FASTEST Fpv Racing ESCS? – NEW’ REDUX AIR Raven 5 with REDUX32 ESCS Review ????

Today, we're gon na see how these escs from my buddy lewis, over at redo air redux air, redo air. We do, you can check it out. The link down below i'll put it down there. This is supposed to be a game changer for racing, and these escs are super heavy duty. They […]

FPV LIKE THE GUYS ON ESPN? – Full Review of the Airhogs DR1 Racing Drone

You've seen them on ESPN… Now you may fly like them in your again yard? We are going to see about that. We provide you with an trustworthy look and opinion of the fpv racer bundle offered by Air Hogs and DR1 Fpv Racing League. Benefit from the full overview, line of sight flight, and […]