SimileLine RC Drone,Best Drone for Kids and Beginners Review, Amazing Drone BUT NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!

I’Ve got and i would have liked to show you how it flies outside, but it is not for beginners and that’s what i qualify. I took it outside and i thought i was going to tear it completely up before i got it back inside bounced it off my neighbor’s roof bounced in some […]


Is this the only drone? You need, of course, i’m talking about the stabilized drones, not the fpv drones, all different game, the dji air 2s. I have had it for about two months and i have been flying it quite a lot and used it in many many projects, and i got ta say […]

Xiaomi Fimi A3 Inventory Clear Out | Get a good beginner drone for less than $200 #shorts

Typically, this thing will cost you about 250 bucks, but right now, it’s on sale got a coupon in the description down below less than 200 bucks. Right now, really like this thing, it’s got a range of about a thousand meters. I get a flight time about 25 minutes. It has a nice two […]


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Review en español latino de el drone jjrch83 aR/C /Avionepedia

Pero para la mayora, 2 y, a cuatro centmetros Msica y ahora tenemos que estarlo puesto que tenemos de abril y los para qu es esto hoy te dejamos, los campos de cuestas y aqu es donde est la batera y ac. Lo conectamos, a un cuadrito la batera, contra sin problemas, aqu y; ah […]

ZD Racing EX07 HOONIGAN RC Race Drift Car – So Fast I blew the tires! Review

This is the 1 seven scale ex 07 hoonigan. When i first received it, i thought it said hooligan, but then it’s actually hoonigan. I had to look up what hoonigan was now many of you out. There probably know what it means, but i’m, an old guy. I didn’t know what it means. It […]

GoPro HERO 9 + DJI Mini 2 Drone = Bu DRONE Muthis | Kutu Acilimi

He he ey yapm arkadalar kumanda gelmi, kumanday, zaten, olacaktm ben ey, yaptm, DJ aymini to flycam Bu arkadalar, kolay, kombo, Bak, urada, yazyor, Gryor, musunuz, Neyse; kartalm. U dostlarm Allah, Allah, bu ne byle ya, urada kumandas, geldi, ki, kumandas, kumanda, gsterelim, yle E, ok, salam bir, ey, yapyor, mu, burada, normal diyor, bilmem […]

DJI MINI 2 DRONE First week review by a BEGINNER

This is a cool little drone and you’re gon na see it flying around here. In the background, a little bit but i’m gon na tell you some rookie mistakes that i made today flying my drone number one. So, as you can see i’m walking around over here a little bit, i don’t have […]

Radio Master T8 Pro – The Little FPV Drone Radio Controller – Review

So if you’re into the fbv drone hobby, you would like a very small controller because a lot of times your drones, like the one i’m going to fly today, are very, very small. So this item by radio master is called the t8 pro it’s. Actually, a 16 channel radio for the fpv hobby, […]

SJRC F11 Pro 4K GPS Drone Flight Review – Best Budget Camera GPS Drone under $200?

I only hovered this out at home for a little while uh, so the battery ain’t fully charged but it’s pretty much nearly there at 100. I did charge it up a little bit before i came out here, but uh nice day here today. I was meaning to bring this out much earlier, but […]

Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD Review

It makes sense for wildlife and macro shots. Jeff keller already took the same lens to the seattle zoo for his sample gal yeah, but we have to i mean i i don’t know, but people will be able to decide if they like seattle’s you or calgary’s you better. I guess let us know […]

How Good Is The Dji Air2s For Drone Photography? – A Landscape Photographers Review

My name is jamie and as a full grown man, i now get to enjoy the wonderful world of dark and damp spaces. Now recently, i bought the dji air 2s to use as an addition to my love of landscape photography and after a few weeks of use, was it a worthwhile purchase and […]