MY FAVORITE TOOLKITRC Charger? – ToolkitRc M4, M6D, M4Q Lipo Chargers Review & Comparison ?

If you would like to help me out on my patreon, there is a link down below and that would be super awesome. If you do that, but today, we're going to talk about what's new from toolkit rc, some brand new chargers here that we're going to take a look at but first before […]


Discover the best 2018 Lipo Battery charger that I have actually made use of all year. My "go to" battery charger of selection. Hyperlinks below for your benefit: ISDT Q6 Pro: ISDT Q6 Plus: SKY RC D100 10A Bluetooth Double Charger: HobbyMate D6 Duo Pro: XT60 Identical Charging Board: Assistance me on Patreon and also […]