review DRONE harga 700 ribu dengan kamera 4K

Oleh ini, untuk emergen stop mau misalkan kita panik ada di atas, tapi membayar nih cuman ini, berfungsi, kalau, misalkan, kita, dalam, keadaan, panik dan langsung, berjenis, toko, apa, wafatku, Kondisi, apa, gitu, kondisi kita, panik maksudnya, Mona bra atau, gimana Ya, ketika kita, merasa, panik, ada benda di Depan yang takut, dengan, ground control, […]

DJI FPV O Drone mais Versátil 140 Kmh

Lo pela primeira vez para te poder ento, partilhar, contigo, l e foi, meu, primeiro, Impacto, para quem, est, habituado aos drones da DJ e onde basicamente coloque as no espacinho muito pequeno dentro da tua mala e depois Apenas abre os braos que esto ligados aqui as hlices E simplesmente vais preparar, o para […]

Nice Quality Wireless Earbuds… HGLTECH T12 🎶

I probably should probably skip this review completely because i’m, not a gon na, be doing any sort of scientific. You know comparison to the 50 000 other earbuds that are, in this price category, around 30 to 40 dollars, there’s a ton of them on amazon. If you’re, looking for that, you’re, probably looking […]

DJI MAVIC AIR 2 DRONE/One Of The Best Drone /AIR 2 Review/Unboxing 2021/ আমার নতুন ড্রোন

Everyone welcome to rocky vibes, review video Music power, Music Music without wasting any time i’m rachel lana, Music, Music, connor, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, so Music do Music, do Music, so, Music, Music.

review drone

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Ls X76 mini: El mejor drone de iniciación (Unboxing + Review)

. At first glance. You can see that it does not stand out for its large dimensions with its wings spread. It measures 21.5cm long x, 11cm wide x, 7cm high.. It is supplied with power by 3.7v 500mah lipo batteries, with an approximate flight duration of about 10 minutes for each battery. In turn, […]

Drone Filmmaking Beginners Guide – How To Fly a Drone

However, i wanted to do something that was more general. That just applies to learning how to fly your drone and the different things that you need to learn to be able to capture better looking footage. So let me just give you a quick outline of what we’re gon na learn in this video. […]

Got a 2nd hand DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone for 1.2 Lakhs… worth it? 🔥

How are you all doing thing is since the last two to three days, i couldn’t post any videos because of this thing you might have already seen the videos titled right. We bought a second hand. Drone for almost like 1.2 lakh rupees, so i also didn’t actually purchase this drone. It was one […]

Don't buy the DJI Zenmuse L1 until you've seen this! ROCK vs RIEGL vs DJI

So stay tuned and see the accuracy of all these systems. Let’S fly Music, two locations Music, so today, we’re doing all that accuracy on those three different lidar drones, we’re testing, the accuracy we’re here in northern california, and we have an actual land surveyor with us doing ground control. Because not only are […]

Eachine Wizard V2 Cheap Drone

The box looks like it’s, been in a plane crash now, when the v1 of this guy came out, it kind of changed the game for everybody. You see back in about 2016 quadcopters were expensive to build yourself and even more expensive for bynum flies. The v1 of this guy, i think, cost around […]

SimileLine RC Drone,Best Drone for Kids and Beginners Review, Amazing Drone BUT NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!

I’Ve got and i would have liked to show you how it flies outside, but it is not for beginners and that’s what i qualify. I took it outside and i thought i was going to tear it completely up before i got it back inside bounced it off my neighbor’s roof bounced in some […]


Is this the only drone? You need, of course, i’m talking about the stabilized drones, not the fpv drones, all different game, the dji air 2s. I have had it for about two months and i have been flying it quite a lot and used it in many many projects, and i got ta say […]