Drone-Boarding!! – Skating behind a 16 MOTOR DRONE!

What what do you got for us today? This is 16 motor drones. Why? Why? Because i can, i guess so, Music. So we got 16 of the rotor riot blaster motors that are capable of 6s, but we're going to run it on 4s, with 7 inch props. I have calculated it out and […]

FPV vs. Onewheel STUNT Riders!

I like him, Music, Music, Music, so DJI has been wanting us to try out the Osmo action camera for fpv, with how much cinematic fpv has been getting more popular. They wanted to see what we would do with it, so we sent Zoe an Osmo action. Camera tell us what happened. What you […]

BOOSTED BOARD but $960 Cheaper – PAEAN S1 Eskateboard – Honest Review + Over $1,000 in Giveaways

Much like Boosted board however $960 cheaper. Trustworthy assessment of Paean's latest S1 Electrical Skateboard and three Winners to our newest giveaways. Plus 2 model new giveaways for you guys. Take pleasure in the brand new assessment. Please say congrats to the winners! Purchase the PAEAN S1 Twin Motor Electrical Longboard Hyperlink right here : […]

3D Printed Electric Skateboard Fail? – Print & Ride Test!

HUGE RANGE 3D PRINTING! – Customized board printed with the large 3D printer called the Creality CR-10 S5. Put together and checked by Justin Davis. See what big range printing can do! 3D Printer, documents and other links below: Skywatch.Ai – As Needed Drone Insurance. $10 per hour. Download and install the Application here: Large […]

TeamGee H6 – World’s Thinnest Electric Longboard Review

Thinnest electric longboard on earth. See it in action. Full evaluation as well as 3 hr road test! * * * * * 5 Star Electric longboard. Team Gee Ultra-Thin Electric Skateboards: Link here: Get gotten in to win a FUUTON 2 Fpv Competing Drone by sustaining me on Patreon right here: Electric Skateboards I […]