RADIOKING TX18S – New Company, New Radio, Comparison, & Review ?

I have to say right away thanks for all the support on patreon, i have a bunch of new guys helping me out on the patreon now, and i want to say thank you for that. If you'd like to support me on patreon, my link is down below because i am a full time […]

1 MILE RANGE ULTRA-NANO RADIO! – Radiolink T8S BT Radio – Review & Overview

This is the t8sbt. Alright guys welcome back to the channel. This is a pretty interesting radio. It is sort of a smaller format, radio that would probably most likely be used for tiny, whoop or micro brushless. You could probably also fly on five inch or bigger, but i think that this would probably […]

Un control para controlarlo todo Radiomaster TX16S ¿debes comprarlo? |DRONEPEDIA

Despus me pase, a un slide que ya. No tengo y me regres a utilizar este pero el ao pasado sali este radio de ac el de 16 de jumper y este radio es muy importante porque es multi protocolo es muy bueno pero la desventaja es que no lo vendan en todas partes no […]