million we'll, see how well this VTX performs out on the farm. It was a very wet day as well.

So it's been raining here in Oregon for about two weeks straight. It seems, but I have good news, because now this one was over 200 with the upgrades and this one is at 119. So this is a one of those take my money type of quads. This one is ready to go and it's awesome it's. Also four grams lighter than my modded upgrade build so yeah. So now, let's go ahead outside now and let's do some flying after that we'll come back in we'll. Do some final thoughts, as always for this review. On the tiny hawk freestyle here we go guys: Music, Music, alright, guys let's just go ahead and get into it here now my throttle felt a little touchy indoors. If you are a beginner, it's, always good to start out flying something brand new outside. For the first time, try not to get it up into the trees, but I wanted to do a little bit of indoor range test for you guys on 25 millas. This is the very back room of the dome house and it seems to do pretty well down the hallway. I didn't have any problems even running the lowest setting on here around the cabinets. I have total solid objects between me and the VTX, and it performs quite well with the dipole so I'm happy about that. One thing I did notice is that it doesn't show me my amps used setting on the right hand, side of the screen so it's all zeroed out, which was kind of a bummer cause I'd like to know how many amps this quad is drawing.

Maybe I can get that set up a little bit later, but my friend was interested to see if it would fly indoors and if I could go in between the railing up on the top of this loft area and yeah. It actually does. It does quite well in stability once you get used to the throttle. You can do some pretty good proximity flying even through the smallest gaps in your house. The cool thing is: I've talked about these props before these a Vaughn rush, props are kind of like skateboard wheels are super durable. If you bump things they're not likely to just get torn up. We had to put the dogs outside because they were going crazy. They really wanted to get a hold of this little quad, but again indoors. It is capable indoors, even through some of the smallest gaps and stability mode is quite a bit of fun when you get used to the throttle. Finally, but where this quad is really meant to be, is outdoors so let's go ahead, put it on 2's and now we're gon na fly some air mode, acro style flying do some freestyle, and this is running 25 milliwatts. So I wanted to show you a test. How this VTX performs back to my goggles? These are the skies. Oh no, three, O's, that are my go to goggles for analog video, and there is some breakup let's be honest, but the performance is awesome. On 2's, a little 1s for 50s on the quad.

Just really give it a nice punch out and what's really awesome is that most you guys want to know. What'S, the flight time is well it's, getting close to 4 minutes on a freestyle flight, so that's quite a bit of throttle and yeah around 4 minute flight time is great for this quad you could probably do even a little more if you're a beginner you're, not Punching on the throttle, quite as much as I am and doing, dives and things you're gon na get a nice flight time, but even in air mode, with the stock pitch setting, so that the Emacs team has put on this. Quad it's really really smooth and I feel like the pitch and the roll axis are way way smoother than some of the other, oisin Tunes out of the box that I've gotten recently they're a lot faster on the roll and flip the yaw rate they're set up For more intermediate flying plug and play out of the box, and this one seems to be again geared toward the ultimate beginner, so this is kind of like the perfect trainer for anybody getting into fpv. That wants to learn how to fly a crow and freestyle. I almost caught the top of the roof there playing around but very predictable, very smooth, zero jello in the camera, which I'm really loving and trying to take some of those small gaps, and I didn't lose total video underneath the deck there, which is pretty impressive.

When I go back through one more time, almost grabbing that fence there and everything below me today is completely soaking wet. It actually has been raining on and off all day, so I'm lucky to actually get my review done. It'S been a little bit crazy. This week, too much rain, but now let's try out some stability, because this is the beginner mode that you guys should start out in and they already have it set up on the modes inside beta flight, for you guys so there's believe there's three settings on a Single switch and it is sucked set to aux one, so stability horizons already set up, and the third position out on your switch is gon na be a crow. An air mode is already in they enabled as well. If you don't know what air mode is, that means you have a continuous low in throttle, no matter. If your stick is at zero or 100, you still have a little bit of extra throttle there. So the quad doesn't drop out of the air, but I wanted to test out for you guys, stability mode and just see if you know how it would perform just kind of gently flying around if you want to enjoy just the joy of flying. This is a lot of fun. You can slow it way down. Once you get used to this throttle, you have a lot of control down low to the ground. Checking out the roosters I didn't get attacked, which is good.

I'M gon na do a little more proximity going in here a little closer and I'm not really used to flying on this farm. So I really don't know where things are or whether it is a fence there and with the runcam nano2 i'm, able to see that even under this evergreen, I have like almost a hill in between me and an evergreen tree right here. Awesome little lambs there with their mother there's like eight or nine lambs on the farm right now, so really awesome and now back behind this evergreen tree a little bit of break up but it's performing pretty well and I'm. A couple hundred yards out right now: I'm gon na flip back into a crow mode and just do a tree dive. Real real, quick, really nice, smooth tree dive and again I'm really impressed with the way that it feels in a crow. This is not gon na freak you out when you flip into a crow for the first time and now, we're back into stability. Let'S go check out the hints over here and the coop what's up girls, how you guys doing the dogs just would not leave me alone, so I had to keep this little guy away from the dogs we don't want to have one of the dogs chomp down On my freestyle too, and hurt the dog and we're all done, and I have to say I'm, I had a lot of fun with this quad.

I think it's worth the money. All right guys welcome back from the flight test. Also, if you buy the tiny, hawk freestyle you get this awesome case. This is very similar to pretty much all of the different, tiny Hawks that came out, the Freestyle included and you get a little mesh pouch in the top. Here you get some extra. You get two sets of a Vaughn Rush. 2.5 inch props right here and I've talked about these props on the channel before they're kind of like skateboard wheels. They are super durable. You could even fly these indoors and bang them into walls, and they will they will Bend a little bit and you can bend them right back. They'Re, really, probably some of the toughest to inch props out there on the planet. You also get a battery strap, which is nice that will accommodate a top mount battery setup. It doesn't really accommodate a bottom mount really it's. You could probably use some zip ties and mod that out, if you want to the nice thing, is that it is like. I said four grams lighter than the original tiny hawk so I'm at 54 grams, on the total dry weight and with one battery it's 66 grams and then with one more 1s 450 making it a 2's that's. Now 70 59 grams and with my insta 360 go camera. This is the camera of choice that I'm gon na suggest to you guys you can get really awesome.

Stabilized videos, 1080p 60 frames per second 98 grams, so under a hundred grams for the total teickhoff waste, which is really nice. This camera on here the run cam. Nano 2 has been my camera of choice for quite some time around a year. Now, for a lot of these micro style builds, they it's it's super tiny it's around 700 tvl and the image quality looks great on here. First, it's what they had on there before it was kind of a generic Emacs camera and it just wasn't up to par for the fpv community, so Emacs listened and they started bringing in some of the aftermarket parts that were wanting on there. Now they did use their own Emacs branded a 200 milli watt VTX on here, but what's nice about this VTX is that it is already set up for TBS smart. So you just use your stick. Your left stick pushed to the left right stick up and that will bring you into the menus which you can change inside your goggles on the fly. You can change your bands and channels 37 channels on this quad, and you got, I believe it was 25 100 and 200 Billa wat on here. They do have this dipole coming up on the side. It is a little bit larger than I've seen and it passed on a quad this size. It does work pretty well around the trees. I did see a little bit of break up even on 200 milliwatts, but I was also flying around some Oregon evergreens, which are completely hard for any even a 5 inch quad with 600 milliwatts, so we're 700 MOA.

At times you can get break up even on the highest power setting around those type of trees, but I I did have some crashes with it. I had some durability testing with it, and the cool thing is is that I didn't have any real major issues with this quad out there, even landing in the wet grass it didn't short out on me. Thank God, because I was afraid on my first flight. Typically, reviewers curse, that's what's gon na happen, you're gon na fry the quad, but I was able to have lots and lots of flights with it, and I think that the the initial tune that's on here for a lot of the beginners too when you're. This is this is what's important about this quad if you're a starting, beginner, fpv pilot. This is going to be great because the tune has a very soft feel to it. It'S, not a real, fast flippy dip ikana tune. So you can pick this right up and start doing flips and rolls with it and doing your acro training, so that's really important for the new guys and I'm always trying to help the new guys out on my channel and do some real basic stuff on here. So we can get you guys into the Hobby and as addicted as we are – and this is one of those quads that again you fly it on basic standard stability mode. You can set up horizon mode on it, horizon mode does come already set up on there and you can add a crow on there as well and we've talked about some beta flight setup.

I have a beta flight setup video if you're looking for that. This one does come plug and play, but it does have a built in FR sky, receiver or free sky. If you want to say it is an S p.i receiver on here, and it has a fine button on the very bottom and you want to push that in with a bamboo skewer. And then you can go ahead and bind it up in a d16 mode. On your Taranis radio, so that's the radio of choice for this one. You can also add any third party receiver on here, because it does have a setting on here for three volt and five volt for any type of receiver out there on the planet so flies. Guy guys who Taba DSM X, whatever you're flying, you can bind up your receiver to this or you can solder up your receiver to this and go fly so I'm gon na give this one two thumbs up from the Emax team. Definitely good work guys. This is the update that we've all been wanting so grab one up, they're gon na sell out within a couple hours today, probably and get yourself one of these on the way, so definitely a great quad that you can fly in your yard or inside. If you want to during all this Cove in nineteen stuff, this would be a real treat to have so anyway, guys, thanks again for watching what's new on my channel.

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