Toy RC Speedboat by Syma – Full Review

Now, if you guys know or watch my channel much, you know that i love sema quadcopters. They make some of the best toy grade quadcopters out there they're definitely toys they're not built for fpv or really for serious photography, but they are tons of fun to fly. So i figured a boat might […]


Today i have a new rc airplane here to review and what's cool about it. Well, it is around 100 and you guys know that i like cheap stuff on the channel, so we're gon na get right into this review. This is the patera sword. Am i pronouncing that right? Hopefully so it is […]

BEST ROCK CRAWLER for the Money! – RGT Rock Hammer – REVIEW, ROCK, & WATER TEST!

It is an RTT crawler, it's called the rock hammer, and this is one of those rock crawlers that I took out and it was totally unexpected because whenever I did something new in from China, sometimes depending on the brand, our GT tends to generally be in the Middle somewhere, as far as the […]

BEST MINI ROCK CRAWLER? – Dirt Cheap VS Expensive!

BEST BEGINNER RC PLANE in 2020 – Hobbyzone AeroScout S Esky Eagle

I have a new review for you here today, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, no wait! This is the es. This is the east guy. Yes, you might be confused, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, and […]

Mini X320 2 Channel Gyro Stabilized Park Plane Flight Test Review

Jeff was first to say first of one of my recent videos and that's one just shot it. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new plane, the mini x 320 park plane. Now. What is the X 320 park plane? Well, if you look at it, it looks […]

Z53 Cessna 2 Channel Gyro Stabilized RC Airplane Flight Test Review

Wait let's, wait school. I hope I pronounced that correct. Lucas was first to say first of all, my recent videos – Oh actually, I'm. Probably one of my videos. Probably a couple months ago, I didn't forget you, though, but congratulations good morning quite come to one, oh one here with a review of […]

Navatics MITO Solar Underwater ROV Submarine Drone – Maiden Ocean Dive Review with Pros & Cons

Finally, our ocean test, we're gon na see how it does in the ocean. I mean I'm just on the shoreline, but this is where I test a lot of my drones underwater subs. I should say for our Ovie's and this one did super awesome in the pool just the most precision one I've […]


But they say that this one is licensed by Land Rover. You can see some of the details in the manual there there. It is in the box check out the tires. They are gigantic. This is a 18 scale, so it is much bigger than my capra and it feels a lot heavier let's […]


We'Re gon na go outside we're gon na take this axial capra of 1.9 and we're gon na do some digital fpv with it, and I say Digital fpv. If you're new to fpv fpv has two versions currently analogue and now DJI digital digital systems are a little more expensive than your analog versions. […]

AXIAL CAPRA 1.9 – FULL REVIEW & Oregon Trail Tests- 2020 ??

Today, look at all of the rock crawlers that have showed up in my shop. I'Ve got one twenty fourth scale. I'Ve got some eighth scale back here behind me and some tenth scale. This one is the axial Capra and I did sort of an unboxing overview of this particular crawler a few weeks […]

DJI PHANTOM 4 Review – Part 3 – [Flight Test, Pros & Cons]