A package from Runcam & SpeedyBee

A package arrived in the mail this morning and it is from Ron, came speedy, be my favorite if PV products, supplier in terms of cameras and so forth, um. What do we got here? I see I'll just get rid of the little bits and look at the big one. First cuz. This is […]

Review: HolyBro Kopis2 HDR (with DJI Digital Air Unit)

I promised you a review of the new holy bro, Copas, 2 HD and indeed in this Kari, and I said she wrong – you can fit these in the carry case with the props on good. Oh look at that. Fantastic, so yeah, if you, if your backpacks like mine and you really don't, […]

Review: Holybro Kopis CineWhoop

They use it. You know just top quality, they have own flight controllers, kakuta fly controls, brilliant bits of kit, never fail to impress, and in fact even the one time I didn't give a product such a flash review. It was this. It was the original Copas 2 and I was concerned about this […]


This is obviously not too new of news, because lots of people have been getting these already. I had mine on order for quite some time, but the supplier that I was buying mine from didn't get their order in time and of course, then the shipment got damaged in the way. But you know […]

Fixing bad soldering

Today, I'm gon na take a look at what happens when soldiering goes wrong. I'Ve done a couple of videos on how to solder and how to solder properly the gear you need the techniques and so forth. So you can have a look for those do a search or prop. If I remember I […]

Jumper T16 Pro Review, it’s perfect-enough!

Looking at what am I looking at? Oh this, the jumper t16. Now I did have a quick look once before, because jumpers sent me this. This was the original with the module in the back, and it had a few issues that SD card and so forth was a bit dodgy, but it was […]

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