Live Q&A! PARROT DISCO 25 Mile Automated Flight From Maui to Kahoolawe – I lost it! ?

Tuning in this will be a little bit of a live. Show. It'S been about, I want to say, I started at like 930 and it's 1000 almost 1020 now, so this is supposed to be like a 55 minute flight and I'm. Just gon na show you the screen here on the iPad. I […]

Parrot DISCO 26 Mile 4GLte Live Stream Fly & Chat – MAUI Hawaii Part 2 (Success!)

Sorry buddy, not lovely in here me, but we got a business connection and the pistol came back. Apparently, the 4G signal is really trial. Right, flew that's too bad. So it keeps dropping connection so that ain't too good that's. I guess this really isn't the great spot to do this live broadcast. I'M […]