FPV Wellness – Personal Check Up – Vol. 1

I want to kind of slow things down and talk about some things that have been happening in the last few months in 2020, it's kind of a crazy year. I know a lot of you guys are doing the stay at home order and we're getting kind of stir crazy, stuck in our houses, […]

Relaxing Video – 4K Drone Footage from Europe + Music + Apple TV Style + Slow TV

Man and his GIANT Toy Boat – GAS Powered 48″ “ROCKSTAR” starts after 4 years Sitting Idle

This mega behemoth of a ship is known as the "Rockstar".. and I’ve owned it for greater than a half of decade. For the final four years.. it has sat mainly idle.. not seeing any water. Right now that can change. The two Stoke Fuel powered engine is just 26cc, and at high velocity (inventory) […]

ASMR for DRONE PILOTS – 60 Minutes – Vol. 1

ASMR for Drone Pilots by world well-known Drone Camps RC. Lengthy mild flights to scale back nervousness. Go to sleep and dream of flying. Drones and kit on this video beneath : GEPRC Crocodil 7" with GPS & Return to Dwelling $269 at banggood : coupon code : toyho ZOHD Orbit with Stabilizer and Gopro […]