TRAXXAS UDR PULLS the JUDGE! Weight Sled – 30 FT Tractor Pull | RC ADVENTURES

Since I enjoyed the 2018 Rude Boyz RC TTC (the Sled Pull) – as well as saw a Traxxas UDR draw the court. I have actually been itching to do it myself. I actually intended to see the amount of pulls I can get on one collection of sixes lipo batt's for a total of […]

TTC 2018 – Eps. 3 “THE JUDGE” Weight Sled / Tractor PULL | RC ADVENTURES

This competitors remains in complete result now. Episode 3 is everything about the JUDGE! This impressive sled has actually pulled more RC trucks than any type of various other sled in background! For several years this beast hsa pulled time and time again. and today we even get to see a lot of exhibit draws! […]