VR009 Beginner’s 5.8Ghz Racing Drone FPV Goggles Review

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Can the x flip goggles replace my favorite 03 0s, this guy's 0.03 0s on my channel and any pretty much any skyzone goggles for the last couple years have been my go to daily driver goggle and even over fat sharks. Guys don't just keep winning with me. Um, just an easy, no modules […]

FLYPRO XJAGUAR 190 – Full Review – [Unbox / Build / Flight-Crash Test / Pros & Cons]


Welcome back to the channel today, look at the stack of goggles that I have here. These are some of the best of the best goggles for 2020, and I wanted to update my best goggles of the Year video, because the 2019 version is a bit outdated. Now, even though I just did that […]

Eachine Novice III Ready to Fly FPV Racer Kit Flight Test Review

So congratulations good morning, quadcopter one and one here with a neat review of a neat new drone. 'It'S just come out. This is the e Xin novice 3 ready to fly fpv kit. It comes with everything you need to fly fpv out of the box. This transmitter is already bound to that drone […]

eMax EZ Pilot Beginners RTF Indoor Micro FPV Drone Flight Test Review

Beginners indoor fpv racing drone. It comes with everything you need to fly. Fpv okay, including the goggles, and the controller controllers, already bind to the drone ready to go out of the box. The drones fpv transmitter frequency is already connected to the goggles you don't have to go searching, although you can go […]

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