Tomzon A31 Mini Drone 3D Flips 2 Batteries Review

This is the latest offering from tom’s on, and we wish to thank them for sending this out. So we can look at it, so that’s, all good, so uh. Why don’t? We just get it out of the box and look at it all right in the box. You get the quadcopter itself very […]

Snaptain drone review

So this is the uh, the snaptane drone it’s, actually pretty sick, so yeah i’m super pumped guys let’s get right into this. Come on what happened come here record me. Please don’t call me that one okay here we go guys: oh yeah you’re, bad, no i’m, not bad it’s, just eating when you […]

☄️ Luggage Mini Drone Folding Aerial Photography Remote Control Aircraft Four-Axis Review

In this video, we are going to show you another interesting product in the market you may be interested in. Here are some previews of the product. If you want to know more about the product price specifications, for maybe discounts with link in the description below the store, usually gives special offers for a […]

Review Skyreat Waterproof Hard Carrying Case Compatible with Skydio 2 Drone

Unless do some cutting rearranging appears to be waterproof, but i wouldn’t dunk it in water to find out be careful if taking it on a canoe i’ll, be adding a photocopy of the log for landing on top it’s bigger than the original case. Can’T beat the price either perfect case, especially for the […]

DJI – Introducing DJI FPV

Llevamos, ms de una, dcada creando herramientas, para soadores. Y ahora, vamos, un paso, ms all con una, experiencia inmersiva sin igual., Presentamos, el DJI, FPV, El primer, dron, FPV, listo, para volar, para que usuarios De cualquier nivel sientan la emocin de un vuelo inmersivo. Tambin revolucionamos la experiencia FPV con el controlador de […]

Complete & Gorgeous Review of Hubsan Zino 2 Drone, Sports mode Maximum Range, battery & Video Camera

A battery timing during sports mode and distance or range test of remote control and drone i’ve flown two drones together. The second drone is sg908 2021 model, which is coving the footage of hubsan xenu 2 during flight at around 30 meters of altitude. As you can see on screen that both drones are […]


You can check the link below to see what it costs in your area. You don’t have to buy the entire set, so you can check that all out using that link anyway, either way. That is a fair ward of hard earned cash. I think that’s fair to say now coming at this from […]

DJI FPV Real-World Test (Review, Battery Test, & Vlog)

A little scared of this thing – i’m, not gon na lie but we’ll see how this goes. I’Ve actually head up state from new york city just to get out of the city, so we can fly this drone without terrifying people or getting in trouble for that matter. Now, i’ll show you some […]


Video gan SAW dalam paket penjualan Drone 3jutaan ini, ternyata saya dapat bonus kartu, memori 32 GB makasih nih buat Hugo Store, nah untuk paket penjualan ini, dari, awal, udah, terasa, banyak, nih, Gan, ya, Ternyata, kita, langsung, dapat, kali, inbex, ini, Gan, super keren, ini, dia, Drone, SJ, Arsy f11pro yang kesan, pertamanya Widih […]

DJI MAVIC MINI – Unboxing e Review do DRONE 🐝

Aqui que que vem dentro dele eu j, venha morraja fao, no, a loja l, para mim, o cara eu gosto de rasgar mesmo Conta, a 30 do no de ser besta caixinha short mais um, oh Caraca, cara, muito, bem, feito, aqui, bonitinho, venha, Ok, maletinha, Mavic, Olha, Aqui, a caixona que linda essa […]

DJI FPV a Fondo! 🔥🔥 | el FPV mas FACIL, vuela en ACRO Antes que NADIE. REVIEW ESPAÑOL

He podido hacer cosas como, esta o no, a i o. No y para m m Msica, o Msica de todos, los productos que quera que saliera en 2021 el que ms ganas quera que fuera una realidad es el de otay fpv la de tiempo que llevo con l, tres meses nada, menos iba, […]


We have spent more than a decade crafting tools for dreamers now we’re going one step beyond with an immersive experience. Unlike anything else, introducing dji fpv the world’s first ready to fly fpv drone that lets users of any skill level feel the thrill of immersive flight we’ve, also revolutionized. The fpv experience by […]