SKYDIO 2 Range Test In-Depth – How Far Will It Go? Will It Return? (Beacon & Controller!)

I think I'm also gon na just use the beacon, just in case it loses connection. I'Ve heard some stories about. Sometimes it just lands way out there. So we're gon na see, if that's the case anyway let's stuff power. This thing up, get it up in the air and see how far we […]

Mavic Air Range Test – How far will it go?

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FIMI A3 Drone Range Test – How Far Will it Go? (All Stock)

Immediately we're vary testing the Xiaomi Fimi A3 funds drone! Get it right here use WORLDWIDE code 5e5a6d for $45 off @ GWTR warehouse! Drone Launch Pad My Moveable Compact Desk My Moveable Chair with built-in Sunshade Printable SD Card Software My Fimi A3 Playlist with different movies within the sequence right here Xiaomi has […]