Realacc R11 5.8Ghz FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This little micro drone includes 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter that works with most FPV racing goggles. It's intended as an introductory drone to true FPV flying. Find it here version without goggles or here version with bundled racing goggles Pros – Little folding drone for improved portability. – 720p HD camera – 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter that […]

EMAX Babyhawk Race Pro 120mm Brushless FPV Racer Flight Test Review

This cool looking little red racer is nicely tuned out of the box for max enjoyment. Find it here and try coupon code GB-THEMAX or IBXPXH192H and here are more promotions Pros – EMAX CADDX CCD camera. – Switchable 25/200mW FPV transmitter. FCC compliant with 25 or 38 channel availability. – F4 MATEK F405 flight […]

HSKRC IX2 90 Micro FPV Racer Flight Test Review

This FPV racer is best as an acro trainer for new FPV fliers. Find it here Pros – Available BNF for Flysky and Radiolink transmitters. – 600 TVL Foxeer Arrow CCD camera. – 40 channel 25 to 200mW video transmitter with on screen display. – Omnibus F4SD flight control board loaded with 3.4.0 flight control […]

Tero Q215mm BNF FPV Racer Flight Test Review

This is the fully assembled BNF version of this powerful and fast FPV racer. Find the Tero Q215mm here and try coupon HYTOYS Pros – Available PNP (DIY kit build only) and BNF Frsky XM+ (fully assembled). – 800 TVL CCD camera – 48 channel 25, 200, 600, 800 mW video transmitter integrated with the […]

Happymodel Snapper 7 New Version Brushless Micro FPV Racer Flight Test Review

This fast 1S Whoop racer is perfect for learning how to fly FPV indoors or outdoors. Find it here and links to deals and coupons Pros – Brushless Whoop racer with larger 0802 KV19000 motors (as compared to original Snapper7 with 0703 KV19000 motors). These motors provide plenty of acceleration and speed for a 1S […]

Eachine Vwhoop90 FPV Hovercraft Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless micro whoop FPV racer drone also doubles as a hovercraft. One of the weirdest drones of 2018 😉 Find it here Pros – In hovercraft mode, can skim over land or water. But with a flick of your transmitter switch, onboard servo quickly converts the craft to a micro FPV racer drone. – […]

Happymodel Mobula7 Fast Brushless 2S Whoop Flight Test Review

The Mobula 7 has got to be one of the best tiny whoop FPV racers currently available. Very punchy, very fast, and very maneuverable out of the box. This is a QC101 keeper! Find it here and links to deals and coupons Pros – 700TVL FPV camera with 120 degree FOV. Camera is tiltable upward […]

Happymodel Mobula7 Micro FPV Racer Drone Desert Flight Test Review

Through the goggles, this tiny whoop feels like you're flying a full size FPV racer. Yet it's fully safe to fly just about anywhere. Find it here and links to deals and coupons Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links. This video along […]

Kingkong LDARC Tiny GT8 Brushless Micro FPV Trainer Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless whoop would make a great FPV racer trainer for new acro fliers. Find it here Pros – 800 TVL NTSC camera with 150 degree FOV. – 25mW 16 channel FPV transmitter with built-in on screen display. – SPRF3 flight control board loaded with BF 3.4.1 dated August 2, 2018. – XT 0804 7500KV […]

Propel Ultra-X Drone Review

Propel Ultra X Drone Review. Flight video & footage at the end. Get one here: or find one at your local Costco:

HolyBro Kopis2 SE (a brilliant 6S racing quad but…)

Fiberglass arms ??? Are you kidding? I love Holybro products and the Kopis2 SE is a high-spec equipment with lots of performance … however seriously, whose suggestion was it to stint products for the arms and also base-plate? Pro's: – it's quick on 4S and also most likely rocket-like on SIX – great spec elements […]