BEST DRONE EVER! Skydio 2 – Unboxing and review

This is rich from fast reviews and i’m super excited right now, because i just got this. This is the skidio or skydio i don’t know drone. This is the package that has limited quantity. They actually have a reservation system, so i have ordered the skidio. I don’t know a long time ago and […]

Addmotor Motan M-66 R7 electric moped review

Amazon let’s, take it for a ride. The add motor m66 r7 follows the typical step through moped design, with a low slung frame and a long padded saddle there’s enough room up there for two riders and you even get strong fold down passenger foot pegs. To give your rider a nice secure feeling […]


So it looks like we have a new mini drone, not dji mavic mini that i have and not dji mini 2. That was only released like november last year, but there will be mini s e yup, just like iphone just like galaxy phone s e special edition, or is it like cheaper edition? […]

Making a Drone in Besiege

Now i heard flying machines of a siege can be a little wonky so i’m, not too sure how this will turn out. So let’s get right into it. So i’m, just starting off in the sandbox and the first thing i’m doing is putting in a bunch of ballasts to start building the frame […]

Flying the UZ80 Like I Stole It! 😲😎

So this is essentially all the parts from the modulus 6. same motors, same flight controller, same camera. I believe the same canopy as well so it’s, the crazy x with the built in video transmitter and receiver comes in a fly sky and free sky version um. Basically, two things that are different are […]

Mini Drone Review Challenge – 10 Drones in 10 Days: Day 9 – RCtown ELF II

We are on the ninth day of our 10 day, mini drone review challenge. I haven’t skipped one day yet and today we have something very inexpensive, but from the packaging it looks expensive it is, it has great packaging. I got this drone, which is rc town alph, 2 that’s. What is listed as […]

DJI MINI 2 Beginners Guide | Unboxing Review | Beginner Drone Still Worth It In 2021? Start Here

i’ll, be doing an in depth review about this drone i’m, going to show you what you would do to configure your phone to be able to use it with the dji fly app in case your Phone is not compatible with it watch this video till the end, hey what’s up and welcome back […]


99. If you use my link on the description below product details, this product have been sold for 10 and have to review brand name top back camera mount type, other material, plastic, material, metal, controller battery as show origin, cn origin indoor, outdoor use, indoor outdoor video capture resolution 2 kqhd remote distance, 150m […]

Eachine E58 1080p Folding FPV Camera Drone Review | Unboxing

Thank you. Can uangnya yang gbh megang vaksin Penang nobilium turun it’s, only one thousand Edge Sogi Noah Emang atau syuting, nothing unggahan! Oh Young Brown, guys bocah kungfu, bagan dayung pagar pak, cowok, bobok, sanatin, cabai, rawit, kesehatan, batin, mesakke, NU, Anun, KNPI, dinodai, usah, nunggu, NPC Band show wedding twenty four hours: […]

DJI Air 2S – STUNNING 5.4K Footage of Scotland!

4k video capture, higher frame rates 10 bit log and hlg color profiles, improved image, transmission over 12 kilometer range, autonomous master, shots, advanced pilot assistants and the List goes on, but what does this all mean in real world terms? How good is this drone for the everyday consumer? The average joe your name’s […]

GEPRC Crocodile 5 Baby – Really Good Versatile FPV Drone!

Well today, i have something cool for you. This is the crocodile baby five by get bar seed. The reason it’s called the five is because it has five inch props now, if you’re not familiar with fpv drones and the fpv hobby, when a company makes a drone with 5 inch props, it usually […]

Fimi X8 Mini Drone Carrying Case – REVIEW

When you open it it razorgore zincir.