Review: Foxeer Echo 5.8GHz 8dBi circularly polarized FPV antenna

The Foxeer Echo antenna provides a useful amount of gain with a reasonably wide beam angle. Although it can't match a 5-turn helical for raw gain, the small size, robust construction and very good performance of this antenna makes it an ideal choice for those who want something with a high performance to size ratio. […]

TechTuesday: Diodes explained

Diodes are a key building block for the electronics found in RC model planes, drones, helicopters and FPV systems. This video is in a slightly different format that uses more practical examples to demonstrate what diodes do and how we can use them in the hobby. Let me know what you think.

Is this the new AXN? (Dynam HawkSky V2 review)

Could the Dynam HawkSky V2 be a deserving substitute for the age-old old AXN that has introduced many people to the pastime of flying RC airplanes? Well the answer appears like it's an unquestionable YES. I really like this model as well as here are the pro's: – it's reasonably valued – the quality of […]

Tech Tuesday: Capacitors explained

Capacitors are just one of the basic building blocks of modern electronics and in this video I discuss what they are, just how they work, just how they're made as well as where you'll discover them. Capacitors are found in almost every element of contemporary RC-related electronic devices, from ESCs to receivers, FPV equipment and […]

Situational Awareness for BVLOS FPV pilots

If you intend to fly an FPV RC airplane beyond visual view then you truly do require to view this video clip and discover situational awareness, what it is, exactly how to maximize it as well as what happens if you don't. Has collision video footage! Bear in mind, with aviation it ought to constantly […]

How to SAFELY fly an RC plane beyond visual line of sight (part 0)

Okay, have your say … should we claim that nobody flies BVLOS or should we recognize that almost everybody who attempts FPV goes BVLOS a minimum of once– just to see what it's like? If that holds true, would certainly it not be a sensible thing to demonstrate how this can be carried out in […]

Path loss, its effect on long-range RC and FPV links

Yes, it's a whiteboard video, this time (hopefully) revealing you not to be scared of algebra and also explaining specifically why long-range radio and also FPV gear usually operates lower regularities.

Fix-it Friday: Runcam Split 2 HD recording/FPV camera

When the Runcam Split 2 in my XHover MXP200 miniquad started dropping frameworks, securing and also failing to tape it was time to throw it on the bench as well as take a look. Having actually currently flown the quad/camera more than 15 times since the repair I'm pretty certain that the issue was related […]

RF power versus antenna gain (the results may shock you)

Today I speak about RF power versus antenna gain for FPV systems on RC planes and also drones– the results might surprise you. An additional white boards video with some "in the area" footage to verify the factor. Right here is an earlier video which clarifies just how antenna gain functions:

Durafly Tomahawk FPV flight test (Runcam Swift 3 Micro camera)

I didn't get an FPV trip test into the evaluation video so below it is, better late than never ever. This thing was surprisingly steady given the strength of the wind today at greater elevations. Not as well sluggish and also plenty manoeuvrable. For this trip I fitted the 1000mAH Graphene battery from HobbyKing but […]

Speed Boat LAUNCH & RIP – Traxxas TRX4 & “Rock n Roll” Spartan | RC ADVENTURES

Old Satisfies New! A Traditional 1979 Ford Bronco hooks up to a hand-made, wooden, "Cormier" Boat Trailer, that has a brand-new 2018 "Rock n Roll" Spartan Rate boat placed. Then down the country roads to end up at the lake to take a couple of laps around on some ridiculous electric power! I enjoy this […]


Wonderful to get out with my household for some boating action! this is my initial boating video of 2018, and what far better way to launch after that with a SPEED BOAT! This is the Traxxas DCB M41 (40"), () running on double threes Lipo Batteries. that offers me 22.2 v of raw power. Onboard, […]