New Drone Flier Questions Answered – The Rules

Answering those questions. Obviously i have a keyboard here but i'm answering those questions till the wee hours of the morning and the reason i find that exciting is for two things really number one there's a ton of interest out there in this amazing hobby. There are people out there that have seen these […]

Gadget Friday – Port Adapter Kit

Now. I spend a lot of time around high tech gear and i'm, always finding new ways to do things and new gadgets that make my life a little bit easier, and i thought why don't, i start up a series: let's call it gadget fridays where i sit down And talk about some simple […]

Don’t Wait For The DJI Mavic 3 – I’ll Explain Why

Drone fans rick here again from drone valley in today's, clip i'd like to explain why. I think, if you're waiting for the mavic 3 to be released before you buy your first drone you're, making a huge mistake – and i know i'm – going to get grief for saying that, but i've thought […]

Amazon Smart Plug – Complete Review & Setup

Why don't you do a review of it. I thought you know what product's pretty solid i've used it a long time, it's been reliable, i've never had any problems with it, so i thought i'd put a clip together and explain the benefits to what this product brings to the market. Now, in general, […]

2 New Quick Charging Options For The Mavic Mini

Now, if you love this quad as much as i do, you're out every sunny day, there is and you're putting the quad up in the air, and you want to keep it up there as long as possible and the one problem we all wrestle with is the Fact that it's hard to keep […]

Jackery Power Station 500 Full Review – Incredible | Portable | Powerful

Summer of Drones – Autel EVO Giveaway – WOW!

Today'S clip is the third in our summer of drones. Giveaways. I just love doing that anyway. Today'S giveaway is a brand new one to evo and you're, probably thinking you couldn't possibly be giving an evo away. Yeah, we are it's right here on the table. Actually, this is mine, you're not getting this […]

Summer of Drones – Mavic Air Winner!

Giveaways now we were lucky enough on our first attempt to get a hold of the gentleman that won this. Normally, when we do these kind of contests, we have to try a couple of times because people get an email and they think oh it's got to be spam. Nobody'S, giving away free drones […]

100K Subscriber Celebration & Plans for the Year Ahead – Thank You All!

I could not be more humbled with the amount of support you've shown the channel, and i love the interaction we get. Every time we post a clip, whether you're supporting something i've said or you've got questions about a technology or if you think i made a mistake and you put that in the […]

DJI OM4 Review – The Best Smartphone Gimbal of 2020

Drone fans rick here again from drone valley in today's clip i'll, be reviewing the brand new om4 from dji it's, their latest stabilized smartphone gimbal, and it comes right on the heels of the osmo mobile 3 that released last year. But they built in some really clever and innovative features into the om4 […]

Mavic Air 2 – Smart Charging Options To Get You Up In The Air Quickly

I'Ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks, testing a wide variety of chargers and i've picked. What i think are the best to safely and quickly charge your gear, and i know that sounds like a really simple thing. You typically plug the charger in the wall. You connect it […]

Blink Mini Camera – Complete Review & Setup Guide (And Giveaway)

That packs a ton of smart features into this tiny little camera at a really reasonable price it's. The latest addition to the amazon, blink family of products and it works with the application, and you can install this with any other blink products. You'Ve got in your home. Now i've reviewed the blink xt2, […]