CRAZY FAST!!! – Happymodel Crux3 Micro Brushless Quad – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Maybe – and here we are with the krux 3, so i'm gon na fire – it up on a 2s battery we're, going to put up to a 650 on there and i'm going to show you how it rips after that we're going to come back and we'll. Do a little spec check, […]

FASTEST Fpv Racing ESCS? – NEW’ REDUX AIR Raven 5 with REDUX32 ESCS Review ????

Today, we're gon na see how these escs from my buddy lewis, over at redo air redux air, redo air. We do, you can check it out. The link down below i'll put it down there. This is supposed to be a game changer for racing, and these escs are super heavy duty. They […]

CRAZY MOFO! – Catalyst Machineworks MOFO Premium Race Quad – Review & Flights ?

I have a treat for you today. This is something new from catalyst. Machine works it's been a while, since we had a catalyst machine work squad on the channel. But if you look back maybe over a year ago now we reviewed catalyst. Machine works, America rig and it was similar to the spring. […]


Is your Race Quad broken and also one motor is not functioning? "FIX IT YOURSELF SERIES Tutorial. Drone Camps reveals you just how to diagnose as well as repair the most typical issue. Great instructional video for anyone new into the leisure activity. Video by Justin Davis ▼ Parts as well as Devices Hyperlinks listed […]

EMAX Tinyhawk Giveaway + OCTOBER Babyhawk R Pro & IH3 Winners

TINYHAWK Giveaway + Babyhawk R Pro & IH3 Victors. Providing even more quads away back to the Fpv neighborhood. Thanks once more for every one of your assistance individuals. Hope you like November's illustration. Talk about this video clip and let me know where you're from to obtain gone into to win the Tinyhawk BNF […]


Most Difficult Freestyle Quad this year. Straightforward Review and flights of the brand-new GEPRC Elegant. A super challenging FIVE capable fpv freestyle quad. All set for any person to get as well as fly. Hyperlinks listed below: Skywatch.Ai – As Needed Drone Insurance Policy. $10 per hr. Download the App here: Acquire the GEPRC Elegant […]