Review of Mini Drone for Kids with FPV HD Camera remote control…

This is a great first drone for kids. My son loves it. It is a good product for the price. It will keep you entertained and will even allow you to make some simple tricks. This is definitely a good gift for a teen. The drone is smaller than what i expected it’s about the […]

Review of zuhafa T4 Foldable Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Kids…

It took off with a mind of s own, flew away and found it in pieces. Later. My husband and daughter have so much fun with this little drone. It s cool that it ll, follow you and you can record beautiful case beautiful drone love the skin it’s like suede, not for indoor use. […]

DJI Mavic Air 2 in Kannada Review | 8K Video Quality | Kannada Vlogs #Drone #DjiMavicAir2 #Kannada

There. You can see here completely view top in there. You got pan at the Music it’s Music, Music Applause.


I just wanted to get this video out and the room normally use is a bit unusable to me because there’s some work going on here, so we’re going to do a review on the new dji fpv drill, you’ve, obviously probably seen loads of videos on it. By now, but i want to discuss, […]

Shift Red Flex Package FACEBOOK Drone ONE HAND CONTROL rc Quadcopter HOW TO VIDEO REVIEW

We got the shift drone. That is very boxy. I actually like the fact that it’s boxy um definitely a little bit different look than a normal drone, the size that would be extremely aerodynamic. This ain’t it but we’re gon na go ahead and see if we can’t give this a fly, vibe that […]

DJI FPV Drone Indonesia (Tutorial DJI Motion Controller Untuk Dji FPV)

The accelerator release the accelerator to stop flying forward on the user facing side of the device, you’ll battery level indicators, blink in sequence, press and hold the power button of the motion controller until it beeps. The motion. Controller stops beeping when linking is successful and both the battery level indicators turn solid and […]

DJI FPV and FPV Drone Combo Unboxing

Both are sealed, i really don’t, know what’s inside. I have not done the review or anything. Yet. This is the first thing that we’re gon na do on this channel for this dji fpv launch, so i will be using the camera on top of, as you can see, and i’m super super excited […]

Why You Shouldn't Buy A Drone (U.S.)

You can have. I’ve, been looking at getting a DJI Mavic Mini 2 to review here on the channel and in the process of researching that drone, as well as the rules around where and how you can fly. Drones I’ve come to the realization. There are actually quite a few regulations around how to […]

DJI FPV Drone – Will It Activate Live

It’S arrived, we have a drone, we have. We have it you’ve, seen it i’m, not going to unbox it there’s. No point. Everyone’S seen the reviews everyone’s seen everything there is to see honest it’s now getting to the stage of will it work that’s the stage we’re at at the moment, that’s what […]

Unboxing & Review " jellyfish " Drone & Dji Tello

dji dan didukung prosesor Intel juga, dapat, bekerja, layaknya, Drone profesional Drone berukuran kecil ini, dapat, terbang dan manuver, seperti drone.dji dan terbang dengan, pintar, sambil, mengambil, gambar, yang berkualitas, untuk, settingnya, Drone ini, memiliki, Propeller kuat yang berfungsi, melindungi propeller dari, Miss operasional sehingga propeller tidak rusak atau Patah dari, segi, pengoperasian, sendiri, duluan […]

প্রতিদিন পাবেন BD smart shop থেকে ফ্রিতে Drone.Bangla unboxing review.

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🆕dji Fpv Drone Review Looking To Get Into Fpv Drone Racing Dji Fpv Drone

So ever since drones reached the mainstream, it became an easy way for videographers and photographers to get perspectives. They could have only dream of, or you know, would need to rent a helicopter for at the same time, the first person view or fpv drones and racing endurance were slowly establishing their presence. We […]