FlyColor Raptor 390 – ALL in ONE FC, ESC, OSD, and PDB Revealed

Thank you for subscribing to drum camps, and please do because we have new drone stuff coming out each week and today I have something super cool here. We have a lot of all in one flight controller PDB, ESC, combo, stacks coming out and team black sheep started off with one of the first […]

Omnibus F7 – 35% faster than F4, Dual SPI Version – Important Overview

Music Applause, hey guys, welcome back to the channel. This is crazy Back to the Future. Again just happened. I just got into a time warp and here's an f7. This is an omnibus f7 and it has dual SPI sensors on here and it's 35 faster than an f4, which is kind of insane, […]

STUPID EASY MICRO BUILD – Furibee Flytower Mini F3 with 20A Dshot ESCs

Silly Easy mini sized "All in One" F3 trip controller 20A Esc for first time building contractors. Review and also review of the FLYTOWER MINI F3 Flight Controller. Drone Camps reveals you what goes where and exactly how it wires up. In plain english. Purchase a Flytower F4 Version Trip Controller 20A Dshot esc combo […]