DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review – Part 1 – [Unboxing, Inspection, UPDATING Madness!]

This is gon na, be awesome, we're gon na review this. This is gon na, be the first part of a review series. I'Ve got the fly market here, I'm, also going to be doing the Mavic zoom so stay tuned, because we're gon na have a series of videos on this new Mavic let's […]

Which DJI Drone Is Right For You This Summer? – A Buyers Guide

I'Ll explain the unique features and benefits that each of these drones provide to help you decide which of these amazing flying machines might be right for you now in front of me, I have all five of the drones I'll be comparing the Mavic mini Mavic air Mavic. To zoom Mavic to pro and […]

Mavic Air 2 New DJI Drone Leaked Photos (what you might have missed)

It was a really good drone and all that for a good price people, call it the Maverick air 2 and for good reason, because it kind of looks like the stepping stone between the Maverick mini and the DJI map to a drone. That'S, affordable lightweight yet still has more professional features for advanced […]

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