Durafly Tomohawk! – ULTRA DURABLE Mini FPV Race Wing – Flights, Crashes, & Complete Review

Alright guys welcome back from that flight test. This little guy is a screamer. This is 26 inches from wingtip to wingtip, right here, it's about 670 millimeters and this little tomahawk from dura fly at hobby Kings website and there's a link down below for this one. This little guys running 4's, one thousand […]

100mph Under $100 – Carbon Race Wing – Review, Flights, Pros & Cons

This thing is pretty crazy for under 100, maybe because it comes with everything on here, ready to go, just bind up your radio out of battery and go out and fly this one once you get it trimmed in. You can add some fpv gear on here, because it already has slots for all […]

ZOHD ORBIT – Review with AKK X2 Ultimate 1200MW Video Transmitter