5 Mistakes EVERY FPV Pilot Makes!

There are certain things: certain mistakes that if you fly fpv drones, you're you're gon na. Do it doesn't matter whether you just started flying or you've been flying for a while. There are just certain little things that just you're gon na mess up don't be ashamed. We'Ve all done it. Hi I'm drib […]

eMax EZ Pilot Beginners RTF Indoor Micro FPV Drone Flight Test Review

Beginners indoor fpv racing drone. It comes with everything you need to fly. Fpv okay, including the goggles, and the controller controllers, already bind to the drone ready to go out of the box. The drones fpv transmitter frequency is already connected to the goggles you don't have to go searching, although you can go […]

RC Airplane Review – XK A600 Brushless