Giant Drone with REVERSE THRUST?! – 3D X-Class!!

We'Re here at the Outkast, Rome works loud systems and we've got two of my favorite things. You may know me for my 3d flying so three knee is the ability for the drone to reverse the stress. So generally, the thrust is going downwards. The motor will stop midair and actually reverse thrust in […]


My friends and viewers of the show may recognize this truck. It is a 110 scale, axial scx10 original that's, hydro dipped with mystique paint. Basically, you can see it changes color there from purple to brown, to green and also a beautifully painted flame job and hydro dip on the front that was done […]

I build a Race Track with my Full Sized RC Loader | RC ADVENTURES

I constructed my race observe 100% with a Radio Managed Skid Loader. I’ve had this GIANT TOY LOADER for about Three years now.. and Im becoming very proficient on the controls. So many viewers say " I might barely be contained within the machine, I drive from the seat of my pants".. which implies: They […]

Man and his GIANT Toy Boat – GAS Powered 48″ “ROCKSTAR” starts after 4 years Sitting Idle

This mega behemoth of a ship is known as the "Rockstar".. and I’ve owned it for greater than a half of decade. For the final four years.. it has sat mainly idle.. not seeing any water. Right now that can change. The two Stoke Fuel powered engine is just 26cc, and at high velocity (inventory) […]

DREAM MACHiNE! 1:1 Diesel RC CAT Skid Steer Builds Jump & X-Maxx gets HIGH! | RC ADVENTURES

Sure, this ACTUALLY EXISTS! IT's NO Trick! I’ve had this machine for a number of years now.. and have about 300 hours on the RC controls . After all.. I’m all the time conscious I’m working on Digicam, so I take it additional cautious.. as a result of this factor weighs virtually 8000 LBS! I’m […]

NEXT BIG THING: 1/8 scale Trail Trucks : BACKYARD TRAIL PARK – 4×4 Cragsman Crew | RC ADVENTURES

Today we get to see the results of the three trail trucks my friends unboxed the other day in this video ( ). They were hard at work all week painting and getting these trucks ready so we could trail today! Who knew that last night it would snow 15cm, and BOY ARE WE HAPPY […]

The KiNG of 8th scale TRAiL TRUCKS?! NEW FORD RAPTOR F150 4X4 from Traction Hobby | RC ADVENTURES

In a day of method photography, as well as video clip modifying – I understand that an image can not reveal just how big this truck is. This is the latest approaching release from Grip Leisure activity – distributed at I was fortunate adequate to rack up a beta version of this 1/8 range Ford […]