HappyModel SNAPPER 6 Micro & TopSky F7X Goggles Dual Review – [Unboxing, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]

Snapper six little micro, fpv indoor racer. This one should be kind of fun. This is a binding fly and I have the fly sky version, so I'll be connecting it to a commandeered controller. Here I got from my fpv style unicorn so anyway, this is gon na be a full review. We'Re gon […]

Xiaomi 360 CAMERA On FPV RACE DRONE – Flight Test

Enjoy this flight test with the Mijia 360 webcam placed on a ViFly R220 M2 FPV race drone. Web cam below Drone FPV Goggles: Mobile Launch Pad: FOUR Lipo Batteries: Legendary Mark Down Sale Credit score: ——————————————————– Track: Mario Ayuda & Sven Schwarz – Kingdoms Autumn [Concordia Recordings] ——————————————————– Help support our channel